Scream of the Butterfly

Album: When The Kite String Pops (1994)


  • The lyrics are expressing lead singer Dax Riggs' interpretation of love. >>
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    Kelsey - Evansville, IN
  • The phrase "Scream of the Butterfly" is from the song "When The Music's Over" by The Doors, lyrics by Jim Morrison.
  • Scream Of The Butterfly was the name of a 1965 B-Movie about murder and sex. It was written by Alan J. Smith and Howard Veit and directed by Eber Lobato. >>
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  • Alexis from No WhereThe real story behind this song is a twisted one. It's about the lead singers sister. She was reaped and she went to her brother about it. In the end they decided to have a home abortion. Hints "she smells like a child with flowers in her hair with blood on her hands"
  • Paula from Brasov, RomaniaI think ''when you get there will you kiss the dead for me?'' means something like... to say hello to the dead. Also kissing is something you do with persons that are really close to you. So when she gets to the dead, when she will be like them, she has to say hello to one that the speaker knew very good before. This makes me think that the speaker may have something to do with her baby. I guess... That's what came into my mind.
  • Jared from Lafayette, LaMany of you are right about the topic of abortion but one line "rabbit howls like something out of her twisted lullaby" Truddi Chase was the author of the book When Rabbit Howls (1987), an autobiography about her experiences after being diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. In her autobiography and in numerous interviews, Chase wrote that she was repeatedly and violently sexually and physically abused by her stepfather and beaten and neglected by her mother during her childhood and teenage years. In 1990, the autobiography was made into a two-part ABC miniseries, retitled "Voices Within: The Lives of Truddi Chase."
  • Amy from Springdale, Ari think it means that she had got pg by a guy older then her and they disapproved of it all and her parents made her get an abortion, she turned to heroin to try to cover her pain she tried to hide it but know matter where or what she did, it got to much for her, all she could hear was the scream of her baby and how they made her kill it and so finally she lost it and killed her parents
  • Knight from Rosenberg,I love the music in this song and the Jim Morrison like tone that Dax carries is incredible. I can't contest with the interpretations here, especially Christopher's. I've had so many visions to this song and the opening line...a creature made of sunshine her eyes will light the cracks it wide open with imagination.
  • Fj from Huntsville, AlTo me this songs a combination of things,It seems to tell of a love sory about a beautiful woman who is considered a god by some, struggling against the world and her fate.The song appears to have a underlying theme about the godess in blue having a heroin addiction and trying to cope.

    "the still born songs of a dead dreamer,yeah the hymns of a needle freak."

    also "she likes it when she gets it but it's never felt the same."

    She may have been raped as the song implies and turned to heroin to get through it all.This girl may have some other flaws like murder'there's blood on the bath tub baby murder the king.'

    The song resolves it self in the end "I met an angel with a sawed off shot-gun she was wanted by the fbi,dropped some acid killed our parents and then we hit the road"
  • Christopher from Natchitoches, LaThe song is about abortion "Scream of the Butterfly"refers to the defenseless unborn fetus'silent death cry.The mother can feel it die inside her and has begun to regret and lement her action.She knows her decsision has scarred her forever,making her feel like a murderer.She knows she'll never experiance the same level of joy she once had before the abortion."Sunshine in the house of flames.She loves it when she gets it but it's never felt the same"means she struggles to find happiness amongst the weight of such a heavy conscience.
  • Edward from Portland, MeThe phrase "Scream of the Butterfly" is from the song "When the Music's Over" by the door, lyrics by Jim Morrison.
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