Room Of Angel

Album: Silent Hill 4 (2004)


  • The song is about a daughter, singing to her mother and in memory of her death. The mother used to abuse the daughter, so she has no affection for her, yet cannot help but feel grief, hence the line, "The love you never gave I give to you." Also, the daughter is lamented by the fact that the only attention she knew by the mother is the abuse given to her at a younger age. So of course, she is sad. Hence the line, "If I had died, I would have never felt sad at all." It's more a song of mixed emotions, and a touching lullaby to someone she hates, yet loves. >>
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    Christine - Salem, CT
  • Yamaoka composed the music for all the Silent Hill video games. This was used in Silent Hill 4.

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  • Kelly from Cotswolds, UkThis song is from Silent Hill 4, the room. The song is from Walter's perspective (the main villain in the game), who never knew his mother or father because they abandoned him. He got sent to an orphanage where he was sexually abused and learnt more about the Silent Hill cult. During the game we find out that he views apartment 302 as his mum (the apartment where he was abandoned, and where our main protaganist lives now) and is trying to complete the 21 Sacraments so that he can live with his 'mum' (the apartment) forever.
  • Emily from Los Angeles, CaActually, this song is not about a daughter singing to her mother. Relating to the Silent Hill series, and specifically Silent Hill 4: The Room, this song is about Walter Sullivan, a character from the game. Akira Yamaoka composed the music, and the singing was done by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.
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