Creatures (For a While)
by 311

Album: Evolver (2003)
Charted: 118
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  • 311 frontman Nick Hexum got the idea for this song when he spotted a poster advertising a punk rock concert that said, "A few drinks, a few smokes, and then... creatures for a while." A cartoon likeness of a guy and girl accompanied the text.

    In our interview with Hexum, he explained: "I just loved that phrase, 'creatures for a while.' It's about blowing off steam, and just the outlet that music can provide - you can become an animal and totally lose your mind in a tribal dance, and that's what our shows have become."
  • This is one of 311's most popular live songs, and for many years was their closing number. Hexum says it's one of his favorites to perform. He told us: "That just drives the crowd completely crazy. It's a fairly long song, with a lot of different sections, and that's a big highlight in my mind."
  • The video was directed by the Malloy Brothers, who were also responsible for the video for "Amber." In the video, the band performs the song while fans cause all kinds of mischief, disrupting a basketball game, a bingo hall, and a yoga class.

    The clip was shot at Zimmerman Warehouse and other spots around the Silverlake area of Los Angeles. The band used about 150 fans as extras.
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