Faden Away

Album: 7 Days Of Funk (2013)


  • 7 Days Of Funk is a duo comprising Snoopzilla - one of the many aliases adopted by rapper/singer Snoop Dogg - and modern-funk musician Dâm-Funk. Their eponymous debut album was released on December 10, 2013 and Snoopzilla said. "Me and my man Dam-Funk grew up on Kool & The Gang, Parliament-Funkadelic and the Gap Band, and we wanted to recreate the funk with modern vibes for 7 Days of Funk."
  • This was released as the album's lead single. Snoopzilla explained its concept to HipHopDX.com: "When you get in a relationship with somebody, it could be with your wife, it could be with your girlfriend, it could be with your kids, it could be with your mom, it could be with your brothers, 'cause your relationships are relationships," he said.

    "And it gets to a point in time where it begins to fade away," Snoopzilla added. "But you try your best to hold on and keep the good things there. And a lot of times, we always looked at the ones who make the relationship go bad, but when it go bad, we the ones who try to keep the relationship together. So it's like that song represents so much of who I am and what I'm going through. Not even on a personal tip, but on a business tip. Maybe I'm fading away on a business tip, or the music side. Maybe I'm fading away career-wise. But it just feels like, 20 years from now, that record is still gonna be the s--t, no matter where we at."


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