That Look

Album: The Underdog (2015)


  • Aaron Watson penned this song for his wife Kimberly. "That song was inspired on a Sunday morning in the kitchen at our house," he told Billboard magazine. "I had been on the road for about four days, we got in around 6 a.m. - I jumped in the shower, got ready for church, made some coffee. I was cranky, hungry and sitting there at the kitchen table, and I was watching my beautiful wife make breakfast - going back and forth while getting the kids ready for church. I'm just in this foul and grumpy mood, and I just realize this woman is amazing."

    "I'm sitting on my can, she's gotten up, made breakfast, is getting the kids up, and I realized how much opposites attract," Watson continued. "That's how I came up with the opening line: 'She keeps it all together, and I always come unwound. She's cool, calm and collected, I want to paint the town.'"

    "So I came up with these lines and then this groove that reminded me of a Steve Wariner song," he added. "I wanted something big for the chorus, which reminded me of a Smokey Robinson/Motown feel to it, but when I sing on it, it countrifies it up. It's a real fun song, and one that is real fun for the dance floor. I wasn't really trying to write a hit, as much as I was just trying to tell her how much I love her, and let the whole world know how wonderful she is."


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