Enter Sandman

Album: Metallica (1991)
Charted: 5 16
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  • Written by band members James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett, "Enter Sandman" is about nightmares and things that go "bump" in the night. It has by far the most radio play of all of Metallica's songs. >>
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  • James Hetfield's original lyric was about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Crib Death), when a baby dies inexplicably in its crib. The line, "Off to never never land" was, "Disrupt the perfect family," and the "sandman" kills the baby.

    Pretty gruesome stuff, so their producer Bob Rock convinced him to change it to make it more accessible and meaningful. The band had a policy of not commenting on each other's individual contributions, but Rock was an outsider and felt free to speak up. To his surprise, Hetfield took it well and altered the lyric accordingly.

    Speaking with Uncut in 2007, Hetfield said: "I wanted more of the mental thing where this kid gets manipulated by what adults say. And you know when you wake up with that s--t in your eye? That's supposedly been put in there by the sandman to make you dream. So the guy in the song tells this little kid that and he kinda freaks. He can't sleep after that and it works the opposite way. Instead of a soothing thing, the table's turned."
  • The line in the chorus, "Take my hand, we're off to Never Never Land" is a reference to the children's story Peter Pan, as Peter lives in the magical world of Neverland. In this song, the Sandman lives in Never Never Land, and it is a much less pleasant place. >>
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  • "Enter Sandman" is the first track and lead single from Metallica's self-titled album, which is known as The Black Album. Their fifth album, it's a metal landmark and far and away their most popular, selling a stunning 16 million copies in America and many more worldwide. Led Zeppelin and AC/DC had huge sellers in the '70s and '80s, but in the hard rock milieu, the The Black Album is by far the biggest seller released after 1990.

    In December 2009, Nielsen SoundScan announced that it had surpassed Shania Twain's Come On Over (from 1997) to become the best-selling album since they began tracking sales for Billboard on March 1, 1991.
  • Pat Boone recorded a hilariously upbeat version of this for his In a Metal Mood album. He sang lyrics like "Dreams of war, dreams of fire" and "Exit lights" in an almost laughing manner. The music was jazzy and Vegas-esque, and the opening guitar riff was noticeably shorter.
  • At 3:26 into the song, there is a rendition of an ancient children's prayer performed by James Hetfield and Metallica producer Bob Rock:

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray the Lord, my soul to keep
    If I die before I wake
    I pray the Lord my soul to take

    There have been many more cynical renditions of this prayer which have the child pleading with God to take their life. When Pat Boone covered the song, he said the second part as "Guard me, angels, through the night, wake me in God's holy light," another traditional children's bedtime prayer. >>
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  • The song marked a shift from Metallica away from the more complex tracks with multiple time signatures that were in play on their previous album, ...And Justice For All. In an effort to build "shorter, to-the-point" songs, they used just two riffs on the track and based the rest of the song off those. The result was a straightforward hard rock song that helped seal the coffin on hair metal.
  • This is often played at baseball games when an intimidating relief pitcher comes in to finish off the game for the home team. The implication is that the pitcher is about to secure the victory and put the other team to bed. One example is Mariano Rivera, the closer for the New York Yankees. Members of The Yankees scoreboard operations staff chose the song, as Rivera didn't care or listen to the music played when he entered the game. A few years later, a reporter told Rivera about the song, and he approved, liking the idea of giving opposing hitters nightmares.
  • The Sandman, a wrestler in ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) used this song as his entrance music. The fans would sing the chorus during his entrance. In an effort to save money on royalties, ECW had Motorhead cover the song very close to the original. This version was replaced on home video releases. >>
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  • After the US invaded Iraq in 2003, this was one of the songs they played over and over is sessions designed to break the will of Saddam Hussein's supporters. The US military also played children's songs at these sessions, including selections from Barney the dinosaur.
  • Guitarist Kirk Hammett told Rolling Stone magazine how he wrote this song's memorable riff: "Soundgarden had just put out Louder Than Love. I was trying to capture their attitude toward big, heavy riffs. It was two o'clock in the morning. I put it on tape and didn't think about it. When [drummer] Lars [Ulrich] heard the riff, he said, 'That's really great. But repeat the first part four times.' It was that suggestion that made it even more hooky."
  • Hammett told Kerrang! September 13, 2008 about this song's guitar solo: "A lot of people can probably hum this one note perfect, but aside from the fact that it's an insanely popular song I think the solo is amazing in its own right. It fits in perfectly and adds a different dimension to the music."
  • Metallica usually play this as the last song in their encores. >>
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  • In a 1991 interview with Guitar World, Hammett explained his penchant for the wah-wah pedal: "There's something about a wah pedal that really gets my gut going! People will probably say, 'He's just hiding behind the wah.' But that isn't the case. It's just that those frequencies really bring out a lot of aggression in my approach."

    In 2015, the magazine ranked Hammett's solo on this track at #4 on its list of greatest wah solos of all time.
  • The video was directed by Wayne Isham, the first of six Metallica music clips he directed. It won Best Hard Rock Video at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Metallica used this on their 1999 live album with the San Francisco Symphony titled S&M. They weren't originally going to use it because they didn't think it went well with an orchestra, but then decided to because it was one of their most popular songs.
  • Weezer covered the song for The Metallica Blacklist, a 2021 tribute collection comprising covers of Black Album tracks by a horde of different artists. The California band's take stays relatively faithful to Metallica's original.
  • Metallica's then-bassist Jason Newsted isn't much of a fan of this track. Speaking to Metal Hammer in a 2022 interview, he described it as "kinda corny."

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  • AnonymousVinícuus from Bazil don't listen to Billiejo Lear from Broadalbin, NY. This guy must be a hater and can't back up the claims. He must have heard Motorhead's cover thinking it was original. Metallica's came out in 1991 while Motorhead came out in 1998.
  • Vinícius from BrazilBilliejo Lear from Broadalbin, Ny, I've heard it before but unfortunately I'm not finding anything on the web now. Do you happen to have some link with this information?
  • Guitargirl from New Zealandyou can actually here James say 'were off to never never land' on the end of the recording 'king nothing'
  • Csuresh from SingaporeFun Fact: This is Kirk Hammet's first main riff.
  • Mfernflower from NyI always thought this song was about religious fundies/conspiracy nuts

    "Tuck you in, warm within
    Keep you free from sin
    Till the sandman he comes" - The conspiracy theorist has a child that they try and coax into carrying on there legacy/conspiracy theories

    "Hush little baby, don't say a word
    And never mind that noise you heard
    It's just the beasts under your bed
    In your closet, in your head" - This is mostly describing what other people think of him as - I.E fighting fictional monsters in his head.
  • Billiejo Lear from Broadalbin, NyThese comments kill me. For a bunch of Metallica fans, you know very little about your 'favorite' band or their music. This was a MOTORHEAD song. Metallica RIPPED IT OFF because it was not copyrighted. They then had the BALLS to copyright it. NOW Motorhead must say they are doing a Metallica COVER every time they post it somewhere or sing it. How anyone can listen to this group after all the crap they have done to other people in the music industry is shocking. Look what they did to Dave Mustang, their former band member. If you really LOVE Metallica for their music, then you are failing to realize MOST of it was written by other people and STOLEN. BTW...I am GLAD Dave won in court. Some one said Metallica are satanists. In some meanings of the word, they are CORRECT!
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjWhen I saw them at the BIG 4 concert at Yankee Stadium 2 years ago they had video of Mariano Rivera throwing heat while they played this song, it was cool, the crowd went nuts. By the way, I don't think they ever closed the set with this song, but would play it as an encore before closing with a cover or more recently, it being the last song in their main set. They would open the concert with this song in shows in '91-'92.
  • Mark from Rogers, , ArI'm not much into heavy metal but this song has that 'fatal attraction' to it and I make a rare exception to my normal tastes. I fail to find it referencing nightmares. I look at it as a song about sleep & nothing more. Sandman has absolutely nothing to do with Satan but a calling that you're tired & time to go to sleep. I've heard songs dating back to the 1930s referencing it as such. BTW, the commenter who said Cliff Burton died of a heroin habit, well maybe he did have that problem but he was killed in a bus crash in 1986.
  • Zack from Noblesville, In10/10 one the best Metallica songs ever so creepy and violent enter night.
  • Red from Mia, FlWOW WOW WOW Its a total sacrilege to read that any one person has either the courage, or total lack of sense or taste to express in any form that "Enter Sandman" is Metallica's best anything...Anything other than "Biggest Selling" or "Most Popular" etc. etc. Which basically sums up what Metallica has done to its consumers, I mean fans. Enter Sandman is a hidden metaphor for putting all its lil kiddies to sleep..during which, they turn them into sheep. Theres little doubt Cliff Burton R.I.P. would have been a part of the band by the years 1990 -1991 when the Black album was produced / processed, unless he fell victim to a heroin habit or something which would have forced him to stay with them and sell his soul like the rest did to the likes of MTV, Bob Rock, etc. etc. Anyways I couldn't believe they had come up with a track which featured such stupid lyrics. That title always went to Whiplash or Trapped Under Ice by my standards. Both of those by the way, have an endless display of "Kick Ass" that Enter Sandman never had.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjThis was the 1st riff I ever learned on the guitar. Good song, though I agree it's overrated. And the lyrics are lame, too, though I think Bob Rock had a lot to do with that.
  • Kimberly from Landing, NjVery deep water. love love the water. never thought i would listen to metal, and when my ears heard the lyrics, i fell in love with the deepness within. never never land. where are souls escape.
  • Erik from R Hill, OnVJ of Oune, India, and anyone else wanting to know...the intro for Enter Sandman in Russia and most live shows is The Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. The reason James chose this, is it stars his favorite actor of all-time, Clint Eastwood ;)
  • Shawn from Green Bay, WiLike most of Metallica's greatest tunes, this is very simple lyrically, but the guitar absolutely carries it. Is there a better line out there than- "Exit light, Enter night"? I don't think so.
  • Rusty from Concord, CaThis song 1s about children having nightmartes.
  • Vj from Oune, IndiaHELP!! Can any one tell me the name of the song in the intro of the video.. With the violins and orchestra?? Would appreciate it..Its killing me here..!!!
  • Ivy from Springfield, NeUgh that was WICKED eighties sounding.
  • Karl from Ingatestone, United Kingdomi remind this song to be about the terms of God and why he sleeps at night with the devil's horns raging behind him. when Jesus talked to god, he didnt say 'i am down the pub for a pint'. what he actually said was 'god help me please' and thats a remarkable song.
    i always knew why the Yankees played this Metallica song during a game. maybe its because they were huge fans
  • Panos from Athens, GreeceThe song seems to mention scenes from the movie "The Nightmare on Elm Street". The praying girl's voice sounds the same to the one in the movie and the dream-monster called sandman looks like a picture of Freddy who lives and acts in the dreams of his victims ("in your head").
  • Arcran from Donegal, IrelandI like the line "Sleep with one eye open" but, that's also the main lyric to a song by pop singer Florence & The Machine, which put me off it a little , I think.
  • Craig from Rockhampton, AustraliaJames once commented on the idea behind the lyrics of this song, "A child's bedroom is supposed to be a place of safety and peace. So to have that place of safety invaded by nightmares and things that go bump in the night...that's like...the corruption of the innocent y'know? It's not supposed to happen like that.
  • Keith from Cleveland, Ohthis is a great song. but far from the best metallica song. Master of Puppets, One, Blackened, For whom the Bell Tolls, Four Horsemen, Sanitarium, Ride the Lightning...I could go on and on. Those are heavy metal classics, and honestly, some of the most underappreciated songs in music history. Enter Sandman got them on the 'map', but it's far from their best work, which is saying something.
  • Patrick from Plainfield, Nhthis was the first Metallica song i heard...i was six years old and instantly became hooked on Metallica. all thanks to my stepfather who gave me the black album for chrismas.
  • Tara from Petoskey, MiMike from Falmouth, MA:
    I completely agree. I don't think that Metallica sold out by any means. The people who thought that they sold out are just upset that more and more people from every walk of life are listening to their "little" band. They're upset that they can't keep them in their back pocket anymore. I say, fans of Metallica should be thrilled that more and more people started to listen to them, and love them.
  • Crizzle from Rincon, GaAmazing song. It is the perfect opener for
    "The Black Album"
  • Kirk Hammet from San Fransico, CaThis is my favorite solo to play. That and Master of Puppets. Thanks for all the support you guys. And, remember, sleep with one eye open!
  • Paul from San Benito, Txits a great song with lyrics with a very innocent point of just childhood fears but the way they sing it is so...awesome it makes it seem about death and nightmares and violence and all that other negative stuff i hear but it isn't
  • Dylan from Toronto, OnThis song rocks it scares me!

    9 out of 10 go metallica go!
  • Madi from Abbotsford, BcI LOVE tis song, but trust me, not the best song to listen to after watching 'Strangers' in the dark with your door and closet WIDE OPEN.
  • Kyle from Boise, IdI find this song to be one of my least favorite by Metallica. Musically and rhythmically a good song, but the lyrics kill it. It's about falling asleep. I mean in all seriousness, who cares? And that's what about half the songs are on the black album, lyrically useles, meaningless. No substance. And this song is no exception.
  • Matt from Houston, TxNot the best from metallica,but still pretty great.
  • Jason from Southlake, TxBest God damn Intro in the world. Creepiest song too damn never listen to this at night after a scary movie with the closet wide open.
  • Alex from Boucherville (montreal), QcTo joe, norristown: I know three of the four song you said (don't know about the watchtower) and there's a difference here. Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Pink Floyd are ROCK band (which are my favourite), but Metallica is, guess what, a METAL band. And being large difference between these rock songs, already, you may know that the difference is greater on the style aspect. Sure enough, the others provides a different feeling, Stairway is really a lifting song and Long way to the top, as any AC/DC song, makes you go crazy, but you just can't compare these with that one, because people who really likes metal will get feelings from that song too.

    I purchased that album today, so I don't say I know about Metal, but I'm a true Rock fan, and I don't think the song is so overrated. I read the lyrics, and I think nightmares aren't often the subject of a song, and it is really cool like that ^^
  • R. Escari from Baghdad, IraqThis song is my favorite song!!
    After 27 years of pure rock and roll, Metallica still rules! I believe this is an indication that old men like me still rock just as hard (as long as we don't break our backs hahaha). This song always (in a way or another) capture the hearts of the listeners, my youngest son, 17, has been listening to this song ever since he was 14!
  • Austin from Bristow, VaCreepy lyrics, but a damn good song. Metallica still rules.
  • Corey from Richmond, VaBest Metallica song ever.
  • Joe from Norristown, Pametallica is over rated. this songs good, but if u want to listen to the best songs ever listen to stairway to heaven, along the watchtower, it's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll, and welcome to the machine
  • Marcelo from San Jose, Othersimply the best song of all time!! Metallica!! I love them...this is the music that take me away from my world and make me happy...wow...
  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --This song has been placed in Rolling Stones 500 greatest songs, Vh1's greatest songs of the 90's, and was featured on the video game rock band. This was metallica's most succesful single
  • John from Porto Alegre, Brazilbecause, lyrically speaking, this song really is kinda goofy.
  • John from Porto Alegre, BrazilI think it's about beating fear, being fearless... but I really rather listen to metal militia anytime.
  • Ekristheh from Halath, United StatesIf Metallica ever did put out a recording about flowers and kittens -- well, first, I'd be the first in line to buy it!, and second, there would be a flood of comments explaining that the lyrics were ironic and that this was the darkest, most satanically evil song they had ever done! Ever!!
  • Mack from New York, NyLars wrote this song about his childhood because he was afraid of the dark and had to sleep with the lights on until he was in his teens. Or at least that's what I've been told...
  • Brandon from Tatamagouche , NsAt yankee stadium when mariano rivera comes out this song plays
  • Steve from West Warwick, RiIf you have never watched the Virginia Tech Hokies football team take the field during a home game while this song is playing...do yourself a favor and check it out sometime.
  • Theartofbalance from Mary Esther, FlThis song isn't satanist. You're saying you wouldn't insult them for singing about flowers and kittens. It's just about the fears kids have. Oh yeah, but they did recite an ancient holy prayer... SATAN HAS CORRUPTED THE SONG OH GOD!
  • Alyssa from Forney, TxReally good song
    Its my favorite by them =]
  • Mike from Falmouth, MaHey Joel. About those Anti-Psychotic Meds; Way too much information man.
  • Daniel from Salamanca, SpainIt's a good song, but way too overrated. And by the way it is beyond me why some people think Metallica are satanists. Who are those jackasses? I mean, come on the lyrics of "Enter Sandman" obviously have nothing to do with satanism.
  • David from Petaluma, CaBarb, I believe the movie you are thinking of is Darwin Awards.
  • Evan from Nowhere, GaHalf of you people are saying it's a satinist song! Wtf??? Metallica is not satinist, in fact some of the members are Christian! You can't say One's not Christian because it's about euthenasia. You can't say Master of Puppets isn't Christian because it's about being addicted to something, not about obeying the devil! Listen to the lyrics! And you can't say Fade to black isn't Christian because it's about NOT commiting suicide. Anyways, this songs great, and I can play it up to the solo on guitar. Where are all the Metallica fans?
  • Fn from Lawrenceville, NjThis song is metallicas best by far.
  • Eric from Joelton, TnIn a recent issue of Guitar World, they looked at Metallica's setlist, as shown by Kirk Hammett, and next to this song was written the word, "Pyro", and Kirk explained that "This particular pyro is called the 'boo cue' for the heavy 'Enter Sandman' riff that comes after we bring things down.

    I lawl'd.
  • Paul from Athens, GreeceI Believe this the best song Metallica ever written. What about you ?
  • Joel from Columbia, ScI used to listen to this song all the time. I got sick of it after a while. Just started listening to it again. It was a good song to listen to when on anti-psycotic meds
  • Russ from Davis, CaMusic changes over time, I think Metallica has done a realy good job of staying metal, it does change what type of metal, but metal none the less. METALLICA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Erin from Tulsa, Okat first i thought he was saying X DELIGHT instead of exit light. ahahahaha. great song.
  • Barb from Murrtown, CaOkay...a movie trivia question that has been driving me crazy. Does anyone remember which comedy movie has a scene at the end where a guy gets dropped into a Metallica concert and says "Lucky for me I knew the lyrics to Enter Sandman?" It was a funny moment, but I sure can't recall the specifics. Any help would be much appreciated!
  • Joycemorrison from Phkicks freakin a**! as Metallica music ever does (even the supposedly "tame" ones).
  • Mike from Falmouth, MaFirst Off, anyone who feels Metallica "Sold Out" With the Black Album which is made up of some of the greatest Metallica songs of All time is dead wrong. The only major difference between the Black Album and the first four is the Sound Quality. And believe it or not, it sounds MUCH BETTER!!! Although I love all of Metallica's material, the first four albums sound like they could have been recorded in their neighbor's garage. Second, as a Yankee fan, The Mets Ripped the Yankees off in the 3rd degree just to get under their skin. Billy Wagner is a solid closer, but he's No Mariano Rivera. Ask any baseball Analyst and they'll tell you Rivera could be the greatest closer of all time. Anyway back to One of The Greatest SONGS of all time. The riffs beats, lyrical content, and every key component of this song make it a true work of musical Art. Like many of you, this is my favorite Metallica song of all time and my favorite song to play on the drums. (I use the same style drum stick as Lars)
  • Chris from Philly, PaThis song is great,i saw someone said they sold out,they can eat me. if you are in a band you sell out,becuase you are making money by SELLing albums,you SELL tickets,and you SELL merch.

    one of my fondest memories was going to a ECW match down here in philly and sandman came out and raised hell.The sandmans theme will always be Enter Sandman to the fans of Old ECW,whether the WWE or the WWECW likes it or not.
  • Alex from Baraboo, WiThis song is used before every Wisconsin Badgers home hockey games.
  • Jordan from Calgary, CanadaJust want to say I love this song!
  • Guy from San Francisco, CaDear Evan,
    i dont know where you heard that, but it's just plain wrong... this was written by James Hetfield, and composed by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett... and it doesnt sound close to anything that bob dylan did
  • Cvas from Ridgefield, CtUh, yeah, some of the members in Metallica are actually Christians so whoever says this is a Satanic song is definitley delusional.
  • Ian from Huntington, Wvhey Evan, even Tom Araya from Slayer is Christian (Roman Catholic if memory serves correctly). not to mention they put on a hell of a show (saw em in Colombus on the 12th), but anyway, while Sandman is indeed a good Metallica song, it is WAY WAY WAY overplayed. definitely better Metallica songs out there.
  • Arpit from Ghaziabab, IndiaI really love your BLACK ALBUM . It's fantastic.
  • Matthew from East Brunswick, NjGreat song. As a Mets fan, this song as grown more and more on me over that successful 2006 season. Yeah, thats right, I said it Yankee fans, whatcha gonna do?
  • Yoseph from Cupertino, Ca....this song is SECUALR but thats not the same as SATANIC.
  • Evan from Otway, OhI agree with Dee, praising the devil just isn't Metallica. Maybe Slayer, but not Metallica. Anyways, this song may be a bit overrated, but that doesnt stop it from being catchy, and awesome. Like Scott Ian said about the Black album on VH1, talking about how people say Metallica sold out: "Sold out? How? By selling over 5 million copies and filling up arenas?"
  • Dee from Northfield, IlFiko from San Juan, the snake on the album cover is the "Don't Tread On Me" Snake. Get your facts right, It's just a coincedince. And the song is not Satanic! There is is no way Metallica would do something that praises the Devil. It's just not in them.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandOh and anyone saying Metallica sucks on this album are equally closed minded - They went that way the same as Corrosion Of Conformity did (they were a hardcore punk band before 1995) and COC did ok out of it, in fact they rock more ass now than they did earlier.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandYou guys that think this is about Satan are the same stupid arseholes that think a guy wanting a beer is a drunk - Closed minded and ignorant. Read the lyrics and it's obvious that it's about nightmares, the lyrics suggest a child going to sleep and the narrator (Hetfield) telling them not to be scared.
  • Tyler from Kingston, Canadaenter sandman is so friggin mellow old metallica is much better like master of puppets or damage inc
  • Lucas from Nowhere, UtIf the people who are suggesting that the song is satanic are actually serious, I would consider it a public service if somebody euthanized them to rid the world of their ignorance.

    There's no mention of satan at all, the song is very clearly about a child who has gone to bed and is afraid to go to sleep because of the scary things he thinks up in his mind. The suggestion that the Sandman is another name for Satan is just plain silly as well.

    The entity of the Sandman has existed in the folklore of many cultures for centuries, and he is pretty much universally regarded as the one who brings sleep.

    The "hush little baby" line has nothing to do with a satanic command to not pray either. That whole verse is a twist on a popular nursery rhyme.
  • Justin from Sierra Vista, AzTo Evan from NY, On the movie A Year And a Half in the Life of Metallica, it shows the process of Metallica writing the song. Its not a cover.
  • Kayla from Coquitlam, CanadaThis is a kick ass song. The riffs are amazing.
  • Evan from Larchmont, NyThis song is actually a cover. Bob Dyland did it first.
  • Sean from Flower Mound, TxI'm a huge Metallica fan, but I can easily admit that this song is over rated. It's a great song, but it receives more credit than it should.
  • Terry from Houston, Tx"Say your Prayers little One"
    All children should pray
    "Don't forget my son to include everyone."
    the artist uses this as a lead of example.
    "I tuck you in, warm within, keep you free from sin, 'till the Sandman, he comes."
    This is an Expression that says that the artist can only protect most of the time, that as the child drifts to sleep, to be wary of his slumbered surroundings, as he is all by himself inside of his own dream.
    I heard somewhere in time that James had lost a son at one point. This song is a reflection and a daily reminder, not only to James, but to anyone else who had/has been in his situation, not to beat themselves up so much. This song serves to remind him of the fact that no matter what, he is not at fault.
  • Bill from New York, NyThe album was called "Metallica" and most people call it "The Balck Album.
  • Fiko from San Juan, United StatesI don't know what this song is about and I don't care is one of the best song ever. Even though you people that think they are satanic or whatever that is their choice. If you look to the black album cover through a mirror you will see that the serpent that appears will turn into a 666. Maybe is just coincidence maybe not who knows. METALLICA RULES!!!
  • Dylan from Perth, AustraliaBrett from Edmenton is right, MEGADETH rule, Slayer and Anthrax are also better all part of the big 4 thrash metal bands.
  • Adrian from Perth, AustraliaWhen you think of "metallica" this is the first song you think of, enter sandman. Have you seen the filmclip of them playing enter sandman in moscow its hell good!! I love the guitar riff at the beggining its so cool!
  • Quartersack Jake from Evansville, InThe song is not about death, satan or james' childhood, it is about nightmares that overwhelm us. It is also about how we think about god.
  • Matt from Altoona, Pawasnt this about jamess troubled childhood? its most certainly NOT about satanism, although the sandman is of course a dark figure, but i thought it represented jamess father (i thought i heard this somewhere? maybe?)
  • Cody from Clarendon Hills, IlOff topic: Has anyone heard the song "Poor Twisted Me?"That's awesome.
  • Sindre from MosjÃ?en, NorwayMan... You guys just don't get it. What's with all the ranting and raving about Metallica? A band can't last as long as Metallica has if they just keep shelling out the same stuff! Evolution... And what's all this stuff about satanism? There's not even a tad of satanism in this song, and if you would just listen to the song, I mean really LISTEN, you would understand that...
  • Jesse from Bowmanville, CanadaWhoever said that James said to stop praying to God, your a retard. I highly doubt that he would do that. Just a typical song about nightmares...
  • Jesse from Orlando, FlI love this song i can play it a lil bit on the guitar and metallica is the best band because you can always tell them different from all the other bands out there i don't know what it is about them, I guess its just the way that they play there music.
  • Charbel from Sydney, Australiagood song but SATANIC ---i love james and the band (theyr my favourite), but i'm christian and i have to keep that fine line , especially when i'm at home...
    unfortunetly CHRISTIANITY AND METALLICA NEVER MIX but i still try to enjoy myslef with metallica
  • Raphael from Wayland, MaThis is a good song from a solid album, but Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets are both better.
  • Jessie from Brisbane, Australiathis riff for enter sandman was the first that guitarist Kirk Hammet had ever written. he wrote it at 3 in the morning and then showed the other members of metallica. the original differed slightly to the final recording. kirk had the intro part then the ending so there was the da na na na na then da na na na na na na na. lars ulrich thought of the idea to make the first part play 3 times then have the tail. excellent idea Lars. and Kirk rocks and my friend jason looks like James Hetfield. Mwah METALLICA KICKS ASS
  • Aldo Moreno from Valencia, Cathis song is pretty awsome but i like the songs on the first for albums better like battery, for whom the bells toll one and the four horsemen
  • Adam from Pickering, CanadaIt's from this song that the name of the American wrestler The Sandman was derived. The Hardcore Icon is famous for entering through the crowd with this song playing, where he would be mobbed by fans, all of whom would sing along with Metallica, as The Sandman proceeded to drink beer and smash the cans against his forehead, often cutting himself before getting anywhere near the ring. Widely considered the greatest enterance in wrestling.
  • Ash from Charleston, WvI always like to picture Hetfield using his trademark singing style during everyday conversation: "Hi-AH! I'm James Hetfield-AH! Pleased to meet you-AH! My band is called Metallic-AH!
  • Kirsten from Memphis, TnI'm almost 13, and I love Metallica!!! Metallica is my favorite band. I love this song! I have sleeping problems, and sometimes when I listen to this on my MP3 player it helps me go to sleep. I've memorized the lyrics. My favorite songs are: Master of Puppets, Sanitarium, Enter Sandman(duh), The Unforgiven(memorized these lyrics too)One, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Of Wolf and Man(I love wolves) and let's see, I think I'm forgetting one....
  • Eric from Zeeland, MiAccording to James Hetfield on "A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica," "Enter Sandman is a song title that's been floating around for a couple years now, but the only problem is that no one knows what the hell it means." He later goes on to state that there was a nameless song about crib death that was eventually titled Enter Sandman.
  • Koksal from Istanbul, TurkeyThis song is resulted from James's childhood. I think when he was a child he used to have nightmares and prayed like that way as in the song. Sandman is a symbol of bad spirit as a learnt image of his childhood.
  • Dave from Brisbane, AustraliaMy neighbour got given the soundtrack to that crappy
    movie with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, and she played that song "I will always love you" over and over, I took my stereo through to the room nearest to thier house, Cranked up Enter Sandman, looped it and went away for an hour, never heard Whitney again, lol
    This song has so much power, the opening riff is awesome.
  • Erica from Hampstead, NcI had another post on here but it must have been to violent and hateful oh well it was great while it lasted!
  • Shalee from Newark, OhI think that (Enter Sandman) Is one of the best songs Metalica has done, your crazy not to think that!!! Metallica
  • Chase from Pasadena, CaMetallica's best group effort, none other comes close. 1991 was a good year.(Los Angeles area listeners tune to 95.5 KLOS FM; this is one of their most-played songs)
  • Armando from Mexico City, MexicoThis is the best song that I have heard and the video is very cool and scary.
  • Samuel from London, EnglandThe riff was created one night when Kirk was drunk and picked up his guitar and started recording stuff on a tape recorder. once the tape stopped he went to sleep. James Hetfield picked this up in the morning and heard the riff and got kirk to play it.
  • Paulo from India, United StatesThis is a good song, but not one of the better tracks on the album, imo. In fact, I'd say just about every other track is stronger. Maybe I'm saying this because this has been played so much.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandI think the St. Anger album is ok, it's just not Metallica is it? If it was done by someone like Slipknot or KoRn (not that they're rubbish!) then it would be good but you come to expect more than this from an acclaimed and established band like Metallica.
  • Kirk from Edinburgh, ScotlandMetallica ROCKS ! But...Can anyone tell me what the hell 'Astronomy' (Garage Inc.) is all about ?!? I know Blue Oyster Cult did it but that doesn't help much...chesney@hawkes.tc
  • Adrian from Merthyr Tydfil, Alwhat an excellent rif - why cant they achieve this kind of creativity any more?
  • Sam from Sydney, Australiahow can metallica go from stuff like the black album and ride the lightning to st anger? they were a great band, but their latest stuff is just crap. either they come up with new stuff or call the quits and keep their reputation
  • Jeroen from Zottegem, BelgiumEnter sandman is a good song. Just listen to the great riff (although it is quite simple) and the great drumming from the intro. PS: I'm not saying it's metallica's best song and where the f*ck are all the belgium metallica fans?! greetings to Tim
  • Amanda from Edmonton, Canadathis song is a severe waste of time! Why listen to the droning lyrics and guitar formations of an out-dated, wanna be heavy metal "band", when you could be listening to JUDAS PRIEST!!!
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Ctthis is actually an overrated public pleasing peice of crap not as good as there other, GREAT work
  • Tim from Leuven, Belgiumthough it is their most populair song , I think it sucks really , the 4 albums before the Black were lots better and from the Black sandman is the worst song , sad but true is a lot better
  • Scott Baldwin from Edmonton, CanadaMan,Mettallica really sucked after master of puppets was released (I dissapear was some pop peace of crap.)This is there only good song.
  • Mariah from Miami, FlYou don't hate Metallica just because their new album is different from ...And Justice For All and The Black Album! If you even tried to notice, all of thier albums are extremely different from each other in many ways. It's just that St. Anger isn't the best one. I mean, look at S&M, a live album... WITH STRINGS! Hell, I'm listening to it know. Get off the "I-Hate-Metallica-Because-They-Chopped-Off-All-Of-Their-Hair" Bandwagon and actually listen to St. Anger before you criticize it!
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandWhile not Metallica's best 'song' it is without a doubt their best 'record'. You know, at the Grammys they have categories for both Best 'Song' and Best 'Record'; they're very different things. Metallica's best 'song' is 'Fade to Black'(in my opinion) in terms of the musics, lyrics, how well it's written, etc. 'Enter Sandman' is Metallica's best 'record' because of its mainstream appeal i.e. it's very catchy and everyone, Metallica fan or not, can enjoy it. Before this, Metallica weren't really a singles band and this proved they could be.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandDon't forget Weezer's blue and green albums (BOTH self titled!) Oh, and who could possibly forget the legendary Spinal Tap and their "black" album 'Smell The Glove'!?
  • Ian from New York, NyThis song is good but I think "My Friend of Misery" is better.
  • Rob from Pittsfield, MaMetallica is great band, and with all great bands and people alike...they tend to "grow". You gotta think they were a lot younger back then and full of anger just like all young people. Now they are older,married and have kids. My point is yes the older music is better but you can't be full of rage forever. Levin, keep rockin man..you have the right idea.
  • Steve from Wallingford, PaLevin man, you rule!
  • Will from Portland, Oryeah, eric, I think thats pretty obvious. Many people have done album titles like this.
  • Eric from Ottawa, OhI hope you people get the beatles reference with white album and black album but the albums are actually self titled.
  • Melissa from Pacifica, CaThank you Levin! In my opinion, this is a great song, when I have a stressful day at work I will put this CD on and it just takes all the tension away, but usually i put this song on first. I also think that Metallica is a very talented group, even after Enter Sandman.

  • Levin from Sumiton, Aland on an on topic note.. I enjoy ths song conciderably... I close my eyes and am swept away by a song I've known for years even before I knew the song... beautiful.
  • Lorne from Toronto, CanadaGood tune but Metallic eats bum.
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights, Ohit's not about satan. jeez people. so suspicious.
  • Will from Portland, OrThey play this song at all the Beavers footbal games. This is Metallicas best song
  • Mike from Drayton Valley, Canadasandman, is also satan.. and i think that james feels that god has failed him, and he is telling children to hush, and not pray to god, beacause god doesnt care about you.
  • Ted from Poway, CaYeah, i dont really believe that. cause isnt the Sandman that guy that is supposed to come and put everyone to sleep?
  • Jake from Las Vegas, NvI agree with brian from Ohio metallica is great anywhere anytime and people that only know this particular song bother me
  • Andrew from Ronkonkoma, NyNobody seems to know what this song actually means. "Sandman" means satan. He tells the child to "hush" because he doesn't want the child to pray to God. They are basicallly trying to say enter satan because they notoriously hate God.
  • Cody from Hamilton, Ohhaha, i actually find this song kind of funny, but, this is still one of metalicas best songs in my opinion, at least on their top five list
  • Nick from Paramus, NjNew York Yankees closer Mariano Riviera uses the song when he enters the field.
  • Fred from Myrtle Beach, SdWhen James Hetfield was asked why the album was black, he responded: "The Black Album" is black so you wont focus on the cover you'll just listen to the music.
  • Melanie from Gatineau, Canadamy brothers got me into metallica...this was the song that got me hooked!
  • Brett from Edmonton, CanadaI didn't hate St. Anger because it was different from the Black album, i hate it because it was forgettable and repetitive. And I don't consider myself a Metallica fan, Megadeth is easily better.
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights, OhActually, while this song is amazing, Metallica has actually made better. Don't get me wrong. It's a sweet-ass song. But the general public got a strange impression that Metallica would stay the same on all their next albums.. which is why certain people, *ahem* who arent the "trues" as James would call them, weren't willing to let Metallica change their sound for St. Anger. If you like this, go listen to "Outlaw Torn", "Call of Ktulu", "For Whom the Bell Tolls" or anything off "master of Puppets". You'll be amazed.
  • Brett from Edmonton, CanadaThe "sleep with one eye open" part alone is better than "St. Anger" in its entirety.
  • Jon from Grand Forks, Ndread the lyrics without the music. The song is of a child going to sleep, and imagining things that could be wrong. No nightmares, and certainly no death. It's actually kind of innocent.
  • Mike from Kansas City, KsProbably the greatest hard rock song of the past decade.
  • Terri Lynn from Heart's Desire, Canadai can see how it could be about death... in a way. though i always it was just a song about the monsters that are associated with the night
  • Jesse from Mesa, AzThe album actually is called "Metallica," but because of the black cover, it is more often known as "The Black Album."
  • Kevin from Webster, MaThis song is included on their 1991 album "The Black Album". Some call the album Metallica.
  • Anna from New Ulm, MnThis song is about death.... Don't ask me how.... I read it in a Rock N' Roll Trivia book.
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