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  • Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry wrote this song and also shared lead vocals with Steven Tyler - Perry's first lead vocal on an Aerosmith recording. He says the song is about "heroin, cocaine and me." With money coming in thanks to the band's newfound success, Perry could afford luxuries like designer suits, and could also take as many drugs as he could handle, which was quite dangerous. The band was still going strong despite their addictions, but Perry's mother couldn't stand the sight of her emaciated son and moved to Arizona.

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  • Somebody from Somewhere Joe Perry is definitely not singing lead vocal. Some harmony. Love Joe but he ain’t singing lead.
  • Mike Pellegrini from BiloxiGreat song and genius lyrics! Gotta love the Aerosmith gang! Still rocking hard!
  • Christopher from Albuquerque, NmThere's a lyric in the song "Walking on Gucci, wearing Yves St. Laurant, barely stay on 'cause I'm so goddam gaunt". Great lyrics, fantastic song, and Joey Kramer's drum work at the end is everything I love about Hard Rock.
  • Tom from Blaine, MnUnderrated?? It's consistently cited as Aerosmith's best album, or possibly second best right after "Toys In The Attic". No, it didn't have big hits on it, but I think most respectable rock music fans recognize this as one of their top shelf albums. As for the song, I always thought it sounded like Aerosmith doing The Police several years before anyone knew who The Police were.
  • Homer from Springfield, KyYeah, This is a great song.
  • Markus from La, CaActually this is sung by Joe and Steven.
  • Ozzi from Brookhaven, Pawhat a great song from an awesome underrated album. the Album 'rocks' by aerosmith is so underrated and one of the best even though it doesnt have many hits
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