Big Balls

Album: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976)
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  • The title is a sexual play on words. The lyrics describe a cocktail ball, but there is obviously a double meaning.
  • AC/DC takes the music much more seriously than the lyrics to most of their songs. They often rattle off humorous lyrics so as not to be taken too seriously. Chuck Berry is a major influence on their lyrical style. He wrote many songs with highly suggestive lyrics, but presented them in a comical way so they did not seem offensive (see "My Ding-a-Ling").
  • Radio stations sometimes play the song together with "Rocker" because it's right after this on the album and the song starts up right away. Radio DJs just let the next song play since both the songs are short. >>
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    Nick - Paramus, NJ
  • An AC/DC tribute band from Norway and another from Texas are called Big Balls. >>
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    Brett - Edmonton, Canada
  • This is referenced in Stephen King's 2013 novel Doctor Sleep, a sequel to his 1977 novel The Shining. It was a favorite song of 12-year-old Bradley Trevor and his best friend, Al, who got a kick out of the naughty lyrics. That's not King's only connection to AC/DC: In 1986, the band released Who Made Who as the soundtrack album to King's self-directed horror-comedy flick, Maximum Overdrive. Their 2000 track "Stiff Upper Lip" also prefaces the author's 2015 short-story collection, The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams.

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  • Anonymous from UsaThe end is ball sucker
  • Rawson from Bronx, Ny I always thought they were saying either, " Ball suckin' " (or sucking) OR " Ball suckers".... Lol????
  • Well Well Well from Usa Well the song definitely sounds different than other AC/DC ones
  • Beau Dagget from UranusI've always heard "floor dragging" chanted at the outro. Which I thought was a clever double entendre. Guess I was wrong
  • Steve from MissouriChuck Berry made "My Dingaling' famous, but it was written by New Orleans legend Dave Bartholomew.
  • Robynne from Warwick, Ri UsaThe majority of lyric sites I have looked at agree that they're chanting "bollocks!, knackers!. bollocks!, knackers!" at the end of the song. After listening to it again - I agree. It is bollocks knackers over and over.
  • Brian from Riverside,ca UsaTo me it's always sounded like they repeat the name "Forrest Tucker" (an American actor) at the end. As odd as that sounds, that's just the way I've always heard it!
  • Guy from UsaMarissa from Akron, the guitar riff is the same as Phantom of the Opera. It moves chromatically down and back up.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjThey weren't "trying to be glam rock" when they made this song, it's just a goofy song, with goofy lyrics. The lyrics wouldn't work if it was a hard-rocking song.
  • Michael from Santa Cruz, CaHeard this song on The Dr. Demento Show back in 1980.One of the funniest & rockin'est songs ever!.I miss Bon Scott!
  • Clarese from Cooma, Australiamy brother got the cd for xmas but what i dont understand is why did they change the cover the old one is and was the best
  • Clarese from Cooma, Australiawell i went onto lyrics mania and it says they say bollacks knackers bollacks knackers e.t.c
  • Lily from Los Angeles, Caalthough Bon was a drummer, just not for AC/DC.
  • Aaraon from Dallas, TxI've always been under the impression that at the end, they're singing, "Bollocks, knackers" over 'n' over.
  • Adeline from Santa Clara, Ca"The social pages say I've got the biggest balls of all"

    Absolute gold right there.

  • Serra from Santa Fe, NmUmmm....I've always though that the ending chorus was "BALL SUCKIN'...BALL SUCKIN'...BALL SUCKIN'," but I've also been told that I have a wonderfully filthy mind.
  • Karen from Manchester, NhThe first time I heard this song, it was on a Christmas compilation (that's COMMMM-pilation), and it was introduced as "Jingle Ball". After I picked my jaw off the floor, I laughed like crazy. Gotta love flat-out innuendo.
  • Luke from Dayton, OhMy fav. line, 'And I'm just itchin to tell you about them!'
  • Tom from Buffalo, NyI think at the end they yell "Boomshaka, Boomshaka!" that's what it sounds like to me.
  • Cyberpope from Richmond, CanadaThe other meaning for "big balls" is "great bravery"
  • Saff from Melbourne, AustraliaWell I must say that I always hear something along the lines of 'Balls, Bollocks' repeated and repeated. But I am not 100% sure or anything, that's just what I always hear...
  • James from Ottawa, OnCan anyone tell me what they sing at the end? I have heard it is BACK AND FORTH BACK AND FORTH... but other sites claim other lyrics. Anyone have definitive answers?
  • Dekkun from Anonymous-ville, HiThe innuendos are amazing, it's perfect. ^_^ It kind of scared me when my AP teacher had it memorized, but I had to remind myself he was 14 when it came out.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InYeah, this is juvenile, obvious, and nasty.
    And I LOVE it!
    And that opening ascending/descending guitar riff...
    When I was still in high school, we would pantomime with our arms hung down, our hands in fists, banging them against each other in rhythm to that riff, as if our fists were, well, balls.
    AC/DC have always been about good rather naughty fun, and this is one of many of their songs that step well beyond the definition of suggestive, instead charging directly into offensive.
    I also get a huge kick out of Bon's exaggerated his Aussie accent to the utmost.
    I always liked that vocal sneer he used on all of his songs, even on the much mellower "Ride On."
  • Marissa from Akron, OhThe way the opening riff goes down and up and down kind of reminds me of the music from Phantom of the Opera.
  • G from Potomac, Md"My balls are always bouncing to the left and to the right. It's my belief that my big balls should be held every night."
    Now that is damn funny. I can't listen to this song with a straight face.
  • David from Mayagüez, Puerto RicoBon's accent while reciting the lyrics is great on this one!
  • Austin from Seminole, FlThis is a very strange song. I like it!
  • Bess from San Diego, CaThis is probably my worst guilty pleasure. Makes me crack up every time I hear it. Then it'll get stuck in my head for the rest of the day and I'm singing it under my breath . . . "What the heck are you singing?" Don't ask!

    Love ya, Bon!
  • Charles from Somewhere In, Bosnia And HerzegovinaBUT WE'VE GOT THE BIGGEST BALLS OF THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Musicmama from New York, NyThe lord of the manor was really the Cook from South Park. He served Salty Chocolate Balls at his big balls. Lemme tell ya, that takes...
  • Selina from Perth, AustraliaThis was Bon at his song-lyric-writing best so far (1976) with his double meanings and play on words- just like The Jack- though the live version, not the studio version.
    Both dirty and right out with it!
    Love this song- freaking genius!!
    He was never afraid to show us his Big Balls
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandBalls can mean either a. "a round plaything", b. testicles, or c. a party... In this instance "big balls" is written through the eys of a lord of the manor who holds huge parties for his friends ("he's got big balls, they';ve got big balls but I've got the biggest balls of them all") and they wrote it with innuendo in mind
  • Tony from Escondido, Cahold up. Bon Scott was their chauffeur first. not their drummer.
  • Ken Morrison from San Antonio, TxI have been listening to AC/DC for many years. They are the greatest group,ever.i liked them even with dave evans(their first singer)I have been doing my research on AC/DC,I've learned that Bon Scott was their first drummer,then he picked up on their wanting to find another sin-ger,I even learned that George Young,was their first bass player,thank you AC/DC.
  • Shannan from Wilmington, DeI love this song. It is so funny. Bon Scott was soooo cool. AC/DC forever!!!
  • Voodoocat from Zimbabwe, United StatesThis is such a fun song; first time I heard it was at my mom's work (was listening to it on the radio). I had the radio up pretty loud, and when I figured out what it was about, I practically snapped my neck rushing to the radio to turn the sound down...Lol.
  • Devon from Westerville, OhThis song is pretty funny. Also Bob Rivers did a version about Randy Johnson.
  • Phil from Niagara Falls, Canadaa classic novelty song! hilarious :D
  • Ac/dc_misfit from Millmerran, AustraliaThough it is funny, I mean look at the title, the gang shouting chorus makes this a great song, but AC/DC's harder material is much better. I mean this is not hard. This is when AC/DC were trying to be a glam rock band. Anyways AC/DC rock!
  • Billy from Boston, MaThis is a hilarious song. There is an obvious ballrom context to this song but the blend of high-class snobbiness and vulgarity is what makes it so amusing. Kudos to AC/DC for singing about their unmentionables. In their early days in Australia the Sydney tabloids annointed them the title of the dirtiest band in town.
  • Jerry from Boston, MaMy High school tennis teem seriously considered using this for our highlights clip in the school vidio yearbook, however someone higher up nipped it in the bud
  • Andrew from Raleigh, NcI find this song to be incredibly addictive. I must listen to it everyday or I would probably drop dead.
  • Stephen from Steamboat, CoThis is hardly a Pointless song. it includes the ideas of Drugs, Parties and Sex. The three pillars of AC/DC all in one song. Come on guys. Listen to the song. The literall: Party, or get smashed. The Subliterall: Sex. The Biliterall: Drugs, most likely dope or speed. These were what they sing about all the time.
  • Andrew from TorontoWhy does almost every comment I read on this site have people either talking about what the 'meaning' of the lyrics are or how high or what drugs they were on when they wrote or recorded it,just enjoy the f**ckn music man,that's what it's all about.People read too much into things,especially Americans.P.S.-AC/DC were probably drinking either tea or alcohol,they are a drinking band.
  • Matt from Millbrae, Cauh satires are supposed to be clever and hard to notice...this is just an all-out mockery. You would have to be incredibly stupid not to get the references here.
  • Vijay from New Delhi, IndiaOne of the best satires i have ever heard........
    My apologies to Britons but its a comment upon their snobbish attitude.......Scott is jus a genius at wat he has done here (Remember Stiff upper lip)another one of his satires...
  • Kelly from Los Angeles, Cain college we had this friend who would only listen to hip-hop and we were trying to get him to appreciate rock too. we had no success until we played this song and he about died laughing. and he liked the music! so i'll always remember this song.
  • Josh from Las Vegas, Nvwish I went to that school. everyone's emo here :(
  • Cyd from Sin City, Finlandits a fun piece of song and playin' with lyrics but its not really a seriously one of the best anyway.
  • Ben from Perth, CanadaThis is an awesome song the way that they manage to take such a comical song and make it seem so serious with the music, it is almost convincing in the way that Ronald (Bon) Scott talks that he is a high class gentleman that likes attending "balls". But after a few seconds you catch on and you just gut yourself. By the way Jester that sounds like an awesome school. Im sure I'd fit in well there AC/DC is my #1. ROCK ON!!!!!
  • Jester from Folsom, CaAC/DC rocks inside out side and out loud. every one at my school is an AC/DC fan. if you say that they suck or you wished that they would die then you jumped after school or you get the S*#t beat out of you.

    - Jester
  • Lulu from Cardiff, Caoooh... balls, haha who ever said this was a guilty pleasure is , how you say, ..... different , this song isn't only "pleasureable", it is a great song, even if it was written about a horny 13 year old.
  • Gerald from Stockton, CaThis song was a guilty pleasure of mine back when I was 11. My neighbor used to play it for me, and I thought it was about the male anatomy.
  • Bob from La, Englandbon scott's wife asked him to dedicate a song after her. So he wrote "She's got Balls", then she divorced him. i know its not this song i just though yall would like to know
  • Shana from Pembroke, Canadalol this song is great!!!! omg so funny and pointless. I heard that they were totally high when the wrote it AND recorded it.
  • Joe from Denver, Cofirst song i ever heard by them love it
  • Paul from Concord, Nhfunny song. riff kinda reminds me of "stand by me"
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