Sissy's Song

Album: Good Time (2008)
Charted: 61


  • This was written for the funeral of the Jackson family's housekeeper, who tragically died in 2007 in a motorcycle accident. Alan Jackson explained on his website: "It was for a lady who worked here at our house; someone I saw everyday like family. She died suddenly of an accident this past spring and it was really hard on me and all of us. This is the same track that we played at the funeral. It's a real pretty song and a lot of people told me how much it made them feel better so I was very proud of it."
  • Leslie "Sissy" Fitzgerald was 40-something when she was killed in a motorcycle accident on May 20, 2007. Jackson recalled to The Boot: "She was just somebody who was in our house every day... then, all of a sudden, [she was] gone. When people get old, you expect them to die, but it's different when they are young and it's tragic like that."
  • Alan Jackson originally recorded "Sissy's Song" for Leslie's funeral, then producer Keith Stegall and him went into the studio one day and laid down the guitar and vocal. "It's just me and the guitar and the harmony parts," Jackson said. "After some people heard it at the label, everybody wanted to put it on the album."

Comments: 73

  • Lisa Salgadinho from Massachusetts Happy birthday in heaven, my sweet sister Lisa.
  • Puanani from Kauai, HawaiiThank you. My Ellie is gone for my lifetime even though it has been only a moment since she left.

    I am comforted that she is an angel and walking with Jesus. Your song touches my heart.
  • C A Medlicott from Wv39rd I lost my sister paula Wilson who was amazing I will always miss here she wasent just my sister she was my best friend she got a 4 amazing children and 2 up in heaven with here
  • Monica from West VirginiaI lost my grandma Peggy in 2008 to breast cancer we all thought she would be home for Christmas but she died on December 12 2008 I was extremely close to her they played this song at her funeral I made my mom buy the CD the next day because it hit so close to home with me and reminded me so much of her to this day I still can't be alone on 12/12 because I fall apart I can't put into words how much this song has meant to me and what all it's helped me get through. I was 13 when she died I'm 20 now and not a day goes by that I don't wish I could pick up the phone and talk to her I turn this song on instead since calling isn't possible.
  • Sharon from Westport, MaMy son played this song recently for me as my daughter age 45 was losing her 10 month battle with lung cancer. She lost her fight on Valentine's 2011. It made me cry. The words were so poignant and beautiful. We played the song at the close of her funeral service and had most everyone crying. She was such a good person who died way too young. I will never get over it but am trying to learn to live without her. I had never heard the song before but now I play it every day.
  • Karryn from Dover, PaJust heard this song for the first time. I lost my daughter of only 22 yrs old, in August of 2009. She was also my best friend. I home schooled my children and was very close to her. She was only married 10 1/2 months. I know she is in Heaven and this song just fits her. Thank you Alan Jackson for a job well done!
    Karryn, PA
  • Amelia from Kansas City, MoThis song reminds me so much of a close friend that died of lung cancer on October 17 of 2010 at the age of 45. I'm so afraid now that my aunt will pass away soon. She has multiple myeloma or cancer of the bone marrow. She has been in and out of the hospital for about a year now. It is hard to think about her because she's so sick. She lives in NY and i live in KC,MO. I haven't seen her since 2007. I love this song and i cry when i hear it. Thank you, Alan for such a great song.
  • Erin from Claremore, OkMy sister died at the age of 50 from pancreatic cancer. Everytime I hear this song I think of her and it makes me cry. Prettiest song ever. Wished this song was out in February 2007. I would have had it played at her funeral. Thank you so much for such a great song.
  • Suzie from Piper City, IlWe lost a young girl in July 2010. She was a 2010 graduate of our consolidated high school of a small community. We are hosting a memorial Benefit October 2nd. We are having a video of her years going up -playing sissy's song with candlelight & lots of kleenex. Thank-you Alan Jackson for this song that will make everyone feel our girl is OK. And we will be too!
  • Candice from Bowie, TxMy aunt just passed away August 29, 2010 i have never heard sissy's song until her funeral although it made me cry it help me to feel better knowing that she flew up to heaven on angels wings i will always love and miss her. Thank you alan for that song.
  • Dave from Alamogordo, NmWe lost our daughter on July 8, 2010. She was only 30 years old. Her brother made a video tribute in her memory. He used the Sissy song because it was a song that best described our family’s hurts and emotions. There are many days when all I can think of is my daughter Emily. She always use to tell use those exact words, ‘Don’t worry about me,I’ll be ok." This song has helped us in our grieving process. I want to thank Alan Jackson for writing such a beautiful song. A song that plays in my head every single day! I know she is watching over her family and is our Guardian Angel. We Love and miss our sweet Emily.
  • Tami from Wells, NvAbout seven years ago my older sister passed away from a stroke. She had Downs Syndrome but was very independent. Mostly I remember she was always so loving and so concerned for everyone else's happiness. Her name was DeAnn but she was known to everyone as "Sissy". This song kills me. Thank you Alan Jackson.
  • Pam from Claudville, VaOn February 28, 2010 I lost a dear friend to cancer. She was only 54. Her daughter's and son had this song playing at her funeral. I can't tell you how this song suited her so much, it was almost like it was written for her. Everything about it was right on. She was such a great person and Christian lady. This was also my daughters mother in law. She will sadly missed.
  • Samantha from Mount Pleasant , NcI lost my mom september 12, 2009. I had heard this song many times before but never really listen to it, i am only 16 and i listened to it while picking songs to play at the memorial service, this was the best one i played because she always told my sister and I never to worry about her, she would be okay. Now to this day i wonder why it happened to her, the best person i knew, it is an amazing song.
  • Dori from Champlin, MnI lost my only Daughter my Best friend Alyssa very suddenly at the age of 18 on january 4th 2009. A friend of hers told me about this song and It has brought me such comfort I cry everytime I hear it. I know she is okay in heaven, but I miss terribly and I will until we are together again and the pain I feel constantly will finally be releaved.
  • Kimberly from Blue Ridge, GaI had a friend pass away in a car accident last year. Everytime I hear this song I think of her RIP Hyapathia Burrell. She was a lovely sweet young women daughter wife and mother. You are missed dearly.
  • Megan from Oklahoma City, OkI lost my Bestfriend 11-26-09.She was also my daughters step mom. She was in the car on the way to thanksgiving dinner with her husband and her two kids.She over corrected and lost control hit a ditch and was thrown from the car and the car ended up landing on her.When she passed away that night at 8 pm i saw her and i keep seeing her face all bruised and burned .She was something special to everyone she knew.New yrs eve will be one month and a week since she left us.Ive been looking online for a song that fit her and came across this one and holes in the floor of heaven.Both songs touch me. She died at the age of 21. I spent the day before with her moving her into her new house and i had told her she needed to wear her seatbelt cause accidents happen all the time. And the next day she is gone.This song fits her so much. Thank you alan.And please for who ever reads this please remember a seatbelt can save a life.Three are living proof it helps.Her too young kids wont know truly how special there mother is but this song is going to be added to the cd im making for them full of pictures and songs
  • Jamie from Newport News, VaWhen I listen to this song, it makes me remember my grand grandmother who died on August 23, 2001. I loved her and i miss her terribly. But I know that she is in heaven with her husband and her sons. I just wish that she had died and that she had seen me graduate. I know that she has a angel with her and that she will always be looking down on me.
  • Vall from Lemberg, SkI lost a friend this past spring to cancer. I think about her often and remember her huge smile and this song fits her 'perfectly'.....she is now an angel - looking down on us all.
  • Missy from Marietta, OhThis song really hits home for me cause i new i was going to loose my grandma 2 week befor it happen the day i found out she had just a few weeks to live we got in our van to live the hospital and this song started to play and i just lost it the first thing i said is this was my grandma way of leting me know she was going to be ok and you know i can rember her saying grandpa is waiting on me to come home just like the song says LOVE ONES WAITING my grandma really meet the world to me i love her and miss her.grandpa and my dad so much
  • Jen from Fredericksburg, VaI lost my mom April 14,2008 to cancer, she was only 52 and died very quickly. This song is absolutely everything that I feel. I can only imagine her walking with Jesus saying those same words to us. We will miss her forever.
  • Jernae from San Antonio, TxI love this song my older brother died in a car accident on 4/24/09. and my life and my families life will never be the same. the first time i heard this song was the day of the viewing the first time i saw him since he was alive. i remember getting to the funeral home sitting there in my car in so much pain knowing my brother was in that place... and i turned radio on and sissys song just started playing and i knew it was a sign from my brother telling me not to worry! If your reading this jess i love you brother with all my heart!
  • Geneva from Leander, TxI had never heard this song before, until my daughter was killed by a drunk driver on Aug 12, 2009 at the age of 24 and left two children behind. She loved this song. This song was played at her funeral and touched many hearts. Her daughter, age 3 and her nieces and nephews now call it Mimi's song. This song has been very healing to all of us. Thank you and God bless you for such a beautiful song.
  • Erica from St. Louis, MoI've cried almost every time I listen to this song, because in 2006 my uncle that I didn't see very much ever commited suisid, he heard things all the time. The day after that my aunt died in a car accident going to pick up my cousin. We were both in 2nd grade, she wrecked into a tree and my cousin has lived with us ever since.I only got to go to one funiral because my mom thought it would be too much.
  • Lisa from Heidrick, KyWhen I saw the title sissy's song I had to listen, my nick name is sissy. I dont listen to country music so I had never heard it before, so I looked it up on youtube and listened. As I write this tears are falling. My mom passed away suddenly on April 10, 2009, Its been one of the hardest thing I've ever had to go through, I miss her so much that sometimes I feel like I cant go on. She was my very best friend.I think about her every day. When I heard this, though it may sound crazy, it made me feel better and gave me small bit of releif. This song feels like it was written just for me.
  • Deborah from Port Charlotte, FlI found this song 1 week before my 49 yr old baby sister pssed away from a 8 month battle with lung cancer. I cried my eyes out the first time I heard it. Now that she is gone, I find so much comfort in the words. She use to tell me everynight not to worry about her. She was a beautiful young women, not a wife or mother, but a daughter, friend, and sister. I have this song on my phone and I listen to it everynight before I go to bed while I am hugging her Cancer Buddy Teddybear I gave her.
  • Steffine from Ypsilanti, MiMy Aunt (who was more like my 2nd mom), passed away on July 23rd, of this year of cancer. We had a memorial service and at the service we found someone to sing this song, and it was beautiful. This is a powerful song, and even though I still cry every once in a while, it's not because she died, but because I miss her. I will see her again, and I look foward to that everyday!
  • Julie from Mount Gilead, Nc6 years ago I lost my very best friend in a car accident 4 days before what would have been her 13 birthday. We stole her mothers car and was running away. We got maybe 2-3 miles away from her house and she hit a coulvert and we flipped 3 times end over end. I was thrown to the back seat and the car landed on its top. When I crawled out of the car I didnt hear her or see her. I instantly started running and screaming for help and then I looked down on the ground beside the car and thats where I saw her. I knew there was absolutely nothing I could do to save her. That hurt me more then anything! She was my best friend! we were so close, people who didnt know us thought we were sisters. They told me in the hispital that they couldnt fix her face so they couldnt have open casket. Her family chose not to see her because they wanted to remember her as the pretty girl she was. I am the only one out of family or friends that seen her face. I live with that image in my head every day of my life. June 5 of 2009 was the 6 year anniversary of her death and it was the first day I ever heard this song. Needless to say I bawled! I heard it right before I got to her gravesight. She would have been 19 this year. I miss her dearly and I will never forget her! To all who have lost someone they truly care about, Keep your head up and remember they are so much happier now! And to all you teens who think you dont like it at home anymore, just remember that "There is no place like home!"
  • Joy from Elba, NyI had lost my baby girl june 22 2009. and my 12 year old son had herad your song "sissy song " and sent it to me by text and the words you were saying are so so true and i want to say thank you for that has helped my family so much..
  • Denis from Largo, FlI lost my wife in January of this year to Bipolar disorder, she committed suicide. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her. She heard voices 24/7 and they would not stop. The doctors could not fix it so she found her own way to stop them. I cry every day and especially when this song comes on the radio.
  • Joe from Calhoun, GaI lost my granny in March 2008 and my brother July 2008. It has been so hard on me and my family. my granny was very religous and was not afraid to die. She was prepared any time God was ready for her. My brothers death was a shocka nd we were not at all prepared for it. But I know they are both in heaven on the wings of angels watching over us. This songs is perfect for them. I miss them with all my heart. May AGod be with us all!
  • Kathy B from Springfield, MoMy Big Sister Vicki passed away from MS after a long battle on May 1, 2009. As much as we thought we were prepared for this, We could not have been more wrong. My heart is so broken, Sissy's Song reminds me of where she has went, She is healthy again, I called her "Sissy" as a little girl. What a precious song.
  • Sue from Mount Vernon, OhMy daughter Erica passed away,very unexpected on Februsry 9, 2009.She was only 33 and had a son who was 12. I have cried a river of tesrs until I heard this song. After hearing this I am so much more at ease with my greif, and so is my grandson.

    THANK YOU ALLEN! God has seen something in you and how you can help so many, who have lost a loved one. " YOU ARE ONE OF GOD'S ANGELS HERE ON EARTH". God Bless you...........
  • Miranda from Lisbon, Ohthis song reminds me of my grandma that passed away apirl 10th 2008, she was always there for everyone including all of my friends. when i pass away i want this song to be played for me.
  • Barb from Punta Gorda, FlMy daughter passed away April 19, 2009 at the age of 43. Very unexpected. My brother called me from Illinois and told me to listen to Sissy's Song. He was very close to my daughter and he cries every time he hears it. When I listened to it the first time it was like the song was written for her. Alan Jackson is a wonderful songwriter and singer. He was also my daughter's favorite artist. It seems like God works in strange ways. Thank for so much for writing this song. I will listen to it forever as it reminds me of my daughter and I know she is in heaven waiting for us.
  • George from Pottstown, PaI lost my great-grandmother in april of 2007, and this song makes me think of her. Her and I were very close and it hit me very hard when she passed. Everytime I here this song I get choked up and start to cry. I just want to say thank you Alan for making a song that reminds me of my Great-Grandma.
  • Scott from Hickory, Kyvery very good song,,,one of the best out there,,,will almost bring tears to your eyes,,,,you can tell that one is from the heart,,,,
  • Jennifer from Harrodsburg, KyThank you for your heart felt music. I feel your passion when you sing. May God continue to bless you. I lost a dear devoted friend this past week
    with cancer. Her name was Melody. She faught a good fight. Keep her family in your prayers.
  • Trudy from Peoria, IlAlan has always presented thoughts others can use when they need them. Then he turns them into beautiful or fun songs for us to enjoy. Thank you, Alan, for your gift to all of us. :)
  • Debby from Parkersburg, WvToday was my daughters funeral. She was only 28 and my cousin sang this song for my family at her funeral. This song really touched my family in more ways than one. My daughter was a beautiful person and this song helped me to understand that she will now be in heaven and be one of god's angels. We will love her and miss her everyday but this song will help us to go on with her memories forever.
  • David from Mayo, FlA Beautiful Song and a Fitting tribute. I lost a dear a dear friend who I LOVED very much in the winter of 2002 to cancer. This song helps me to remember She is among the Angels in Heaven and I will she her again someday. I Miss You Rebeccia.

    David Hart
    Mayo, Florida
  • L. Clampit from Deer Park, TxMy youngest daughter and I lost my husband/her daddy 9 years ago...This year we lost my oldest daughter/her sister (Christmas day) one day after her 30th birthday...It has been very hard on my daughter and I, since we had lost our loved ones...My daughter came home one day and said that she had heard this song and it makes her think of her sister...It is a beautiful song...We are believers in God and know that both of our loved ones are in the arms of Jesus at this time...As humans we are so selfish and want them here with us, but God has his reasons for taking loved ones home to be with him...My faith in the Lord is the only thing that has ever helped me get through the deaths of loved ones...If I thought that I would never see them again, I think I would feel worse than what I feel now...To go home with the angels when you leave this world: You have to except Jesus Christ as your personal savior...God Bless America...
    Lara Clampit, Deer Park, Tx.
  • Lori Wireman from Washington, IlI lost my best friend Brenda on Feb. 5th, 2008. She died of a brain aneurysm. Brenda loved God, her family and friends. I lost my oldest son, Billy, at 18 sevens years ago Brenda helped me through that awful time. I don't believe in God but this song should have written for Brenda maybe she's in heaven. Maybe she tried to get a message to me. Thank you Alan for writing this lovely song.
  • Tiffany from Karns City, PaI had a friend who passed away a month before my daughter was born. She was killed in a car accidnent, and was like a sister to me. She couldn't wait for my daughter to be born, she was so excited she always said she was goin to be like her big sister. We gave Braylynn her middle name..and tell her about her all the time. I think about her all the time and one day i got in the car, it was just a bad day and this song came on the radio and i just felt it was her tellin me she was ok..Alan done a great job on this song it is one of my absolute favorite..Alia Fae: i love you rest in peace sweet angel..
  • Mark from Greenville, ScI lost Debbie to cancer in August 2007. There have been several songs since that have touched my heart; they were written for those left behind. This is very touching as it is how I believe she left us and how she feels now.
  • Valerie from Janesville, WiI have stage 4 lung cancer. I am the only girl and the baby of 4. I have begun to plan for my funeral so that my family will not have to worry about it. As I was going to my oldest brothers to try ice fishing for the first time, I heard " Sissy's Song". As I was listening to this song, I seen different pictures from my past like a slideshow. This song will be the music for that. I hope to be able to see Alan Jackson in person before it is my time to go to Heaven. Sorry to hear of your loss. May the Lord comfort and keep you.
  • John from Kaukauna, WiI lost wife Vallie to cancer April of 2008. This song is so fitting to her. She had a collection of Willow Angles in her room and alway wore an angle pin. I know that is just how she went to heaven, on angle wings. When I heard this song for the first time I had to pull over to the side of the road I was crying so hard. The lyrics "don't worry about me" gave me a feeling of peace. She is with her friends and faimly.I still miss U Valerie... John
  • Diane from New Paris, OhThis song is great. I have friends that have cancer and not doing very well. I want to believe. Thanks Alan !!! Sorry for your familys loss.

    Diane, New Paris, Ohio
  • Marsha from Henderson, KyMy Mother passed away on 3/2/09 after a 2 yr battle with gastric cancer. Days prior to this, we were asked to listen to this song. When I heard it I knew it would be played at her funeral. My Mom had written things down to give to her 3 sisters and 3 brothers. We gave them these items during this song. I listen to this song everyday since Mom passed. The words do help to comfort the sadness I feel. Thank you Mr. Jackson for this amazing song.
  • Jan from Dallas, GaMy baby sister battled Crohn's Disease for over 20 years. She passed away 3/8/09 from complications resulting from surgery for treatment of this horrible disease. I heard this song for the first time on 3/7/09 as I was packing to go see her for what would be the last time. I didn't realize while I was listening that it would become an anthem, of sorts, to help me cope with my grief. Bless you, Mr. Jackson, for using your amazing gift for turning a few simple words into a song that is healing this broken heart, bit by bit, everytime I listen to it.
  • Susan from Colquitt,, GaMy mother, Judy, passed away 3/10/07 from pancreatic cancer after a short battle. This song is awesome, my mother was a wonderful person who always took care of others before herself. She lived her life for her savior, Jesus Christ and taught all her children that His love is the greatest. I know that she is in Heaven walking with Jesus. This song make me cry with joy of the wonderful person my mother was. Thanks Alan for a wonderful song.
    Susan, Colquitt,Ga.
  • Terry from Burkburnett,I have a niece Missy that was hit and killed by a car when she was 12 years old. Ever since that day I have prayed and asked God why she had to go I miss her so much. I now have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer of the lungs and bones and just heard this song on the radio and it gave me lots of peace in my heart just knowing that Missy would be saying "DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME" AND MOST OF ALL I KNOW THAT I TOO WILL FLY UP TO HEAVEN ON THE WINGS OF AN ANGEL AND MEET HER SOON. GOD BLESS YOU ALAN JACKSON FOR WRITING THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG.
  • Lisa S from Denison, TxMy daughter was hurt in a horse riding accident on 08/18/04 and told she would never walk again. She walked, slowly, out of the hospital on 10/01/04 and started riding again soon after. On May 13, 2005 she was killed in a car wreck. I thank God for letting me have her for 9 more months. This song is so perfect for her. Thank you so much for this song it just reminds me of her and what she would say. I miss her everyday.
  • Michele from Glendale, AzI want to dedicate this to my lovely mother,christine who passed away in 2002 due to a brain tumor,her family knew her by her nickname "SISSY". She loved alan jackson& george jones. My aunt called to tell me about this song,and i played it and cried the whole way through,thats just a perfect song for my mom,and the words fit exactly what she would and did say to us.Alan,just want to say thankyou for a beautiful song,you really know how to sing the perfect songs! I know my mom is happy to hear this wonderful song up in heaven,dont worry we will all be together soon,much love from my aunt marilyn white & michele barney. Alan,sorry for your loss.Your fans,michele&marilyn
  • Steven from Austin, TaiwanMy mom first told me about this song and then her my grandmother and I were driving home from College Station Texas and the song came on and we all had tears in our eyes because we lost my Aunt on Feb. 24 2003. She fought skin cancer stage four for a very long time and she lost her life still fighting. She left behind a daughter and a very large loving family. I am 19 now and her daughter my cousin are very close and we really miss her but the fact that we know she is up there saying "don't worry bout me" really describes her! My cousin recently told us that if something were to happen to her to not be hurt because she would be with her mom! It is such the truth! We should not worry about losing our loved ones because they are up there with other loved ones who care about them too!!! This is such a good song for someone who just lost a loved one!
  • Justin from Athens, Tnthis song reminds me so much of my grandmother that past away with cancer. i dedicate this song to all our loved ones who has went to heaven before us. thank you very much for that song alan
  • Miranda Morgan from Victorville, CambodiaThis song describes perfectly our mother leslie who passed away sept. 2008 of cancer. She was a true alan jackson fan and saw him in concert in stateline =) This is such a beautiful song alan and we are glad you wrote it. You truely are a Wonderful one of a kind artist. Everytime we get in a car and are thinking of our mother you just happen to come on the radio which tells us she is with us. Thank you Alan for being a great song writer and giving us the songs to remember her by.
  • Michael from Aiken, ScI first heard this song today, 3/3/09. I was on my way to work and just about had to stop. The song started playing as I was driving past the cemetary where my daughter, who would be 28 this month, is buried. She died at the age of 24. She got married on 10/15/05 and her and her husband died on 12/4/05 in a car wreck. My daughter had been on my mind all day and this song had this old man crying like a baby! Thanks Alan for another beautiful song.
  • Diane Burton from Mechanicsville, VaI heard this song for the first time today 03-01-2009 it brought tears to my eyes. I just lost my bestfriend (Sissy) on 01-23-2009. So when I heard this song it fit her perfect. Sissy has been my bestfriend for over 30 years. So to you Alan Jackson thank you from the bottom of my heart for this song. Love you always Diane.
  • Ranae from Ottumwa, IaDecember 2008 my Niece died suddenly. She was my brothers only child and she was the world to her father and mother. Are family has always been extremely close and spend a lot of family time together. We was only 6 years apart in age and more like sisters. He is the one that told me about this song. He was on his way home from work and heard the song on the radio and had to pull over to listen and cry. Now it has become one of his favorite songs. It describes my niece perfectly. She was a daughter, wife and mother. She loved life with a passion and lived it to the fullest. Was a rock for all of us when we needed her. She will always be missed, but this song will help us remeber the great life she had while on earth and now she is with her family members up above in heaven. Thank you Alan Jackson for a unforgetable tribute song.
  • April from Lansing, NcI love this song so much! My grandmother recently died at the age of 68 of cancer. I thought this song fitted her perfectly!!
  • Lyssa from Valley, AlMy Grandma just passed away three days ago. Yesterday, I was on the way home to Alabama to get ready for the visitation last night and the funeral today, and this song came on the radio and I heard it for the first time. It instantly brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of two songs I had just recently written. The lyrics are so true and I thought God played it at the perfect time. God Bless you all and your loved ones.
  • Mybuddie78 from Nahunta, GaMy 9 year old niece died in a car accident on November 15, 2008, only 10 weeks ago and it has been very hard on everyone, especially my sister, her mother. Her name was Briana but my mom and step-dad always called her sissy. About 2 weeks ago I was listening to the new CD and came across this song and looked up the name of the song and got chills up my spine. It is perfect. I am sorry for Alan's loss, but it is perfect in our case and it seems like everyone elses too. God Bless.
  • Tyler from Rome, IlThis song makes me think of my brother who just recently passed at the young age of 19...He was killed in a work related accident.....Alan Jackson was his fav. artist....Whats really weird is, we had just went and seen him in concert about a month before my brothers passing...I definately miss him dearly.....Couldnt of asked for a better brother, he was my best friend...And this is honestly the first time in my life that Im am both clueless and lost...(RIP Lil' Brother)

    **To everyone on this page who has lost someone so very close, I dedicate this in the memory of your loved ones who have been called home before us....One day we will all be together again**
  • Tyler from Rome, IlThis song makes me think of my brother who just recently passed at the young age of 19...He was killed in a work related accident.....Alan Jackson was his fav. artist....Whats really weird is, we had just went and seen him in concert about a month before my brothers passing...I definately miss him dearly.....Couldnt of asked for a better brother, he was my best friend...And this is honestly the first time in my life that Im am both clueless and lost...(RIP Lil' Brother)

    **To everyone on this page who has lost someone so very close, I dedicate this in the memory of your loved ones who have been called home before us....One day we will all be together again**
  • Teresa from Nashville, TnThis is a great song I had a friend that her 21 year old daughter died in a car crash and they played this song in her video and this song was her. Alan you could not have wrote a better song then this. I also listen to the song and remember my dad.
  • Carl from Reydon, OkWhen I first heard this song I got chills, because it was my late sister-in-law to a "T"; Every word, every line. I even wondered if my brother had written it and sent it to Alan. My sister-in-law's name was "Sissy".
  • Jean from Colfax, NcThis has got to be the Best Song ever recorded.My Dear Daughter, and only child passed away in Nov., This song was e-maied to me the other nite, and it just gave me cold chills, My Daughter's Girl's have played it over and over, they say it is the Perfect Description of their Mom. It is Truly an Amazing song, Thank-you so much Allen, it truly helps me get through the day. Nana
  • Rose from Louisville, KyI am going to play this song for the Mother (Deb)who lost her son in senseless murder if it can help my daughter cope it might help her cope and give her comfort to know that his is with God and Angels and all his loves that are already in heaven. She is having a real hard time dealing with her first born son death of which it would be hard on any parent losing a child. And again we thank you for writing songs that can help people cope with tragedy in their lifes.
    R. Ky
  • Rose from Louisville, KyMy daughter is going through a hard time dealing with the recent murder (July 2008) of her cousin which was more like her brother they grew up together and were best friends they knew they could always count each other and now he is gone and she heard this song "Sissy's Song. She know it's about a woman but she puts him instead and she heard this just a few days after his funeral and she plays it all the time and she said she thinks about him and helps her cope with this awful tragedy. Thank you Alan Jackson for writing this song and we are so sorry for your lose too.
  • Teresa from Waynesville, Nci really like this song, my 24 year old daughter die on may 24,2008 very unexpected. she had not been sick ever in her life so it has been a great tragedy for our family and this song really gives me comfort in knowing she did go to heaven on angel wings because i know she was a very good christian woman. thank you very much for that song alan.
  • Paul from Fallon, Nvtrying to find the sheet music for sissy song for guitar
  • Paul from Fallon, NvThe song has a very strong meaning to it. I hope we all go home with an angel .
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