Living A Boy's Adventure Tale
by a-ha

Album: Hunting High and Low (1985)


  • This song is about a man who is kicked out on the streets by his wife. He begs for change in the rain, sleeps on the ground, and tries to think of it positively, like a boy's adventure tale. >>
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    Jack - Eugene, OR
  • This song helped form the DNA of Coldplay. The band's frontman Chris Martin recalled to Q magazine how at age 8 he had his first Walkman, on which he used to play Hunting High and Low. He still listened to the album as an adult. "There's a song there called 'Living A Boy's Adventure Tale,' and it makes me re-believe in the magic of music," Martin explained. "A guy singing really high and some awesome synths and some bird-type noises. That's basically summed up Coldplay."

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  • Ang from Columbus, OhOk, I can go with that except the begging for change in the rain part. Where do you get that from?

    The line is "A change of weather/the rain pours down/my head in hands/ pressed to the ground"
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