She's Got Balls

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  • In Paul Stenning's book AC/DC: Two Sides to Every Glory: The Complete Biography, the story behind this song is revealed. Bon Scott joined the band in September 1974, and at some point his wife complained he'd never written a song about her; lead guitarist Angus Young said: "So he wrote She's Got Balls and she left him!"

    Though this tongue-in-cheek riposte was typical of Scott and was undoubtedly true, his biographer Clinton Walker paints a slightly different picture in his book Highway to Hell: The Life and Death of AC/DC Legend Bon Scott. Bon married Irene Thornton in January 1972. They traveled to the UK with his then band Fraternity where they spent a disastrous 18 months before splitting up and making their way back to Adelaide piecemeal. Bon and Irene's marriage had been strained by this, and shortly after he arrived back home he was involved in a shocking road crash after riding off drunk on his motorbike. He spent three days in a coma before making a miraculous recovery; although Irene stood by him in his darkest hour, his behavior had effectively ended their marriage by the time he auditioned for the Young brothers, though they remained friends after their divorce. >>
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  • AC/DC didn't have a permanent drummer when they recorded the High Voltage album, so they borrowed Tony Currenti from the band The 69ers for most of the songs. On "She's Got Ball," their live drummer Peter Clack played on the recording.
  • According to Mojo magazine, Bon Scott wrote the lyrics in a drunken state. He said in an interview at the time: "When I listen to it back the next morning, I think, hey, did I say that? Did I think that? But out of it you can usually get some pretty good stuff. I'd play it to my mum and if she said, 'That's not very nice.' I'd keep it."
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Comments: 8

  • Kent from Arena, WiIt is the best song ever.
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaYep, I knew there was something about you MusicMama...
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaOh yeah, she's got balls alright, trust me, it's a compliment over if you see a chick thats like tough or watever it's like "yeah mate, she's got balls"
  • Bess from San Diego, CaSurely Irene knew what she was getting into . . . Depends on the kind of woman she was, I guess. I know plenty of girls who wouldn't have appreciated this kind of songs, but I know some who would! (Not me, though.)

    Women certainly need to be tough, though.

    We miss you, Bon!
  • Chris from Paso Robles, CaBon is a bad A$$, hope he's rock'n no matter where he is.
  • Musicmama from New York, NyIt takes balls to be a woman. I know, because I'm one now, after being a boy and a man. Great song!
  • Andrew from Bartlett, TnI don't like that she left Bon.
  • Selina from Perth, AustraliaBon wrote it about his ex-wife Irene...great song, why was she offended??HAHA...i wouldnt've minded :P
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