All Out Of Love

Album: Lost In Love (1980)
Charted: 11 2
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  • Air Supply had 11 Top 40 US hits, five of which have the word "Love" in the title. This song deals with the unrequited love of a singer who feels lost without the object of his affection.
  • Air Supply formed in 1975 when Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock met as cast members on the stage musical Jesus Christ Superstar. In 1978 they toured their home country of Australia with Rod Stewart. They were then invited to tour North America with Stewart, enabling them to break into the American market. The following year, Clive Davis signed them to Arista Records and released "Lost in Love" internationally. "All Out Of Love" was their next single on Arista.
  • In their native Australia, Air Supply released this song in 1978, but for the 1980 international release with Arista Records, Clive Davis ordered some changes to the song. Graham Russell told Songfacts: "Originally it was, 'I'm all out of love, I want to arrest you.' By that I mean, 'I want to get your attention.' In Australia nobody questioned it, and it was a #1 song in Australia in '78. Clive heard it, he says, 'Oh, no, that's too weird.' It had already been a hit. He said, 'In America they won't understand that.' So he said, 'What about 'I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you'?' And I thought, Yeah, that sounds great. I mean, at first I thought, Oh, I don't know if I want to change it. But Clive said, 'It's a great song and it could be a massive hit, but you just need to change a couple of lines.' It was that line, and there was another line: 'I know you were right.' 'I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you, I know you were right.' But funnily enough, we'll never know if it would have worked the other way. And I doubt it, to be honest. Because Clive is usually right."

    So do Australians really walk around going "I want to arrest you"? We asked Graham if this was a common saying down under. He replied: "It really isn't. I think it was just me using a weird word. But, you know, now I think of it, it's definitely very weird. There are certain words that you just don't use when you're writing songs. And 'arrest' is one of them. Words like 'cabbage' or 'cauliflower,' like that. There are certain words that just aren't poetic. And 'arrest' is one of them. And I really don't know why I used it. But Clive called me on it, and the rest became history."
  • This was used in the movie National Lampoon's Van Wilder, and also in the rather dark film Happiness, where a couple dances to it in a bar.
  • This was Air Supply's only chart entry in the UK. They fared much better in the US. >>
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    Emery - London, England
  • This was used on The Office in the season 5 episode "Stress Relief." It plays in a pirated movie that Andy, Pam, and Jim are watching. It was also used in these TV shows:

    Stumptown ("Family Ties" - 2019)
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine ("Boyle-Linetti Wedding" - 2015)
    The Americans ("Open House" - 2015)
    Switched At Birth ("As The Shadows Deepen" - 2013)
    Supernatural ("Slash Fiction" - 2011)
    Chuck ("Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer" - 2008)
    Veronica Mars ("Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle" - 2006)
    South Park ("Raisins" - 2003)
    Family Guy ("Brian In Love" - 2000)

Comments: 25

  • Kayne from Oakland, CaliforniaUnderrated band. Their music's always great and top notch!
  • Nate from Port Huron, MiOne of my favorite Supernatural moments.
  • Paul from Detroit, MiAir Supply's most beautiful song. A simply gorgeous love song.
  • Paul from Detroit, MiI had to hear this song several times before I was hooked. Absolutely pure cheese, beautiful!
  • Joel from Columbia, MdSappy and cheesy but so damned effective. Good song to dedicate to your lost love.
  • Sam from Jo'burg, South AfricaThis is a fabulous song, although now when I hear it, all I can think of is Ryan Reynolds singing this drunkenly in Van Wilder!
  • Larry from Fayetteville, NcWhat other movie is this in? I am thinking it was an 80's teen movie. I just can't remember. Only 80's movie I can find it listed for tho is Ghostbusters, but I don't think thats it. Great song tho =)
  • Arthur from Lakeland, FlThis is the theme of my life. My girlfriend had her best friend come up 2 me and break it up, just like in the South Park episode. I went in 2 a state of depression. I listened 2 this song nonstop and now, when I hear it, all I can think about is her.
  • Arianna from Largo, Fl They played this song on one "South Park" episode. Wendy broke up with Stan, and boy, he was smashed to pieces. Meanwhile, Butters fell in love with one of the waitresses at 'Raisins'...but he ended up getting his heart broken, too.

    This song tugs at the heart strings.
  • Eddie from Philadelphia, WaEddie - I feel your pain. But dude - you sound like a real hoser. I mean, act like a man. Call your boyfriend Andrew K. out there in Seattle and weep to him. We don't want to hear it.
  • Eddie from Seattle, WaI know it sounds corny, but this is basically the theme song of my life. Sometimes I feel like I'm 'all out of love' for my Philadelphia Eagles,....don't get me wrong, I LOVE them,...but it's really hard to deal with them not making/winning the Superbowl. Simply put "I know you hurt too but what else can we do"..."Tormented and torn apart". That pretty much says it all.
  • Annie from LondonAir Supply have the most romantic and feel good love songs ever. 'Two less lonely people in the world' is another track which i will treasure forever.Pete of Australia I respect your comment. Felt the same, time heals but the bruise/scar will remain.
  • Kent from Raleigh, NcThe final note of the song is possibly the longest-held note on a hit song.
  • Carlos from Lima, Peruin Peru Air Supply is very famous, about 10 hits are popular here, so negative comments about them are illogical to me, they know how to move people and touch their hearts... one of the best romantics bands all over the world
  • Theodore from Newark, NjI had to register just to comment on this song, and Air Supply in general. They were popular in the US right at the time when New Wave and New Romantic music (not to mention MTV) were breaking, and Air Supply was considered the worst-of-the-worst. To this day, if you say "air supply" to people who remember them, they will roll their eyes by way of derision. All their songs sounded the same, coma-inducing. I could never understand why they were SO popular. Music to commit-suicide by...
  • Real from Atlanta, GaIdiots and their cheese categorizations aside, Air Supply had the write stuff for a few years there. They epitomized that vibe of either being with someone by a cozy fire...or being alone. Lost in Love, Every Woman in the World, Even the Nights Are Better, The One that You Love, Making Love out of Nothing at All and Lonely is the Night (along with this one) are simply great soft rock classics.
  • Pete from Nowra, Australiai remember seeing Air Supply at the Maroubra Seals club in Australia..i was with this girl , trying to give her a friend noticed she waasn't responding to my advances...we broke up a short while later..... was i lost in love?? i don't know... but she was every women in the world to me ......yes songfacts fans i had love to share ..but the bruises also came with it..i had love and bruises..
  • Adam from Poplar Bluff, MoI feel bad for you guys over in the UK. They had plenty of good songs.
  • Merv from Wellington, New ZealandPaul I totally agree - are they singing to each other - sorry for this lame question if it is so self evident. They just complement each other oh so well. Please love me or I'll be gone - profound stuff. And we all know how it feels to wait for a phonecall - and today doesn't know - who knows what the future holds.
  • Paul from London, EnglandAll Out Of Love is such a beautiful song and is one of my all-time favourites. Shame this was a one-hit-wonder in the UK for Air Supply.
  • Geno from Peoria, IlI was in love with a beautuiful girl named Amy who wanted to see these guys in concert so of course I went. She was great and so was the song. Went our separate ways when she went the next year to the Land Down Under. Heres to Amy.
  • Tamar Elizabeth from Murrieta, CaMaking Love Out of Nothing at All is beautiful. Why don't they have that song registered?
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InThis song can bring tears to my eyes everytime I hear it. I was eleven when this was a hit and was experincing my 1st crushes on girls. We use to have neighborhood dances and this was a popular song to slow dance to. As cheesey as Air Supply may be now, they had it going on back then. I also love "Making Love out of Nothing at All".
  • Jake from Perry, IaIt was also featured on the South Park episode where Wendy broke up with Stan
  • Dustin from Tampa, FlI dont like this song, but it was once used in the former Fox show Family Guy.
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