Thinking Of You

Album: Mer de Noms (2000)


  • This song is about the first time you learn to "Self Satisfy." At some concerts, toward the end of the song Maynard Keenan will "jerk" his water bottle around until the climax of the song when he sprays water everywhere.
  • Keenan had a similar song while in Tool: "Part Of Me," on Opiate. >>
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    jim - garland, TX, for above 2

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  • Daniel Rumbo from Harrisonville, Mo 64701All I know is that Maynard is awesome. When he wakes up in the morning he pisses excellence. Anybody that doesn't agree can go French kiss a .45 !!!!
  • Tiffany from Sweetwater, TnMaynard says on the "aMOTION" DVD that this song is about masturbating to the thought of anal sex. "Tugging a rhythm to the vision that's in my head. Tugging a beat to the sight of your lying. So delighted with your new understanding, something about a little evil that makes that unmistakable noise I was hearing, unmistakable sound that I know so well. Sit and sighing with that look in your eyes, sit and sweating with that look on your face like sweet revelation, sweet surrendering." It makes sense if you listen to the lyrics.
  • Steve from Laconia, NhI don't know what people are thinking, but Maynard is still in Tool... he always has been.
  • Dan from Santa Clarita, Cathat makes more sense to me Justin! By the way jim. why did you say "While in Tool"?
  • Justin from Grand Island, Nethis song is about masturbating to the thought of anal sex
  • Dan from Santa Clarita, CaMaynard says this song is more of a humorous song about anal sex... i'm personally still trying to figure out what he's talking about
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