90s Music Quiz 1

Only the '90s could give us a song about sweater destruction (see Question 10). Take this quiz to see how well you remember the decade of grunge, gangsta rap and Britpop.
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  • Jeremy from Iowapretty easy. but had a few guesses.
  • Thomas Mikkelsen from Horsens, Denmark 7/10 Never heard of that fair thing, now do a Heavy Metal one & I'll ace it.
  • Peter from FranceThe Lilith Fair question was always going to be a challenge....maybe the questions are a tad American-centric!
  • Marisa from Usa6/10. Pretty good for wild guessing most of them and only actually knowing the last question.
  • Keenan from DelawareI'm pleased with my score
  • Gareth from Wales Uk2/10 poor poor very poor
  • Sijun Kim from South KoreaPerfect. Yes.
  • Pooch from La6/10. Better than 5/10
  • Kate from Phillpinbesi like 90s
  • Paige from Somewhere In The World I got bored and took this quiz, somehow I got a 9/10 I wasn't even born in the 90's!
  • Studio Shane from Sri Lanka6/10. Could have done better.
  • Anna from London9/10 - okay I guess - wish it was 10/10
  • Some Dude from Norway4/10 okay, I guess
  • Ben C from Myrtle Beach, Sc2/10 - definitely hard
  • Gruffdan from Tampa Bombed on this one also. Reality...
  • Deborah from GeigerJust when I thought it was easy, it wasn't! A lot of fun, though!
  • Craig from IndianaI suck and I thought the 90s was my time to shine!
  • Kelly from Pennsylvania I did terrible.
  • Bopet Roy from Philippines7/10 not bad.. i guess
  • Collin M. Williams from Swakopmund,erongo NamibiaWow, did pretty bad
  • Sara from Mexico CityEasy!
  • Ron Morris from Herefordshire UkWorrying how much I didn't know
  • Mike from AmericaI partially agree that grunge overshadowed heavy metal, in particular thrash, but I think the structure of the music business at that time killed metal, putting high pressure on the bands to write songs that would appeal to a wider audience, which really never happened, and in the process their original fan base "soured", and began following different styles, such as grunge.

    The absolute best thing that came out of grunge (which in itself is an unfair label) was Alice in Chains. Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell were incredibly gifted songwriters, that fed off of each other's ideas and the result was some phenomenal music that ended much too soon. To think what could have been if tragedy had not struck them as they were nearing the prime of their creativity.
  • Paul from Australia5/1- music started to end in the 90's. grunge killed heavy metal.
  • Maureen Howley from New York/ New JeseyBoy My brain must be fried
  • Anon from Derby England.Wow how rubbishy am I, I do apologise,SORRY.
  • Archie from England4/10 lots of guesses but hey I'm 63 so not too bad
  • Robi from MilanCool quiz
  • Oscar Rosales from AmericaNice
  • Janie Gatt from Australua7/10 not bad for a 58 year old
  • Bruce from Greer, Sc 6/10...all but the last one were guesses though

    90s music sucked lol
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