I'm So Paid
by Akon

Album: Freedom (2008)
Charted: 59 31
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  • This song, which was co-written and produced by Akon, features Lil Wayne.
  • On this tune the two rappers are celebrating their financial success. Akon defended singing about such a subject matter during an economic downturn. He said: "It's a record of celebration really, even though it's a recession going on we actually celebrating that were not being hit by it. We have the right to celebrate because we worked hard to get to this point and we shouldn't let someone else's mistake destroy that happiness."
  • The song's official remix features Jeezy as well as Lil Wayne.
  • Akon explained this track to Artist Direct: "That record is crazy. It was one of those records that I knew where it was going to go. A lot of stuff reflects from the beginning, and it brings you all the way up to where I am with today, with all of the success and so on. Before, I would talk about not having any money and living in the ghetto. Now, I'm in a different state. I'm a lot more fortunate and a lot more success. I'm a lot more paid."
  • Akon told Artist Direct why he hooked up with Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy for this track. He explained: "These are the guys that came down that same road with me and actually enjoyed the same kind of success. I felt it was great for us to come together and make this record, especially in a time where all of this recession and stuff is going on. I wanted to uplift myself and everybody around us. I'm like, 'Listen man, we can't sit here and be sobbing about mistakes those people made. Don't let it affect us. Let's enjoy this because we worked hard for it.'"

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  • Sade from Atlanta, GaThis is the best song ever!!! lil wayne is the s*** and a really fresh and creative artist and akon is really creative too and has a good voice. yung jeezy is a good rapper. he's one of the few hardcore rappers u can actually understand what they're saying. The song is amazing
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