Applied Science
by 311

Album: Grass Roots (1994)


  • This is performed at every 311 concert. In the middle, drums are brought out for each member of the band and they play together. This is not done on the CD version of the song. >>
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    Jules - W. Bloomfield, MI
  • Charlie Sexton's drum break splits the song on the recorded version. "We were just letting the creativity flow. We still felt like, at that point, that we had no rules," Sexton recalled on the band's website "We're not trying to make a hit. We're not trying to please anybody. We're trying to make the coolest type of creation and see what happens."

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  • Charlie Mcevily from Sleepy Hollow, Nyi saw them in concert playing this and it is literally like your in heaven
  • Mike from East Bruns, NjI agree. The solo is sick the first time you see it and the end of it when nick starts up with "electricity runnin through the soul it feels good" NEVER gets old, but when i see them live i would rather see 1 or 2 more songs than the guys jamming on some drums for a while. 311 is my favorite band but the solo is one of my least favorite parts of the 311 concert.
  • Roland from Auburn, AlThis song was performed live without the drum solo including the whole band until 2000. Chad Sexton did the solo by himself, extending the cd version. Then, starting on the tour in 2000, the entire band plays along with a much extended solo. Also, the solo is different for every tour, and is not exactly the same every time they play it. It is amazing to see live, though.
  • Paul from Oc Cali Biatch, CaIf anybody has ever seen this drum solo, you know what im talking about, SWEEEET!! Only problem is, they have been doing it on so many tours now, its getting a little played out
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