Album: Fleetwood Mac (1975)
Charted: 46 11


  • Stevie Nicks wrote this on a piano with help from her boyfriend, Lindsey Buckingham. At the time, they were recording as Buckingham-Nicks and about to release the track on their second album, but they joined Fleetwood Mac instead and recorded it with them.
  • Rhiannon is the name of a Welsh goddess. According to myth, Rhiannon, the goddess of fertility and the moon, shuns a god and marries a mortal man. That god then frames her for the murder of her own son, and she is forced to stand at the entrance to a city and tell everyone entering that she killed her child.
  • Nicks started writing this song after reading the book Triad by Mary Leader. It is about a woman who believes she is being possessed by the spirit of a woman named Rhiannon. There are themes of mythology and the occult that Nicks used in her song along with the name.
  • Nicks did not know the story of Rhiannon the goddess until after she wrote the song, but she felt the lyrics fit that story as well. She told Mojo magazine December 2013: "It wasn't until 1978 that I found out about (Welsh medieval prose tales) Mabinogion and that Branwen and Rhiannon are in there too, and that Rhiannon wasn't a witch at all; she was a mythological queen. But my story was definitely written about a celestial being, I didn't know who Rhiannon was, exactly, but I knew she was not of this world."
  • The goddess Rhiannon rode a white horse and traveled with three birds that had healing powers. The birds appear in various Celtic symbols.
  • Nicks introduced this in concerts as being about a Welsh witch. In interviews, she said Rhiannon was a good witch.
  • This song was a huge influence on the image of Stevie Nicks, inspiring her flowing shawls and black outfits she began wearing on stage. It gave her a mystical look that caught on with her fans, who often dress like her.
  • The drum pattern on this song proved especially challenging. Lindsey Buckingham had a syncopated, textured rhythm in mind that didn't suit Mick Fleetwood's drumming style, which was better suited for blues and rock. After pounding away for two days trying to get it right, producer Keith Olsen did some editing, splicing the drum track together from two of his takes to create a loop. This was an analog process, done with tape and a razor blade.
  • Nicks wrote various songs related to Rhiannon before joining Fleetwood Mac. At one point, she considered making it a project of some kind, perhaps a movie.
  • After this song was released, some parents named their daughters Rhiannon, introducing it into the lexicon of girls' names. 1977 was the most popular year for the name, when it ranked #418 of among girls' names (the singer Rhiannon Giddens was born that year). In 1999, coinciding with a re-formed Fleetwood Mac, there was another surge in Rhiannons: the name ranked #423 that year.

    The name itself means either "night queen" or "great queen."
  • When Nicks sang this in concert, she did so with a lot of passion. At times, she strained her voice singing it to the point that Fleetwood Mac had to cancel shows so she could recover. It was always a crowd favorite.
  • The lyrics contain both a simile ("She is like a cat in the dark") and a metaphor ("And then she is the darkness"). >>
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    Lars - Calexico, CA
  • Stevie performed this song with Taylor Swift at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Taylor was off key, and critics were especially harsh; Bob Lefsetz wrote, "Taylor Swift shortened her career last night. And since she says she calls all her own shots, she has to shoulder the blame." Swift was deeply affected by the criticism, and wrote her hit song Mean in response.
  • Nicks recalled her songwriting partnership with Buckingham to Mojo magazine January 2013: "I presented my songs to Lindsey on a cassette," she said, "which I would leave by the coffee pot, with a note saying, 'Here is a new song, You can produce it but don't change it.'"
  • On the 2013 TV series American Horror Story: Coven, Lily Rabe plays a witch named Misty Day who is obsessed with Stevie Nicks and specifically this song. The character believes that Nicks is a "White Witch" and that she is singing about witchcraft. A producer on the show, Ryan Murphy, is friends with Nicks and asked her permission to use the songs. Rabe, whose character also dresses like Stevie and does her signature twirl, says that she is a big fan of Nicks in real life.

    On the January 8, 2014 episode titled "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks," Stevie appeared on the show and performed this song along with Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?

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  • Liza from Stowe VermontHey, Terry from Colchester VT
    Jesus Freaks have every right to voice and express their opinions about music and if you don't like their comments, don't read them. That being said, this is one of Stevie and Lyndsey's best songs.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyPer: www.legacy.com
    Music producer Keith Olsen passed away on March 7th, 2020 at the age of 74 {Wikipedia claims he passed on March 9th, 2020}...
    May he R.I.P.
  • Ben from Oklahoma CityI've just finished reading a couple of interviews where Stevie says that a main character in the Rhiannon story is a man named Arawn and that her father, brother and grandfather are all named Aaron but her official website says her father is named Jess and her only brother is Christopher. Just curious as to which one is correct. Can anyone enlighten me please? Thanks.
  • Susan from Cleveland, OhioI recently saw Stevie in concert in Colombus Ohio. She told a lot of stories about her songs in between sets. She told the audience that Lyndsie's 1970 Buick Skylark inspired the lyrics about the Skylark Bird in this song.
  • Rose from PennsylvaniaI am Christian "Jesus Freak" lol buuut I listen to all kinds of music, a fan of Stevie and I just look at it like a story... music is a form of art, has meaning but much is up to the listeners interpretation and whether it is about a Goddess or a Witch... doesn't make any difference because to me it is a story... simple... I try not to read into things too much and let it be ... it is what it is..... nothing more...nothing less! Whatever it is.. is what you let it be to you. You can Let Rhiannon be your God or Goddess.. (anything or anyone can be someone's "god"). or she is just a character in a story... I chose the latter... it is a story and I know who my God is so I am not worried about this song like some Christians, if you know who your God is and you don't have to worry about some song or story, no other god can tke anything away from the God I believe in so what's the big deal? People can make anything their god and have been doing that since the beginning of time but once you find out what is real, you know and no worry!. People have to put things into perspective.
  • Shawn from MarylandI love the song too! I really the version FM did on The Dance. The original is good, don't get me wrong. But I like the version they did on "The Dance."
    Also, after 48 years of living and being pretty good in English, I still don't know the difference between a simile and a metaphor. ;-)
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn June 11th 1976, Fleetwood Mac performed "Rhiannon" on the NBC-TV program 'The Midnight Special"
    Two months earlier on April 30th it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #89; and on May 30th it peaked at #11 (for 1 week) and spent 18 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #4 in Canada...
    Was track 4 of side 1 from the group's tenth studio album, 'Fleetwood Mac', and the album reached #2 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart...
    Two other tracks from the album also made the Top 100; "Over My Head" (peaked at #20) and "Say You Love Me" (reached #11).
  • Morgan from St.louis , MoI love the song. I didn't get addicted to Fleetwood Mac though until I heard it in the TV show American Horror Story: Coven.
  • Bill from Lodi, CaOf all the music ever written Rhiannon is my most favorite song in the world, and has been since the first time I heard it in 1975/76. Stevie Nicks is a Goddess, and on my very short list of my top 5 greatest song writers, I think only Rundgren and McCartney eclipse her in song writing talent, no female who has ever lived can eclipse her in beauty, Stevie Rocks!!
  • Terry from Colchester, VtIt's really a great song and the imagery it conjures is hypnotic. It's too bad the Jesus freaks had to weigh in here and spoil the entire experience for the rest of us. Keep your religion in your church and out of these boards. Got it???
  • Sara Rhiannon from ?????, PaLove this song. And Fleetwood Mac altogether. Oh and hey, my first name is Sara Rhiannon, so that's two Fleetwood Mac songs in one first name. (although people tend to just call me Sara or just Rhiannon, I always use my full name) :)
  • Cindy from El Cajon, CaI have always been a fan of Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks so when I became pregnant my husband and I decided to name our daughter Rhiannon Marie, she was born on October 31st, 1985 (Halloween) thank god she's a Good Witch!
  • Cher from Tampa, FlI'm in my forties. My Mom loved the song "I got You, Babe." You Rhiannon's are so lucky. Guess who "I" got named after???
  • Stevi from Altus, ArOk so my name isn't Rhiannon, but it is Stevi Renee, after Stevie Nicks of course. My dad had to spell it different for some reason, but it's unique, and I like it. Anyway, I love the name Rhiannon, but it is also special to me in a way. You see my mom wished she could have another daughter but she is unable to now. And if she did she would have named her Rhiannon Renee, as Renee is both my moms and my middle name. But since she is unable to bare anymore children, I told her a while back that if I ever had a daughter thats what I would name here, Rhiannon Renee. So it would be really special, for Stevi (named after Stevie Nicks) to have a daughter named Rhiannon (after a song sung by Stevie Nicks). Even when I was pregnant I swore I was having a girl, and we called "it" Rhi Rhi all the time, lol but oddly I had a boy, so he is Christopher Tyler, Tyler being after my brother.... Just felt like sharing that, just a random thought. I just love this song, I'm addicted to it lol. I listen to them everyday.
  • Rhiannon from W.a, AustraliaCaitlin from Salisbury, you have a lovely name! It's not my real name but I use it a lot on iternet forums.
    When I was pregnant I was sure I was going to have a daughter and wanted to call her Caitlin or Rhiannon. Can't really use either of them for a boy.- Caitlin, Edinburgh, Scotland

    ^^^^ haha, thats really the most interesting comment i have seen, not only am I called 'Rhiannon' but my younger sister is called 'Caitlin'!!

    Like most of you Rhiannon's, i too get people pronouncing my name wrong... Most people say 'Rhianna' i'm like 'DUDE! I DO NOT HAVE AN 'A' AT THE END OF MY NAME!!' My dad and mum were originally going to call me Courtney, but at the time there were lots of courtney's, and being fans of fleetwood mac, they choose Rhiannon.. In year 5, my class had to have pen pals from another city, that class in the other city had to draw out our names from a hat, and we would be their pen pal. It was funny when i found out my Pen Pal's name was Rhiannon too! but that wasn't the only surprise, a friend of mine got a pen pal named Rhiannon too! We used to have to write their last names because they wouldnt know which letter was to whom.
  • Lisa from Terre Haute, InI named my Daughter Rhiannon in 82. I was a single mom and she was a special baby. She was a 24 weeker, 1lb 4 oz. She is now 28 years old. I had a great-great aunt that never left Ireland that was named Rhiannon. I always loved the name and did check out the meaning. She was a goddess of wisdom, strength and knowledge. I wanted to give her a name that would help her and that she would have to grow into. According to the story, Rhiannon came in the form of a white flying mare and was a blonde. No blondes in my family, mostly redheads, but my Rhiannon was as blonde as could be. Love the daughter...love the name.
  • Rhiannon from Canton, MiIt is so crazy to read through all of the message son here, I hear my own story through so any of these other Rhiannons! I was born in 1980. My mother was a huge Fleetwod Mac fan...I was laughing about the responses about the mispronounciation...the comments about the hippie parents..the dumb confusion about the singer Rihanna...its a unique and magical name for the unique spirit that all us Rhiannons are! : ) Only on the internet would I have ever realized there are so many others out there! Rhiannon, you ROCK !
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyGreat song with a fantastic intro; it peaked at #11 and their follow up release, "Say You Love Me", also peaked at #11...
  • Terra from Albuquerque, Nmmy middle name is rhiannon and my first name is terra so my name means goddess of earth ,..... but i m not into the witch stuff lol
  • Rihannon from Cheshire, United KingdomI adore this song! it's really cool that I'm named after it. but I guess my parents didn't know how to spell it, because mine is spelt rihannon. hm.
  • Rehonna from Toledo, Ohmy name is Rehonna I;m 30 for a long time no one had my name.... now every X generator has it .... i had no idea of this song till tonight AI and didi sung her version ( which was great) i need to talk to my mom she always said she got my name from a French movie where he Queen in the movie was named Rehonna
  • Rhiannon from Humboldt, CaMy name is Rhiannon, and I've loved having the name.
    I've only ever met about 5 people with it, and I just adore the fact that there's not too many Rhiannon's out there.

    I think it's really cool to have a story behind your name...My parents heard the song when they were younger, and my Dad is a celtic fanatic so he did research and found out the story of Rhiannon the Welsh Witch, and thought that the name and story were beautiful. My mother says that if she could redo my name she'd spell it phonetically instead, but I wouldn't change a thing.

    I also enjoy reminding my parents that one aspect of the Goddess Rhiannon was fertility. =]
  • Rhianna from Woodbridge, VaRhianna I have the same problem my name is also Rhianna and everyone calls me rihanna.....
  • Jerry from Brooklyn, NyTo add to the list of girls named after this song
    I am a college professor and this term I have a girl named Rhiannon in one of my classes. The first day I asked her if she was named for this song. I got a smirk and a grunt and a look seemed to say she was sick of every teacher asking her that and why the hell did my parents have to give me this stupid name!
    Parents need to be sensitive to how an unusual name can affect their children's life later.
  • Brittany from None Of Your Business ^_^, NjThis is to Shelly from Garland, Texas:

    My sister was named after a Fleetwood Mac song. Her first name is Rhiannon. Her middle name is Nicole. Your comment just freaked me out. O.O lol (I never thought I'd hear about another Rhiannon Nicole out there...)
  • Rhianna from New Orleans, LaMy name is Rhianna, cause my parents LOVED the song but they thought that the name Rhiannon would be really popular so they shortened it to Rhianna. I now have to deal with the singer Rihanna now, but hey I'm older than her, I had the name first! LOL
  • Melissa from Naples, MeWow "i named my daughter rhiannon cause im so special and unique" thats what some of you might as well have written ,any ways for all of those people who named there kid that because of the myth or heritage than kudos too you all the people who just LOVE this song and are oh so very special than get a life and realize how many other people named there kid that this is not a place to comment on your babys name frankly no ones cares..okay have a nice day.
  • Angelica from Hazard, KyI named my daughter, born in 2008, Rhiannon not because of the song but I love Welsh mythology. I just hate how everyone thinks I named her after the singer Rihanna(ew, I really don't like her or her music). I'm like it is RHIANNON, not Rihanna! Hopefully her career will be over soon though.

    It's such an awesome name and an awesome song as well.
  • Constance from Dallas, TxFleetwood Mac is Great! I love the solo by Lindsey and Christine Mcvie and of course Nicks is great!
  • Patty from Cromwell, CtSorry but don't have any children (my choice) but do have a dog that I named Rhiannon after this very song.She is a white shepard which reminds me of the white horse in the myth that the godess is riding.Hence the white horse in her posters etc..etc..She is my pride and joy.
  • Rhiannon from Toronto, OnFeb 2009 - I'm also a 'Rhiannon' however I predate the song. And although I've seen references to the Welsh witch before, I've more often seen two other references: Welsh goddess (some books actually refer to 'goddess of love' as the correct definition) and an ancient Welsh princess. I enjoy all of the magic and mystery surrounding all three so am good with what ever you choose to believe.
  • Rhiannon from Toronto, OnFeb 2009 - I am one of many 'Rhiannon's on this page - but alas - I predate the song. I was born in Wales, thus the Welsh name.
    However, while I've seen the welsh witch reference over the years, I've seen two more common references: Welsh goddess (and many books refer to goddess of love) and Welsh princess. All of them speak to ancient gaelic ties full of magic and mystery. All of which is quite fine with me.
  • Rhiannon from Sunshine Coast, AustraliaWow, there are quite a few of us Rhiannon's cruising around! I was named after the song Rhiannon, my mum always said "I NEVER want children but if I ever do and it's a girl she will either be Rhiannon or Layla" ...... soooo glad she went with Rhiannon!
    My mum didn't know of the welsh witch background, she had actually heard my name meant "Graceful & Beautiful young lady" I personally prefer that meaning :)
    Like the rest of us Rhiannon's, I too have had the whole hardly anybody being able to pronounce it or spell it and when someone can I am stoked haha I also used to hate my name when I was younger for that very reason....I LOVE IT now. Gorgeous name and a lil different just like it's owner..
    It's strange, I am 24 going on 25 and it's only been in the last 2 years that people have started calling me Rhi or another nickname(s) is Rhizee/Breezy.
    Oh and Stevie Nicks / Fleetwood Mac rock my panties! As does the song Rhiannon.. LOOOOVE the intro and really, just the whole song, lyrics, music it all works perfectly! and suits me to a T
    PEACE :)
  • Rheannon from Napier, New ZealandI am also a Rheannon, but spelt differently, Parents loved the name but did not know how to spell it, so they gave it a go. I have not found another person with the same spelling!! - Its a great name and also have issues with people calling me Rhianna, i HATE IT do you see an 'A' on the end of my name, i think not. Take care
  • Chris from Carbondale, IlMy wife and I liked the name when we were deciding on what to name our child if we had a girl. When we found out "Rhiannon" was a Fleetwood Mac song we laughed. We both loved that song growing up but we never knew they were singing Rhiannon. As we decided to name our (potential) girl Rhiannon, I turned the radio on and within one or two seconds, "Rhiannon" began to play. That's destiny! We were blown away. What a beautiful name and a great song.
  • Shelly from Garland, TxI also named my daughter Rhiannon. This song has been my favorite Stevie/Fleetwood Mac song since I was a little girl. Her middle name is Nicole and she is 16 now. Rhi is her nickname.
  • Rhiannon from Tenerife, SpainHello!! im amaized how many Rhiannons there are, I LOVE THE SONG, my mum decided after hearing it that if i was a girl id be Rhiannon and if i was a boy Jack. Wich wouldnt have bin funny with a surname like Russell!!!.
    Ilive in Tenerife, have done all my life, and althow all my family are british from SStoke-on-Trent im half Canarian and speak fluent Spanish.
    I think that in my whole life ive only ever known one other Rhiannon.
  • Rhiannon from London, United KingdomHaha it was actually so weird reading down and looking at how many times my name was written. I even forgot that it was actually my name, I know sounds so weird, I am just so not used to spelling my name, I almost always write Rhixi. I am glad I'm the first person on here to actually have such a nickname. Its just a coincidence that I wrote Rhix, actually meaning Rhi x and well I have the name Rhix. I actually have hated my name in the past and I absolutely could kill someone when they spelt it wrong! Not so much now though. That's my cousins job, she corrects people all the time if they say my name wrong, I LOVE IT lol!! I don't like the fact that I will, whenever I inform someone of my name, have the lines "ella ella eh eh eh" sung at me. NO Rihanna is not my name, do that again in my face and I shall be forced to hit you! Well, I don't put it in so many words all the time! Ahh well I must admit I have met another Rhiannon but never in my school. It's a memorable name at my school, which helps especially if you're renouned for you're singing!! I get complimented on my name quite a lot, but my name wasn't taken from this song or even just liked as a beautiful name. My mum had read a book and fallen in love with the names Rhiannon and Shane from it and decided if she ever had a boy or a girl thats what they'd be named, well guess what? she got both a girl (moi, the first!) and a boy (brother the second) don't think I could imagine being called shane actually :S I still have people who can't spell my name and even when I went to get an autograph of Dominic Wood he hesitated at spelling my name, instead I just went straight into spelling it for him, we had a little laugh and well I didn't come out of it any the worse. I'm more flattered when someone can't spell my name now, just means I'm a little more unique lol!
    Well theres no shame in being a witch!!
  • Rebecca from Vancouver, Bcgreat song great band
  • Rhiannan Black from Clydebank, United KingdomHey hey hey! I am Rhiannan!!! I know it's spelt different and I'll probs be an oddball of the gang but I saw another Rhiann(an) and was sooo proud! I must admit I hated my name for a very long time, like loads of people have wrote - nobody can say or spell it right... and when someody does - you think the're the bees knees!! Now though I think it's fab - I just realised how coooool it realy is - love you all my fellow Rhiannon's/an's xxxx
  • Rhianno from Portland, Orhttp://groups.myspace.com/therealrhiannons

    all you rhiannons out there check this out.
  • Rhiannon from North Olmsted, OhWow i cant believe it i never knew there were so many. I too was named Rhiannon after the song and the fact that i am irish, i was always aware of the goddess too, ya i have actually meet two Rhiannons. Many of you say your nick name is something along the line of Ray Ray, well mine is Annon which i have yet to see : ). Ya people may not be able to spell our name but you know we definitely get our share of complements on how beautiful it is.
  • Mel!ssa from Pittsburgh, PaI was almost named Rhiannon but my parents went with 'Sweet' Melissa instead
  • Rhiannon from Orlando, FlWell my mother named me Rhiannon because it was Celtic and Irish, but i was researching the meaning of my name and it told me that it meant celtic goddess and celtic witch. I love my name but it gets so frustrating trying to get everyone to pronounce it the way it should be. No one can say it or spell it right, they always say it like Rihanna that rap singer or whatever she is.
  • Tasha from Seminole, OkMy daughter's name is Rhiannon and she is 17 months old. Growing up, my mom was and is a huge Stevie Nicks fan. I knew for years that when and if I had a daughter that I would name her Rhiannon. I have known about the origin and where Stevie got the name from for as long as I can remember. Rhiannon Vivian I love you baby...
  • Brian from Vancouver, CanadaThis is cool. I didnt know so many people had this name. Ive always liked the song and its quite interesting with the stories behind it.
  • Amybeth from Graniteville, VtOur first baby is due in November '07, and we decided to name her Rhiannan. I've loved this song since I was little, although we decided to spell it slightly differently to shorten it to "Anna".
  • Rachel from Clifton, Njwhen i was 17 i heard stevie on a radio inteview describing how she came up with rhiannon and right then i said if i ever have a daughter her name would be rhiannon. well after 3 boys and 22 years later i finally got my girl and her name is Rhiannon. and i collect everything i can get my hands on from stevie and the welsh goddess so that she doesnt feel so bad because i have NEVER met another rhiannon
    Rachel From Clifton NJ
  • Rhiannon from My Place19, EnglandHey my names Rhiannon too, but unlike a lot of people here, ive grown up with knowing exactly what my names about. Mainly coz my whole families welsh and my nan loves telling stories like tht! I've always loved my name and its originality. Even though im named after a goddess, im a devoute christian, tho Rhiannon rocks socks!

  • Kevin from Halifax, CanadaThing is we named our daughter Rhiannon when she born a few months ago simply based on how beautiful a name it is. Since that time we continually get "oh like the song". We'd never actually knew there was a song called Rhiannon.

    Listening to the song I recognize it as one I had heard in the past but never really knew the name of the song or even the words.

    Glad to know the song associated with the name is a great one. Can't help but think we subconsciously knew this when we named our gorgeous girl.
  • Rhiannon from Belfast, IrelandHello my name is Rhiannon also and i have never known anyone else with my name!!!=] im only 13 so i didnt really no about all this Goddess Rhiannon thing before my mum told me my name was welsh but i didnt no their was a story to it. I find this very interesting! When my mum was preganant with me she thought of these names: Rhianna, Rhianne, Arhianna, Arhiann or Rhiannon. I was due to be called Rhianna but a week before i was born my aunty got a new dog and called it Rhianna my mum was very angry!!! but now is sooooo glad she called me Rhiannon because she loves it! I hate the way no one can say it or spell it sooooooo annoying!!!! I never really liked my name before because i felt different but now after reading these comments I LOVE IT! I also love the song it EMENCE!!!!=]
  • Rhiannon from Cleveland, OhI am a RHIANNON also.I've grown to love my name,even though I am constantly correcting people on the pronunciation of it.The meaning of my estranged name fits my personality quite well. So CHEERS to each and every Rhiannon out there.....it's nice to know that there's more than one of that exsist.
  • Nicole from North Syracuse, United StatesI am not named Rhiannon, unfortunately, but the first time I ever heard the song I fell in love with it and I am definitely going to name my daughter "Rhiannon Selene". Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks have inspired me so much that I am starting a band with my best friend. And since I never liked my name, Nicole, my stage name is going to be Rhiannon Rose. I just think it's the most beautiful name ever and I am so happy to see that so many people have this name!!
  • Rhiannon from Logan, AustraliaI too, am another Rhiannon, also named after this seemingly infamous song!! I have lived with this name for 21 years now, and have been frustrated many times by people who can neither pronounce or spell it. I have not met many other Rhiannon's in my lifetime, but was amazed when I went to Uni and disovered 2 Rhiannon's in 2 different classes that I was in. I think my name is fairly unique and I'm so glad my parents blessed me with this name rather than their alternative (Bianca Jade). Nothing against that name, but I am Rhiannon and I have become Rhiannon and I forever will be Rhiannon until the day I leave this earth.
  • Darrell from Eugene, United StatesI named my ugly brown 1978 Dodge Magnum (which was rescued from an overgrown junkyard) after this song because there was an 8-track tape of the "Fleetwood Mac" album under the seat. The factory AM/FM/8-track stereo ate the tape during the middle of "Rhiannon".
  • Rianna from Auckland, New ZealandWell I'm a little different to everyone my name is Rianna (Ree-anna). I was named after the Fleetwood Mac song Rhiannon. Just my mum and dad heard wrong so I got Rianna. Also my dad's family is Welsh so he was more keen to give me a welsh name. I know it doesnt mean Welsh Witch like mentioned Stevie Nix wrote the song ABOUT a Welsh Witch. Anyways since being named a after a witch I have naturally become interested in the beautiful earth religion Paganism. People should reasearch paganism correctly before they say bad things about it and they would learn its a beatuiful earth religion. But then everyone has their right to their belief.
  • Rhiannon from Nowhere, IaHey Everyone!..My Name is Rhiannon Also!..I was named after the song:) My dad choose it!..&& I absolutely Love it!! I get so much attention from it. It is so unique. But I hate it when People can't spell or say it right, Because every time i have a new teacher it takes them like a month to just remember how to say it.So most People Call me Rhi or Rhi Rhi!..I was so shocked, because I didnt know so many People had the name Rhiannon!..I swore I was the only one, haha!..well Ttyl, Love Rhiannon!
  • Rhiannon from Kojonup, AustraliaHi! My name is Rhiannon, but i'm actually better known as Rhi Rhi. My friends Molly and Kaitlyn made it up for me. I'm just about 14 years old and i live in Kojonup, Western Australia. i've seen in numerous places that my name is a welsh goddess. it actually makes me feel sorta powerful inside, haha.
    Anyways, i'm meant to be doing work....i'm at school so i'll cashya later!
    BiBi xxx
  • Rhiannon from Nowhere, FlMy name is Rhiannon and i think its an awesome name. not just because its my name. i like it cause its unique and not many people are named Rhiannon. i have never peronally met anyone else named Rhiannon
  • Pero from Tetovo, Europehi to everyone.im from macedonia so i dont know anybody named rhiannon,but i know a song that makes me shiver and shake.i do enjoy listening to that song by stevie.i have mutch to sau ,but i cant express my self in english language,like i can do on macedonian.long live rhiannon
  • Nissa from Burlin, GermanyMy mother lived in Germany while my father was stationed there serving in the U.S. Army. They moved back to the U.S. when I was three of age. My mother loved the name Rhiannon from the Fleetwood Mac album but wanted to shorten the length, thus concluding my middle name to be Reann. Her passion was music up to her death and loved to tell me over and over that she named me after the song Rhiannon. Not until now did I have the desire to find an interpretation of the meaning of the name. I did not get the opportunity to ask my mother why she had chosen it. I would conclude that because she merly mentioned that she loved the song would be my answer but I will never know the vision she had in her mind.
  • Lynn from Auburn, AlThis is such a beautiful song to me. I think It portrays a beautiful, independent woman. Stevie Nicks is such an enchanting person and she makes this song what it is. I named my daughter after this song. At first, her father didn't want to....but of course, the mom always gets the last word! I am proud that we have a Rhiannon in our family. A beautiful, mystical girl.
  • Rhiannon from Mancos, Cobefore i was even born, my mom wanted to name me rhiannon. at first i hated it, but now since ive read all the books- and listened to stevies songs over and over agin- i cant help but love my name. plus- how often is it that you meet another rhiannon- i cant say ive met more than one other person with the same name as me.
  • Leah from Columbus , Ohin the spring of 2003 i concieved a baby girl at the age of 40 i went through two ultra sounds and during the second semester i was told this baby did not have a heartbeat. even though my little girl did not make it to this earth i named her Lindsy Rhiannon in her memory . she was like a bird in flight only here for a short time in my woumb and then flew away to be with her maker :( so when i hear this song it remends me of my beautiful baby girl Rhiannon
  • Rhiannon from Sydney, AustraliaI am so proud to have the name Rhiannon. Everyone I know says its a beautiful and special name. My dad and mum blessed me with this name because of its beauty, Stevie Nick's song and the Celtic mythological story behind it. I have two paintings on my wall. One by Meinrad Craighead titled Rhiannon and the other is Mary Sutherland's painting of the goddess who rides the white horse at dawn. Thankyou Stevie Nicks for writing such a beautiful song I listen to it with great love.

    Rhainnon, Kiama, Australia.
  • Rhiannon from Rhayader, WalesHa, my nickname is also Rye, which fits, considering my dad works at a cracker company!
  • Rhiannon from Rhayader, WalesMy name is Rhiannon too, and my mother and her family are very involved in Welsh Mythology, so much that my grandfather still believes in the old ways.

    And as far as I know, my mother isn't a Fleetwod Mac fan, but then again, I can't know everything about my mother.
  • Dana from Cochran, MaI decided to type in Rhiannon, which btw is my daughter's name and found this sight. I am really glad to know that there are so many other people who have the name Rhiannon or have decided to name their daughters this beautiful name. I get alot of stares from people when I tell them her name, as people who can't pronounce her name. I never felt like this name was odd, but strangely enough, people where we live do. Glad to know there are some other people who have sense.
  • Melissa from Fresno, CaRHIANNON is the most beautiful name I have ever heard. And to be honest with you I never knew the legend or what the Fleetwood Mac song was saying. I really liked the song but did not know what it was called. When the DJ said the name, Rhiannon that was the first time I had ever heard the name and thought it was the most beautiful name ever!!! Shortly after that, I had just met my soulmate (at the time we were just friends) and we were listening to the radio and "Rhiannon" came on. I told him that if I ever had a daughter I would name her Rhiannon, because it was just a beautiful name. We never mentioned it again until......needless to say one year later our relationship grew more serious and we planned our first child. My husband told me he wanted to give me my first daughter, "RHIANNON" (wow, I didn't think he remembered what I said that night in 1997 when we heard the song together!). We have been married 9 years now and Rhiannon is 7 years old and even more BEAUTIFUL than her name!!! BTW,choosing a name has nothing to do with Religion!! It's just a beautiful name and we/she get compliments all of the time about it!! Rock on! signed, Rhiannon's momma
  • Rhiannon from San Jose, United StatesHi my name is Rhiannon too! My parents named me after the song. I love the name I get so much attention from it. It is so unique, know one even knows me by my last name. My nick name is Rhi Rhi too. This is so funny I had no clue all of you guys had the name Rhiannon too.
    Rhiannon, San Jose, Ca
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesJust to let you know, Rhiannon does not mean "Welsh witch", it is the Welsh word for "a maiden". It is a very common name here in Wales, and is derived from the Welsh name "Rhian", which means "A goddess" in Welsh (as is the Welsh name "Rhianedd" which means "fair maiden". Both names are Welsh equivalents of the boy's name "Ryan", a Hebrew name meanhing "a god". The name can also be spelled "Rhianon", but whichever format, it's a lovely name...
  • Rhiannon from Denver, CoMy name is Rhiannon also my mom named me Rhiannon because she liked this song and she likes the name because its not a common name where I live ..I like my name and my family mostly my mom, Dad Sister and mainly my grandma Dee Lynn who jsut recently past away so my name means the world to me and I would nevder change it ever if someone were to give me all the money i wanted i wouldnt change it FOR THE WORLD
    ---Rhiannon, Colorado
  • Rachel from Lexington, KyMy dad picked Rhiannon as my middle name. My dad told me it meant "eternal light" or something like that. It took me FOREVER to find a name book that even had RHIANNON in it! When I did it said Witch/Goddess. Once I saw a celtic necklace and the tag said "Rhiannon's Knot"... I couldn't afford it then, but I haven't been able to find it since... oh well. I like the Fleetwood Mac song... it always made me full of glee when I heard it, I'd stop someone and say "that's my middle name!!" and try to sing along.
  • Rhiannon from Nottingham, EnglandHello. Yes I too am also a Rhiannon partially after the song and partially to do with my Welsh heritage. Rhiannon was a goddess and a different Rhiannon was a princess. Rhiannon the name has many meanings some being: Wood nymph and white witch. Yes I too have had problems with people mispronouncing and misspelling my name. I do like the song but I actually prefer other Fleetwood Mac tracks since having to listen to someones rendition of "Rhiannon" at least every other week for 21 years! Finally no calling you child Rhiannon does not mean she will be a witch, she will want to be a witch or anything like that it is just a good Welsh Celtic name with meaning as do most other names. Rhiannon
  • Bobbie from Central, NmMy husband named our daughter Rhianon after this song. He dropped the middle "n" so her first middle amd last name had 7 letters in each name. I never thought that so many parents felt the same way about this song.
  • Rhiannon from Melbourne, AustraliaI was also named after this song. Since my mum was a teenager, she felt that there was a connection with her and the song - so she named me, her first daughter Rhainnon. It wasn't until my nan explained to my mum, that Rhiannon was a Welsh Goddess/Witch. It just happens that my nan was Welsh. Maybe, it was a calling of the blood.

    When Fleetwood Mac toured Australia a couple of years ago, my mum and her friend from High School bought front row tickets. Apparently, it was awesome and when Stevie Nicks sang Rhiannon, my mum said that those same shivers remained: that calling of the blood is still very much apparent.

    So that's how I got my name, Rhiannon.

  • Rhiannon from Moline, IlI am named after the song...I like the song, but why ,why,why do people feel the need to sing it or play it for me? It is a great song and I do like the history and the jewlery, take the time to read the legend.
  • Riana from Westbrook, CtHi my names Riana and omg theres no song "Riana"
  • Rhiannon from Sarver, PaRhiannon is actually a nickname for me....I am a big fan of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. So, Rhiannon is my all time favorite song...and because i play it so much my mom started calling me Rhiannon. But i thought that is was awesome to be named after a Celtic horse goddess...since i am Irish and own horses. i am a Christian and so i am not really to great at mythology but i did a paper on Irish people being converted to Christianity... and mentioned Rhiannon. Rhiannon also was my first song on the piano!
  • Rhiannon from Tulsa, Oki am 16 and my name is also Rhiannon. but i guess that i am a little different. i have 4 names.... 1 first, 2 middle, and 1 last. but thats not why i am different. i think i am different because i am Pagan, and i take offense to people saying that "there is only one god and that's JESUS." that may be YOUR god, but not mine. i may be the only one to have this opinion, but i hold true to my faith. your god is NOT my god. please do not make the mistake of thinking that! no threats intended. your god is your god. my goddess is my goddess. i am not a "devil-worshiper". do not percieve me as one. all i'm asking is for you to think of others before you go spouting off about JESUS.
    as for the song........ I LOVE IT!!!!! i love the stories behind Rhiannon as well. if y'all ever get the chance, go to Google.com and type in Rhiannon. if you're in to the mythical stuff, you'll like the stories.
  • Ayla from Kansas City, MoMy dad is way into Fleetwood Mac, so I grew up listening to them. I LOVE the name Rhiannon, but even more what it means. The whole goddess thing is awesome... as someone with a 'unique' name myself, I LOVE it and have always said I will always name my children something beautiful and special with a great meaning.I know how much it means to me to have my name.

    I was named Ayla after the books by Jean M. Auel and I would not change my name for anything in the world. It is so special to me because of it's meanings and the woman after which I was named. (the character Ayla is a kickass chick.)
  • Rhiannon from Dacula, GaAnother Rhiannon here. I just wanted to give a nod to the whole mispronounciation deal. Obviously, I'm not alone. If you are a Rhiannon, you should read the Mabinogion Trilogy to know the whole story when someone wants to know what your name means. Welsh witch is an easy answer, but it's good to have backup info. It makes me feel like I can "claim" the name more if I know all there is to know about the original Rhiannon. Then again I'm a control freak.
  • Rhiannon from Tulsa, OkThis is amazing!!!! I never knew there were so many Rhiannons. AWESOME! i happen to love the song, but i was actually named after the goddess. and BTW they were right earlier. cool it w/ the JESUS stuff!
  • Rhiannon from Bunurymy names Rhiannon aswell!!!People are always calling me riana it anoys the hell out of me!!!People are always asking me where my name is from and what it means and they always seem so happy after i tell them ,I love my name and i'm pround to be 1 of the millions in the world to be called it.peace oput and rock on ppl
  • Rick from Humboldt, Iathis song is incredible when performed live. the lyrics are quite a bit different though.
  • Rhiannon from BrisbaneWOW! This is so amazing I have never heard of so many people named Rhiannon and to be named after the same song. I also was named after the Fleetwood Mac song. Stevie Nicks is an absolute goddess!!!
    Rhiannon Brisbane Austraila
  • Xavier from Melbourne, Australia"Rhiannon is a beautiful sounding name, very lovely and lyrical. However, Luke you need to chill out about Tammy. Everybody has their own beliefs. But the truth is the truth. Christ is truth personified. Since He is the way the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father but through Him (His words, not another's about Him), His followers are bound to honor Him. And naming their children after Celtic, Roman, Hindu etc Gods or Goddesses can be a compromise in their walk with Him. Stevie Nicks has some very seductively beautiful music and lyrics and music. I listened to it often as a teenager, and I understand how compelling it is. But I no longer listen to it as a Christian, because for me I know in my heart that it is a compromise to my faith and makes me recall a time that I was far from God. Katrina, chicago, IL"..............heck, what cult took you in?
  • Rhii from Philadelphia, PaThis is so weird i knew that my name was different but i didn't know it had this much information to it....obviously my name is Rhiannon...its weird that I'm Welsh and my name came from like a welsh witch or goddess or something...well ok thats all i gotta say..
  • Casey from Emporia, KsI grew up listening to Stevie Nicks, my mom's in love with her and even looked just like her back in the 80's, over the years I've come to love Stevie myself. It's been about four years since I decided to name my daughter, should I ever have one, Rhiannon; it was either that or Sara, and that's to common. Well, now I have my own little baby Rhiannon born 7/9/2005, she's just six weeks old and well on her way to knowing Stevie. I think it's interesting how many times the rest of you have heard of other people with the same name, the closest i've ever encountered was a Reanna.

    Rhiannon's mom, Emporia, Ks.
  • Rhiannon from Edmond, OkWow this is amazing. I was named after the song also. Yeah people get my name wrong all the time so I have to sit there for 5 min saying it in slow motion for them to fianlly get it but then for them just to call me brianna or reanna 10 mins later. Well anywho cool song Im a witch who eats her kids........have fun with that
  • Melissa from Seattle, WaI LOVE the song Rhiannon, no lol my name isnt rhiannon but i love that name. This is my favorite song done live. i love the 79' video of her doing this song. man! she puts so much energy in this song as many others. My fav line is " dreams unwind loves a state of mind...your dreams unwind but still its hard to find.." man i love it. haha.. also not to be rude but what does religion have to do with any thing. rhiannon was a mythological figure yes she might have been a "witch". but she never hurt anyone and it is just a song and story so i dont know what everyone is freaking out about ....
  • Amber from Birdsboro, PaHi my name is Rhiannon. I think my name is very pretty. My friends call me Rhi Rhi. I had a great time reading about all of the other Rhiannon's around. Everybody calls me Brianna and I have to correct them. Want to know the funny part? My best friend in school is named Brianna. We were in the same class last year with another Brianna. So that was very confusing, 2 Briannas and 1 Rhiannon. I like my name and I already like Fleetwood Mac even though I am young. My mom named me after the song and she has let me listen to the CD since I was a baby. I love the song and I love my name. My little sister is jealous because she doesn't have a song about her name.
    -Rhiannon, Birdsboro, PA
  • Stephanie from Springfield, WvI have a 4 year old little girl whom i have named Rhiannon. I hope that my daughter will love the name and the meaning behind it as the girls on this board do. She already loves to hear the song!
  • Rhiannon from Woburn, MaI was actually named after this song as well. I mostly grew up with my mother (parents are divorced) and she had told me she named me after this song, but my father swore HE had come up with the idea from the song and had to convince my mother. She still has the cassette tape (although the sing is soo muffled when its played now) and she had told me that Rhiannon was a Welsh goddess/witch who was banished from the moon by the winds for treason of some sort. It was such a long time ago so in the past years I've looked into a lot and heard all different stories. I've actually met 5 or 6 Rhiannon's over the years at parties, (2 are in my hometown) sometimes guys who would introduce themselves to me and then say HEY! That's my ex-girlfriend's name! (then which I turn around and leave) it's weird. The WORST was working at Shaw's back in the day, E-V-E-R-Y single person in line would look at my name-tag and go, Rhiannon! You're parents must of been hippies, or hey - Stevie Nicks!, FLeetwood Mac right!? They would ALL ask if my parents got it from the song, (of course) and the people who didnt know it would ALWAYS mispell/missound it - every single one of my teachers throughout the years had no idea what my name truly was, it got so tiring i never corrected them..it took too long, lol. Most of the time thoguh, the people who dont know it always say, "THats such a beautiful name, where'd it come from? What nationality is it" Then I'd have to go into the fact that its Welsh but I'm Irish/Portuguese then theyd get confused when I'd say its a song..lol. Overall though, its nice to have something original. But I hate that I've met so many other Rhiannon's before or knew of them, it's wrong! It can get bad when having a bf too. All of my boyfriends have this test, once they claim their in love with me I test 'em. See if they can even SPELL my name correctly - it can be VERY funny, that's a way I can tell if a guy's truly intersted. I actually had this male roomate, my other roomate's bf and when he first met me he mentioned the song, he actually said he HAD it and LOVES the song! (surprised ME! he's not really the type) he had the cd in his car and played it. It's kinda always embarrassed me, especially since I'd be eating in Giovanni's and I'd notice it playing inthe backround or something. But my friend's never caught on, they say its hard to understand what Stevie Nicks is even repeating in the chorus..thank god, bc when i was younger i thought it was a little cheesey - my name being chanted in all. But i've defiantely embraced it, and it's distinguishable. Especially around town, even people who dont know u would know ABOUT you, can be a good OR bad situation ->(but then you cant get away with a lot, example: you cant blame ur party-going ways on another Danielle or Sarah or something) Your always in the spotlight kinda. : ) It's fun, I'm proud, I wish more people knew the story, a lot say the song represents me, my personality and the bio -> my life metaphorically. I think they're right : ) I think all Rhiannon's are like the song : ) In our own ways of course!!
  • Reannon from Milwaukee, WiMy name is Reannon. Spelt differently, but sounds like Rhiannon. My mom named me after the song, but wanted to ease the pain of misprounciation by changing the spelling...didn't help, but I still love the name!! I'm ALWAYS getting compliments!!
  • Timothy from Twinsburg, OkI named my daughter Rhiannon, but not for the song. In fact, I was going to name her "Rhiannedd" a name I got from a book of Welsh names. My wife, who is Filipina, loves the name but knew nobody would ever pronounce it correctly (in Welsh the "dd" is pronounced somewhat like the "th"). Rhiannon was another form of the name within the same entry. I loved the definition (witch/goddess). I ancient Wales witches were the healers and were respected.
    My daughter is a twin; her sister is Anyssa, which means "chaste." They are as different as night and day and their names fit them well!
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScY'all need to chill out about the Jesus stuff. I'm a Christian too, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't name my daughter Rhiannon. Wherher the god or goddess is mythical or not, christian or not, Rhiannnon is a beatiful name. Why does this have to be a religious debate.
  • Rhiannon from Summerville, GaHi, my name is Rhiannon too :) I love my name because it is so unique, but the only problem is that people mispronounce it ALL the time and it drives me crazy. I think it is so cool that my name has such an interesting history. I was named after the song bc my dad loves Stevie Nicks! I think my name is wonderful and plus I have a song that goes along with my name! How cool!
  • Rhiannon from Mesa, AzHere I am browsing the web for celtic designs and jewelry, and guess what I find? Amazing. I have thought to look up my name before and I haven't really come across anything until now. My parents are big fans of Fleetwood Mac and that's how I got my name. I grew up listening to 8 track tapes with my parents,of fleetwood mac music ( amoung others) so its no wonder they are my favorite artists. I own all of their music on cd. My dad still has the 8 track tape (ha ha). Always a hippie at heart I tell him. I always felt really special as a kid; no one else had my name, and I really loved my parents for that. So a big thanks to Stevie and Lindsey for this song, and its meaning (I always hoped as a kid that I would have magic powers because it was a "witches" name). Its really something special to be part of.
  • Chuck from San Francisco, CaI've read most of these comments and find them interesting. May I add another, different perspective? First of all, what little I've read of Irish mythology is a bit raw for me. Nowhere near as refined, as "civilized" as Greco-Roman mythology. Second, one of my favorite CD's is one of Irish legends by a group called Ceredwyn. My favorite song on that CD is the one called Rhiannon.

    The legend is this: In the hills above Arberth is a large rock in the shape of a chair. This is known as "the throne of Arberth" and local legend has it that if a person of noble birth sits on the throne, they will either see a wonder or suffer a terrible fate. One day, Pryll, Prince of Dyfed, sits on the throne. As if by magic, a woman appears, wearing a cloak of gold and riding a grey-white horse. She appears once a day for three days. None of even the fastest horses in the kingdom can catch her. On the third day, Pryll gives chase on his own horse. He too cannot catch her, but he calls out to her. Hearing his voice, she stops and reveals herself to be Rhiannon, Queen of the Otherworld, come to delcare her love for him.

    Note that Pryll has seen a wonder, and has perhaps suffered a terrible fate - to love Rhiannon. Most swords are two edged, are they not?

    The lyric to the song:

    The afternoon was clear
    Not a sight of the girl on the grey-white horse
    the sun was hot, the day was filled with charm
    the waiting was long before hearing the sound of the horse's hoof

    Wait for me, don't go ahead
    Wait for me, don't go ahead

    At last she's here
    her robe shining with gold
    her look so pretty, her magic all encompassing
    who are you? who are you?
    don't go ahead, wait for me
  • Rhiannon from Coral Springs , Flmy name is Rhiannon also! I was bored and looking to see if there was a music video for this song.. but now i know there isnt. I came across this website and i was shocked because i have never seen so many things that said my name at once. I love my name because no one has it and i agree with whoever said that they wish that I love my name but I hate that a lot of people can't spell or say it right. BEcause every time i have a new teacher it takes them like a month to jus remeber how to say it. My parents named me after this song because my mom was a HUGE fan when she was younger. I am very happy that my parents named me Rhiannon and not some other random name~!!
  • Rai from Plano, TxI'm also named after the song and the welsh goddess. Rai or Rai-chan is my nickname. But my parents told me that she was the goddess of birds not the moon. I would've been named Gabrielle if my parents didn't hear that song.
  • Mariel from Clearwater, Flalso, mick fleetwood claims to have been passing through the studios when he noticed a beautiful blonde playing the piano, talking about going to a park to record the sound of birds rising (the aforementioned "Birds Rising" demo version). i doubt that it's true, but it makes for a nice story - which in my opinion, his book IS a story, a work of fiction if you will.
    *AND* this is about the music, not about your religion! respectfully,
  • Mariel from Clearwater, Fli too wrote a college paper about Rhiannon for a medieval lit class about the Mabinogi. because Rhiannon was, as previously stated, a highly revered deity in Welsh mythology, many have assumed that nicks has connections to pagan religion. not true! she wrote the song after reading a book and knew nothing about the real legends tied to the name. she had already established her onstage presence, listing janis joplin and mable normand as a few of her influences - it had nothing to do with the occult. ps - in the 'Birds Rising' demo of the song, she softly asks "lindsey, don't you think that 'Rhiannon' is a beautiful name?" touching...
  • Rhiannon from Sandy Beach, AustraliaWOW my mother gave me the name Rhiannon because my dad heard it when he was driving a truck late one night, i never knew the story of the song or the real meaning behind it. I love this name BUT people out there really need to know how to say it right! all through most of my live teachers never could say it right, and my friends still joke about it all the name's i've had.
  • Beverly from Westerville, OhKatrina, you're the one who needs to chill out. Rhiannon is a beautiful name and I will either make that my name as soon as I legally can (I'm 17 now) or will make it my pen name (I'm a writer). There is no compromise to the Christian faith to name a child after a god or goddess that you don't believe in, because the name is about culture and tradition, not religion. Does anyone really even worship Rhiannon anymore? She was, I believe, a minor Celtic deity, after all. Rhiannon from Canada, I envy you, and I wish that my parents had given me your name (Beverly isn't even my real name, either). Maybe I just should have had different parents. *sigh*
  • Pete from Columbus, OhMy ex GF was named after the goddess from the myth, actually, which makes me want to ask: Does anybody know if somebody besides Fleetwood did this song? Because I want it in a compilation I'm doing, for the above stated reason, but Fleetwood just grates on my nerves.
  • Katrina from Chicago, IlRhiannon is a beautiful sounding name, very lovely and lyrical.

    However, Luke you need to chill out about Tammy. Everybody has their own beliefs. But the truth is the truth. Christ is truth personified. Since He is the way the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father but through Him (His words, not another's about Him), His followers are bound to honor Him. And naming their children after Celtic, Roman, Hindu etc Gods or Goddesses can be a compromise in their walk with Him.

    Stevie Nicks has some very seductively beautiful music and lyrics and music. I listened to it often as a teenager, and I understand how compelling it is. But I no longer listen to it as a Christian, because for me I know in my heart that it is a compromise to my faith and makes me recall a time that I was far from God.
  • Gemma from Dartford, EnglandHi, my mum asked me to research this song for her and I came across this site. She wanted to know whether the song was written about anything in particular- a personal experience of Nicks', of the legends of Rhiannon. My mum is Welsh (making me half-Welsh) and my middle name is Rhiannon. My mum knows the legends of Rhiannon and passed them on to me, but what she knew was very sketchy.
    Then, a couple of years ago, I was asked to write a dramatic monologue (a type of poem) for an English assignment on a legendary character. After much debating, I chose Rhiannon and in order to write the poem, I did a lot of research. What I found is that no-one is entirely sure on the legends of Rhiannon. She seems to come from Wales, but is mixed in with general Celtic mythology too. It's true that she married a Welsh Prince and her son was killed. She was thought to be the murderess, and she had to stay at the city gates and carry every visitor on her back to the castle, telling them her story as she went. This is the main Welsh legend about her- where she's both a goddess and a princess.
    However, she seems to be considered- in goddess terms- very highly. It appears that she's the equivalent of the Celtic Three-fold Mother Goddess. Rhiannon was beautiful and was prayed to for fertility etc, but also the Queen of the Underworld. Her stories appear in the medieval fable collection, The Mabinogion and she has powerful magical links with sacred kingship and beautiful birds, whose sweet song would soothe the living asleep and wake the dead. Everywhere you look, she seems to be the Goddess of something else. The Celtics remembered her as the Welsh Goddess of Horses. There's even a brand of celtic-based pendants and earrings based on the legends of Rhiannon (and named exactly that). And the children's nursery rhyme about the lady that rides on the white horse, bells on her fingers, rings on her toes (i forget what it's called) - that's about Rhiannon.
    Anywhoo, I just thought I'd try and shed some light on the subject here since everyone seemed to be highly confused... just throwing my two coppers in. :)
  • Rhiannon from Akron, Ohwell I've never met another rhiannon and Ilike that people tell how pretty my name is and Ireally like that to but I hate how people spell and say it wrong lov ya Mac thanks for my beautiful name
  • Jennifer from Fredericton, New Brunswick, CanadaRhiannon is such a pretty name...I'd love to have it, Jennifer is so plain and popular. Oh well. Rock on Stevie Nicks and the rest of Fleetwood Mac. I love this song
  • Rhiannon from Hubbard, OhI'm named after this song also. I've always loved Stevie Nicks and thought it was so cool that I was named after such a great song. I agree with the Rhiannon in Norwalk, I love the name but just wish that people could spell it and pronounce it right, my MIL still pronounces it wrong after being with her son for five years...LOL!
  • Bob from Boston, MaI'm not sure that calling Rhiannon a Celtic godess is exactly fair...she wasn't really a deity but more of a fairy/mystical being. I mean, I'm fairly sure she wasn't worshipped or anything like that.
  • Rhiannon from Norwalk, CtMy mother is a big Fleetwood Mac fan. So, when she had a daughter, me, she gave her the name Rhiannon. I've heard of many meaning for my name and I love them all. And I've heard of 2 goddess' named Rhiannon, one is the goddess of horses and the other is the Celtic Wind goddess. I love my name but I hate that a lot of people can't spell or say it right. Go listen to Fleetwood Mac people!!
  • Caitlin from Edinburgh, ScotlandCaitlin from Salisbury, you have a lovely name! It's not my real name but I use it a lot on iternet forums.
    When I was pregnant I was sure I was going to have a daughter and wanted to call her Caitlin or Rhiannon. Can't really use either of them for a boy.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandTammy, why did you come on here just to push your beliefs onto us?

    The name Rhiannon isn't just the name of a Goddess, it's a Welsh name, you could have just said you didn't know the origins of the name, you had to shout about your beloved (but never seen) Jesus
  • Caitlin from Sailsbury, Ncmy dad wanted to name me Rhiannon but my mom wanted the irish thing for me so now im caitlin i would kill for that name
  • Pete from Marion, NcIn 75 on our first date, I had just bought the new tape of Fleetwood Mac with Rhiannon on it. While it played and my date and I listened we both thought that it was a most beautiful and soulfull song. Now almost 27 years of marriage later we will still stop and remember what a special song it still is, and love it still just as much as then. "Rock on My Dear Stevie"......
    a fan till the end: P. Garaventa, NC,USA
  • Mandy from N/a, MaI loved this song before I even knew its name--and even after I knew the name, I didn't realize it was this song. I only put the two and two together when my mother informed me she almost named me Reanna.. Weird little thing no one will ever have to know.
  • Tammy from Auckland, New ZealandI have always been a great fan of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks, so much so that I named my daughter Rhiannon. However, I had no idea of it's real meaning and being an on-fire christian, am a bit blown away at discovering I've named my child after a so called goddess. Not to worry, I still love it and know that there is only one true God. JESUS!!!

    Tammy Foulstone.
    Auckland, NZ.
  • Joe from Seattle, WaI absolutely LOVE THIS SONG! It is my favorite Fleetwood Mac song. It's also the first Mac song I've ever heard in my life. Rock on Mac!
  • Cassandra from Tacoma, WaI've always considered this to be one of the most beautifully written songs of all time. Stevie Nicks has a way of making it sound completely enchanting -- I doubt any other artist could lend such depth to this song.
  • Rhiannon from Sault Ste. Marie, CanadaWell i am actually named after this song, and my mother just recently told me that my name means Welsh witch so thats always awesome to know... Plus i am only 16 so i'm not into that stuff
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