Pop Song

Album: Away From The Sun (2002)


  • '"Pop Song' is one of the most angry songs I've ever written," is how lead singer Brad Arnold explains this one. "And it's just kind of like 'I just can't go on with you. Because I can't get up - you keep knocking me down.' And that's basically what that song's saying." When asked if this song was directed at their management company or music label, or producer, Brad is elusive. "Maybe a little bit of the idea of it could be just kind of aimed at whoever," he says. "Just kind of at whoever." (Check out our full interview with Brad Arnold)

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  • Pedro from Porto Alegre, BrazilZero, actually it was on the When I'm Gone single.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjThis song was on away from the sun? I don't have it on my copy.
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