Mind Conception

Album: Victim Of Changes (1998)
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  • "Mind Conception" was written by Al Atkins, the original frontman for Judas Priest. Although it appeared on a demo it was not released until 1998 when a 3 minute 46 second version appeared on his solo Victim Of Changes album. The original was not released until 2016 on the Reloaded album. In a February 2017 interview through his management, Al explained [quoted verbatim]:

    "'Mind Conception' was written by me in 1970 and was Judas Priest's first demo that we cut but it never saw the light of day, I actually thought the basis of the song was pretty good so decided to record it again, so 46 years later we bought it back to life and recorded it like as if it was written yesterday and it sounds awesome if i may say. I sold the demo disc just last year to a collector in Canada and we agreed that I used just a sample of the original recording which was more like a guitar jam from KK Downing in the studios." >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England
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