Album: Just Push Play (2001)
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  • People become jaded when they are bored or annoyed, often because they are overindulged and take things for granted. The girl in the song is given everything, which denies her the chance to really feel and experience life.
  • According to lead singer Steven Tyler, he wrote this song while thinking of his youngest daughter, and how he missed much of her childhood because he was touring. He feels he jaded her and himself by not being available due to band commitments or drug problems. >>
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  • Tyler stuttered his vocal like Roger Daltrey did on The Who's "My Generation."
  • Steven Tyler and Joe Perry wrote this song and produced it. Just Push Play was the first album they produced themselves.
  • The Tower of Power horn section played on the album, but were buried in the mix. Emilio Castillo, who is a founding member of Tower of Power, told Songfacts: "Aerosmith hired Tower of Power horns after years and years of wanting us to play on their records. They finally decided to do it and Joey Kramer called me up and they said they had their own arranger and I explained to Joey, 'I'm not sure who this guy is but I need to tell you something: When people use their own arrangers, a lot of times it doesn't come out sounding like Tower of Power horns. If you want the real sound you should use our arranger.' He says, 'Yeah, well, this guy's a good friend, he's very talented, he's done some arrangements for Barbra Streisand.' And I said, 'Well, obviously it's your choice, we'll come in and play his arrangements.' He says, 'How about this, if at any time during the session you feel that the arrangement is not Tower of Power worthy, you just tell us - we'll call the session, reschedule, hire your horn arranger and redo it.'

    So I fly into LA, we go to one of the top studios in LA where Steely Dan recorded their famous records and here's this guy, he's a nice guy, and he's a good musician but he's not really a horn arranger. Basically, he wrote a lot of guitar parts for the horns. So, the bottom line is when the record came out, you can't even hear the horns on the record and the reason for that is Aerosmith is a guitar band, so what are you going to mix? Are you going to mix the guitars down so you can hear the horns or are you going to mix the guitars up? Obviously you're going to mix the guitars up. I certainly wasn't going to say, 'Look, it's not sounding the way it should sound,' because we're there, they've got a big Indian food spread out there, they're spending a lot of money and they all think it's fabulous. I couldn't say anything, I wasn't going to stop the session. But the next time they call me, I will insist they use our arranger and I will tell them why."
  • Aerosmith performed this at halftime of the 2001 Super Bowl. They also played "Walk This Way," with 'N Sync, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, and Nelly singing with them.
  • This was the first single from Just Push Play, which was released the year Aerosmith was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Tyler (from Q magazine): "When I hit on the melody for 'Jaded,' it was so phenomenal that for a while I was scared to do anything more with it. I didn't even tell the band."
  • Aerosmith performed this on Saturday Night Live in 2001, two days before they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Aerosmith recorded this at Joe Perry's house, where he has a studio called The Boneyard.
  • This won a Nickelodeon Teen Choice Award in 2001. It was presented to the band by Britney Spears, who sang with Aerosmith at the Super Bowl on "Walk This Way."
  • Tina Yothers, who played Jennifer Keaton on Family Ties, had a band at the time called Jaded.
  • A teenaged and unknown Mila Kunis was in the video. She would later star in That '70s Show and the movie Black Swan.
  • "Jaded" proved to be Aerosmith's last big hit. Over the next decade, they released a blues-covers album called Honkin' on Bobo and suffered some setbacks because of band tensions and Steven Tyler's medical problems - he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2002.

    In 2011, interest in the band was renewed when Tyler became a judge on American Idol, and the following year they released the album Music from Another Dimension!
  • Tyler wrote this with Marti Frederiksen, who has worked with Aerosmith since the mid-1990s. "That song was my first pop hit," Frederiksen recalled to The Boombox. "I don't know what happened that day, but it all came to me and Steven in a few hours. We were at his house and I remember he was on the phone. Anyway, I started playing the main riff and singing the melody. I didn't have the word 'jaded' yet -- that was his thing. But what I really thought was genius was the stutter when he sings, 'ja-ja-ja-jaded.' Steven came up with that."

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  • M. Mumphrey from SocalYou’re all so wrong. Tyler and Perry were Gods. Gods. “Train kepta rollin” is the Word of God. It is what you should remember on your deathbed. It is genius. It is so genius, it hurts in your bones when Joe crunches that walking blues riff. Good God. I lived when Aerosmith showed the world that they are Gods. I listened to FM radio when geniuses recorded, and then reheard them digitally. I’ve lived a good life. I love all of you. Goodnight.
  • Rick from Brooklyn, Ny, NyThe guy Victor Conte who is central to the Barry Bonds/Balco/steroid scandal was in Tower of Power.
  • Steven from Gibsonia , PaMila Kunis is in this video.
  • Katie from Reno, NvFord from Winchester and Hutchman from New Hampshire, please, share what you're smoking. Did either of you actually watch the video? It's a girl, with people who do everything for her... the steam on the mirror asks what she wants and she says to feel... in the end she tries to escape from all the people doing everything for her..... but it's about an older man seducing his ex-lover's daughter..? o.O That's like thinking Pink is about salmon... It's about Liv. Tyler didn't even tell her he was her daddy until she was eight. EIGHT. He probably spolied her and then she started to feel nothing, become jaded. Now she's a great actress and her and Tyler have a good relationship. But this song about seduction? -.- wow
  • Jane from Austin, Txthey REALLY sold out when they played the SuperBowel (not a typo) half-time show. It's the equivalent of starring on The Love Boat or Fantasy Island (for the young people, research it).
  • Rodrigo from Somewhere In, --Man this IS NOT an Aerosmith song. I love their 70s stuff not this piece of crap.
  • Andrea from James Town, Australiai think its about him feeling jaded about this girl and the girl doesnt want him but she knows he wants her so she turns jaded because she didnt wanna hurt his feelings. and he's actually afraid of her....
  • Chelsea from Wichita, KsI think it's so stupid how people said they sold out with this one,so what if they did,I still love this song and it HAS to be one of their more recent bests.
  • Holly from Fitchburg, Maits about a little girl whos favorite band is aerosmith, shes from new england too afterall and can remember when they were just getting started and were only played on wbcn in boston. Because her best friends older sister was a huge fan, she heard all thier songs. this girl has 3 older brothers and she is the last child in her family. She dances ballet and tap because her mother forces her because mom wears the pants in the family and it was her childhood dream to dance ballet but because of poverty couldn't so she makes her daughter do it for vicarious fufillment of her dreams. this girl gets her oldest brother who is a rock guitarist to bring her to her first concert, the centrum in worcester ma. and steven tyler is so screwed up on drugs that they only do like 3 songs and he has to be carried off stage. so shes very disappointed thats how she gets jaded, no more favorite band for this girl.
  • Hutchman from Canterbury, Nh"Time goes by my friends I keep think'in bout you, all the good times we had, you know I'm wild I got to keep myself free, jaded e'm pink down Lake Sunapee!"
    Opening lyrics from the song "Alternate Endings"
    by the Hutchman!
  • Hutchman from Canterbury, NhFord, from Winchester you nailed it. I am the jaded one and underground song writer whom inspired Aerosmith with Jaded. It is in fact the story of a very young man (me) having an affair with an older women, then meeting the daughter and falling in love with her. Girls don't like it when you been with their Mom, so Jaded love as it were,ja-Jaded
    My my baby blue thats what I used to call her
    baby blue and we bought a baby blue Ford pickup we used to do it in all the time, so hence My My Baby Blue your so jaded and I'm the one who jaded you. Adlibed at boneyard studios New London New Hampshire. "We'll Slip into the velvet glove" provided by Rick the studio guy.
    So their you all have it. The low down on Jaded I will be back to talk about Just Push what? yeah! cause their gona do it anyway!
    Hutchman Canterbury, New Hampshire
  • Gordon from Lake Havasu City, AzI won't lie, at first I didn't care much for Jaded. I mean I love all things Aerosmith, but it just seemed too poppy and corny and the the video was played on tv like 50 times a day. But that only allowed the song to grow on me and now I love it. The janglin guitars, cool lyrics and awesome video got to me. And besides that, the girl in the video is absolutely gorgeous!!! Probably my favorite girl in all of their videos.
  • Clarissa from Dallas, TxI heard that this was about steven tyler's daughter. BUt i'm not sure
  • Lykaios from A Place, VaOkay...uhm Jaded means "bored: no longer interested in something, often because of having been overexposed to it." OR "Tired: exhausted, especially through overwork." It seems a little more like a "love" song than what it does anything else. -shrugs-
  • Ryan from Poplar Bluff, Moi agree with ford from winchester an old guy seduced a young girl and slept with her then started dating her mom i love this song
  • Mark from Los Angeles, CaBreet from Canada: "Jaded" does not mean arrogant. It means dulled by experience.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaMila Kunis was also Meg on Family Guy. I agree with tyeisha from bucharest, Romania. I never thought of it that way, but it makes so much sense. Aerosmith kinda grew Poppy (Music style) and got people to write hits because they were Jaded with having a great life. They don't want this generation to be the same
  • Billy from Boston, MaThis is a more pop like modern Aerosmith anthem. They should have stuck with classic Rock. Love In An Elavator from Aerosmith's album Pump is awesome.
  • Carolyn from Newcastle, EnglandI thought this song was about his daughter and how he had totally shadowded her from everything in the world and never let her see anything from anybodys else perspective and also about his realisation that this is what he was doing to his daughter
  • Mike from Fredericton, CanadaThe chick on the video was Mila Kunis, aka Jackie from "That 70s Show."
  • Adriana from Monterrey, MexicoI really think he wrote this song for Chelsea, his teenage daughter

    DieHard Aero Fan
  • Tyeisha from Bucharest, Romaniahey...i always thought this song was about this generation..or at least some part of it...it seems to me like he's saying "yeah, y'all so jaded" . and the "i'm the one that jaded you", it just sounds cool, no hidden meaning or something..oh, and jaded means...dulled...or exhausted...
  • Prada from Brooklyn, NyJaded is about a girl who see's everything in one way. She never looked outside of herself and looked at other peoples perspective. She probably never even had a taste of the real world. this is why she's jaded.It's almost as if she had tunnel vision.The meaning of jaded in the song means blindsighted, not cocky.
  • Will from Mcallen , Txabout a man who leaves his child and becomes a drug addict. he then realized that his child is following in his footsteps and tries to reconnect and change her life for the better so she wont make his mistakes. could be autobiographical.
  • Katie from Prince George, Canada"and im the one that jaded you" obviously means that he spoiled the girl so much she always wanted more... make sense?
  • Brett from Edmonton, CanadaJaded means arrogant, cocky, spoiled, etc.
  • Lisa from Grand Rapids, Mii think this song is about this girl who is tired of the same thing over and over and is kinda bored with her life. i get this idea from the music video, so it doesnt really explain the whole "jaded" idea.
  • Jonna from Laguna Hills, CaAbout a girl having everything shes ever wanted and is still jaded. Im pretty positive its along the lines of that. i'll find out just to make sure.
  • Ford from Winchester, Englandi think it is about an older man, seducing a very young girl (perhaps a former lovers daughter) when a fruit is tainted it is known to be jaded...i .e when she became tainted she became jaded. (i think thats what it means...its better than nothing though!)
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