End of The Road

Album: 7dayBinge (2010)
  • 7dayBinge is a rock band made up of 3 Doors Down bass player Todd Harrell, Muzik Mafia guitarist/singer Jon Nicholson, Kid Rock guitarist Kenny Olson, and drummer Shannon Boone on drums. Boone told Songfacts about this song: "'End of the Road' was one of the first songs we worked on when we all got together. I really love the feel arrangement and transitions in this song! Jon and Todd had messed around with the idea and when we were doing some pre production at my house the song and arrangement really came alive quickly, making it one of my favorite songs to play. As far as the lyrical content that Jon wrote, I take it as a song about a relationship that really didn't quite work out so well therefore was ended! It tells the story of how one person is coping with and trying to forget about the pain they are still feeling inside from the lingering feelings still left from the breakup. And then after sometime the other person comes back and now wants to be friends. The chorus sounds like it is the person who has been trying to deal with and numb their feelings and pain asking the other have you thought about what went down with us before and do you really want to be friends again now that we are at the 'end of the road.'*But all that aside it is a great feeling groovin' kick ass jam that we love to play and gets the crowd going every time!"
  • Explaining how the band comes up with their songs, Boone says: "Generally our songwriting process consists of someone bringing in a riff or lyric idea and we all get in a room together and jam on and work it out till we got a song and arrangement that were diggin on!"


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