Don't Trust Me

Album: Want (2008)
Charted: 21 7
  • 3Oh!3 are Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte - two natives of Boulder, Colorado. Motte explained to Emotional Punk that this tune about the glamorizing of the party scene was "one of two songs I co-produced with Benny Blanco, a phenomenal producer who our label hooked us up with. We sat down and started making that beat right when we [met up]. It came out sounding different than the other stuff but we were excited about it."
  • 3Oh!3 became the third act starting with the numeral '3' to post a Top 10 hit in the US. The other two are 38 Special and 3 Doors Down. Three other acts starting with the word 'three' (or related words) have also achieved entries in the Top 10, Three Dog Night, the Three Degrees, and Third Eye Blind. Co-incidentally the same week that this song entered the top tier of the Hot 100, Eminem's "3am" debuted at #32, which was the third song starting with the numeral '3' to reach the Top 40.
  • In the music video, directed by Travis Kopach and Isaac Ravishankara, Foreman and Motte are the last two men on earth, who also happen to be models. We follow them through several shoots that have them prancing in their underwear, wrestling in a high school gym, and acting like prehistoric cavemen.

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  • Kyle from Newell, Sdsaw them live last night!!!!! amazing!!!
  • Estel from Thornton, CoIt's funny to see all these people from different places reciting the zip code here. It's hilarious. I really love 3OH!3, and how they keep it real. They show the love to where they're from. =)
  • Thomas from La, CaNice Summer. You know more about them than they themselves.
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlWow summer, that was nice
  • Summer from Lillian, AlOMG! you all are sooo dumb, "Hellen Keller" is a dead woman that was blind & deaf. In Alabama. And 303 is not there area code! they are called 3OH!3 cause when they were in an a crowd at a concert, they saw 2 hands touch, witch made 303. and Insted of 303: 3OH!3. Oh and Sean is not from Colorado, Texas! ☺!boom baby!☺
  • Kaylah from Stoneville, Ncthis song is okay....I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby, and Starstrukk are much better in my opinion :)
  • Aly from Los Angeles, CaI loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this song! it is so fun to dance and rock out to. 3oh!3 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Daniel from Jacksonville, Fl3oh!3 represents the area code of boulder, colorado where Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Mott are from.....
  • Daniel from Winchester, Ohyou guys should hear starstrukk by them its really awesome...
  • Emily from Around Chicago, Ilthat music video is...interesting. lol
  • Eisen from Denver, CoOne of my teacher got side tracked in class one day this year, and explained that a "Helen Keller" is a sexual move that includes the eyes. So it has a double meaning.

    (I hope this doesn't offend anyone, and if it does let me know...)
  • Emily from Around Chicago, Ilwhen i hear this song on the radio, it's always put w/two other songs (can't remember them right now). this one always comes first.
  • Hope from Naperville, Ilthis song is fun to blast really loud...i do it all the time when I'm home alone.
    3OH!3 is supposed to be crazy live.
    The singer has an accent? Really?
  • Akilah from Wayne, Njhelen keller was a deaf/blind person so it goes with the whole helen keller piece of the song when they say talk with your hips
  • Trina from New York, NyAt first when I heard my friends singing it I was like "guys, come on, this is way offensive," but when I heard it on the radio, I was like "OMG this is really good!" I don't see the point of the entire Helen Keller piece, but whatevs. The singer has a cute accent.
  • Christian from Grundy, VaThis song is ok, I like it when I'm in the mood that I don't want to talk to anyone.
  • Katie from Port Angeles, WaI'm not going to lie, I love this song. If I'm not listening to it, I'm singing it. Haha.
    My friend Jessica was like, "Have you ever heard of Three Oh, H, Three?" And it made me giggle!!

    My friends and I went to their concert on April 16th!
  • Tana from Cheyenne, Bahamasthey are called 30h3 cuz they are from Colorado and Colorado's area code is 303.
  • Alexa from Cs, Nyi like the beat and stuff but the lyrics... ew.
  • Courtney from Richmond, VaWhen my friend saw the band name she said "3 zero h! 3?" and I was automatically like "303"...
    ahh gotta love friends...
    GREAT song!
  • Aubrey from Pittsburgh, Pa303 is the area code for Boulder numbers
  • Amber from Dothan, AlWhat does the name "3Oh!3" mean?
  • Mercedies from Soldotna, AkThis song is amazing!! This is hands down my favorite song!!
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