Let Me Go

Album: Seventeen Days (2005)
Charted: 14


  • This song is about a guy who keeps secrets from his girlfriend. He believes that she loves him, but has no idea who he really is. >>
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    Arianna - Largo, FL
  • According to lead singer Brad Arnold, this song was originally written for the Spiderman 2 soundtrack but, "We liked it so much, we kept it for ourselves." (Check out our full interview with Brad Arnold)

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  • Tyler from Murphy, NcI fell in love a girl, and this song at one point kept us together, I told I wanted to know who she was. Long distance is something I'm not fond of but would have tried. Its easier to let them go, I dreamed ahead to what I hoped for, but I never turned my back on loving her. It seemed real to me, but real doesn't always mean it will last, she was the one, the only girl I have ever said I love you too, the only girl I can truly say that to.
  • John from Los Angeles, CaThis song is great; so much meaning to take from it. Most of the scenes are filmed at Loyola High School of Los Angeles. Just thought I'd share that.
  • Robert from Los Angeles, Cathis song is great.it reminds me of the girl i love so damn much but we're far away and i feel like it's about to end. i dont want it to, but i dont want her tohave to wait for me. i want her to make that decision, it's way too hard for me to make.
  • Maddie from New York, Nyi absolutley love this song. i think you could find many meanings behind it. personally, i think this guy has a secret he is keeping from his girlfriend for the better. if she finds out she may think differently of him, so he doesn't want to tell her at all. he goes back and forth between if he should or should not tell her on how it will effect their relationship.
  • Lofty from Creativeville, IlTo me, this song illustrates the predicament where a guy is never totally himself around a particular girl and then the girl falls in love with this "alter-ego" of his... yet she doesn't really know who he is. He lives "two lives", the one when he's not with her and the one when he is with her. He wants to give up the charade but doesn't think she'll love him for who he really is, so he asks her to "just let him go". This is such an amazing song that I think everyone in some way can relate to. I think we all have our walls we put up - I guess the question becomes if we can ever come out from behind them.
  • Tiffany from Portsmouth, OhSeems like an affair to me, torn between doing the right thing, and passion or what he feels might be true love....and hoping the person will end it so that he doesn't have to make the hard decision....
  • Toby from Reigate, EnglandThis song also reminds me of my relationship, i kept secrets from my girlfriend and we kept fighting, but know everything is in the open, my life has picked up an the relationship has improved dramatically, i really think it will work, this song reminds me of the mistakes i made, and the lessons i have learnt.
  • Bittt from Podgorica, Serbiathis song remeinds me on my relatonship I kept a lot of secrets to my girl frend and now we are not together.I like this song one of the best songs of 3 doors down.Sorry Dejana
  • Amanda from Troy, Nywell if you go by the music video. It is about a girl who goes out with a boy and the boy dumps her because she couldn't do as much and than he figures out that she has a kid and that is why she couldn't do all the stuff he wanted her to do.
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