Hunnid Stax

Album: These Days (2014)


  • Produced by Kenny Beats, this Hip-Hop banger finds Ab-Soul boasting how much he enjoys living in luxury. The song features Ab-Soul's fellow Top Dog Entertainment member Schoolboy Q, whilst an uncredited Mac Miller croons the hook.
  • At the end of the song the beat cuts out, and Diddy enters to spit a few acapella lines. "I met Diddy through Q," Ab-Soul told MTV News. "You know, Q calls himself Puffy, as well. After we exchanged numbers, he just kind of really just became a lot like a mentor to me. So it was just real profound to me to try to get Puffy and Puffy on the same song."
  • One of Diddy's lines, "What, it ain't no more to it," replicates a phrase Biggie boasted on "B.I.G. Interlude." from Life After Death. "That was super profound," said Ab-Soul, "to have Puffy do that for me, to make that reference."
  • Diddy's contribution was a late addition. "It was one of my last little ideas, which was the cause for the wait," Ab-Soul said. "I turned it in at the top of the year, but, you know, it was a company decision to go back in and tighten it up and expound on it as best as I could, and just make it a masterpiece."
  • The beginning of the outro ("So before we go out, what's your address?") is a sample from Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem."


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