City Of Angels

Album: Dropped Outta College (2019)
Charted: 25


  • Golden Jones is a rapper and singer from San Francisco, who records under the name of 24kGoldn. After signing a deal with Records, LLC and Columbia Records, he released his debut album, Dropped Outta College. The record spawned his first hit single "Valentino," which garnered a Gold certificate on January 9, 2020. This song is the second single released from the set.
  • The song title references the nickname of Los Angeles. 24KGoldn explains during the chorus that "the city of angels (is) where I have my fun."
  • The rest of the song concentrates on the rapper's hedonism, as he talks about selling his "soul to the devil" for designer clothing and a relationship that didn't work out as he just wanted to see the girl naked.
  • The song started climbing the charts worldwide after being popularized by the lip-sync/dance videos created for it on the online video-sharing platform TikTok.

Comments: 6

  • Anonymous from CaliforniaIt doesn't tell what the meaning is, tho. Does anyone know?
  • Spidercake from FarmingtonThis dude has a good song, reminds me of kinda a western
  • AnonymousAnyone know the names of the girls in it
  • AnonymousThis reminds me of class from supernatural
  • Jack from LondonKids don't sell your soul - turn back to Jesus Christ who loves you please!!!
  • Catherine from AnonI think he regrets selling his soul.I will pray 4 him.
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