Album: For Your Entertainment (2009)
  • This song was written by Lady Gaga together with producer Jeff Bhasker for Lambert. However the Poker Face singer did not sing on this piece of carnival pop.
  • On his Twitter, Lambert revealed that Gaga came with music she'd crafted specifically for him. "Gaga wrote the song a while ago and she thought it would be a good fit for me. It's a solo track. I feel so honored and lucky to be asked," Lambert tweeted. "GaGa just gets it, ya know?"
  • Lady Gaga told Dallas radio station Kiss 106.1 about how this collaboration came about. "I worked with Adam. I think it was last week," Gaga said. "They called me. They asked me to write for him. I was actually like, 'Geez, I got this record that I wrote a while ago.' It's, like, a total hit, smash record, but for some reason, I couldn't get it right with me doing it, and I said, 'Gosh, it would be perfect for him.'"
  • Lambert revealed to MTV News that while recording the song with Gaga and Jeff Bhasker, there was a party atmosphere and alcohol was consumed: "There might have been some libations passed around, maybe," he laughed. "That's real rock and roll."

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  • Hannah from Gustavus, OhTo put it quite simply, this song is about sexual passion. The "fever" can be taken to be this passion, or its physical manifestation - an erection. It should also be noted that toward the end of the song there is a line that says "I got this fever I can't sweat out," which could well be a reference to Panic! At The Disco's debut album, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out.
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