Album: City Of Angels Soundtrack (1998)


  • This was the first song Alanis released since her 1995 album Jagged Little Pill, which sold over 16 million copies. The wait created a lot of anticipation for this song, which was leaked to radio stations a few weeks before it was officially released.
  • This was featured in the 1998 movie City Of Angels, starring Nicolas Cage as an angel who falls in love with a mortal woman, played by Meg Ryan. Morissette saw a rough cut of the film and went back to the studio and wrote the haunting, piano-driven ballad, which she calls a "fear of love song."

    In a featurette about the making of the film, she explains: "I was going through certain thing of my own at the time and it just sort of coincided at the same time that I could write it about myself and it could be something that Meg's character could be communicating throughout."

    She continues: "I believe in your intuition or your gut is the voice some might call angels and I just believe in that. There's all kinds of different terms and gods that we can use for it. But I believe in 'It.' You don't really know how amazing things are unless you have the contrast of things not having been amazing for a certain amount of time, and I happen to like that theory."
  • As a teenager, Morissette released two albums in her native Canada before teaming up with producer Glen Ballard for her global debut, Jagged Little Pill. "Uninvited," released in February 1998 and included on the City Of Angels soundtrack, held fans over until her next album, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, was issued in November. She teamed with Ballard on that one as well, but "Uninvited" she co-produced with Rob Cavallo, who was Green Day's producer.
  • In 1999, this won Grammys for Best Rock Song and Best Female Rock Vocal. Morissette won four Grammys in 1996 for Jagged Little Pill. It also earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song - Motion Picture, but lost to "The Prayer," performed by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli for the animated film Quest for Camelot.
  • In 2007 the English dance production team The Freemasons recorded a remix of this using the original vocal line. However licensing issues got in the way and they were forced to bring in singer Bailey Tzuke to perform the vocals. It proved successful, giving them their first UK Top 10 hit. Bailey Tzuke is the daughter of Judy Tzuke, who recorded the 1979 British hit "Stay With Me Till Dawn." The Freemasons are a duo consisting of Russell Small, who previously had UK charts success as one half of the House production duo Phats & Small, and James Wiltshire.
  • Josh Krajcik sang this with Morissette on Season 1 of The X Factor (US) in 2011.
  • Lea Michele sang this on Glee in the 2015 episode "Loser Like Me."

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  • Tabatha from BrazilI read all these comments and I must say that I thought something completely different from all this.
    I thought that she was talking about like she felts when she was dropped up.
    It made sense to me for a while.
  • Chris from Los Angeles, CaWell she said it herself, it's a "fear of love song".
  • Melissa46 from Pittsburgh I was listening to the song just now, I'm kind of in a pissy mood, and I felt like she was talking to/about a stalker who is/was in love with her.
  • Higzy from Toronto, OnMe too, Stelio. No one earth (except maybe Alanis) knows who the guitar player on "Uninvited" is. Maybe one day someone will chime in to give us this sacred knowledge.. lol
  • Sherry Shauby from Richland WaI think it's funny (ironic) how folks find their own interpretations of a song, even after the artist explains the meaning. Like, if you relate to three lyrics in a different way, I get that. But folks are still popping off with ideas of paparazzi, when she wrote the song for someone who is afraid to love again, for the movie City of Angels... also, I understood the meaning of the song after just googling the lyrics and LISTENING to it.
  • Stelio from 84648I've searched the internet, where I thought anything could be found, but I can't find who plays the guitar solo at the end of this song... Couldsomeone please enlighten me? It's driving me bats--t. Thank you for your help inadvance :)
  • Mike from San DiegoThe interpretations of the song meaning based on City of Angels are, in my opinion, way off base. It's a far stretch on a good day. I believe the interpretations of Donna and Renay are much more plausible than trying to force-fit it in the movie. Not all songs are written specifically for a movie in the sense that the lyrics were written for the movie. Often songs are simply chosen to be used in a movie because of the mood they invoke or simply because the producers like the song for the movie. I think the song could be about a case of unreciprocated love. Then there is her interview with Oprah, which would make it seem that the song is about being stalked by fans in general, the paparazzi, or perhaps even fans who became obsessed with her. The only person who really knows what it means is Alanis Morisette. It is a fascinating song, both musically and lyrically.
  • Jayjay from CaliforniaAlanis mentions in an interview with Oprah that she was really stalked by some people when Jagged Little Pill come out. Folks would try to cut a piece of her hair, they would break into her hotel room, leave notes, take things... She said she is still recovering from the trauma of that. I think the song is referring to those folks and maybe one stalker in particular. I think she is trying to make boundaries (her word). But she doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. She wanted to leave the music business after that tour. And this song was the first thing of hers to come out after that experience.
  • Bob from New JerseyThe song is about the papparattzi....that's it.
  • Elle from Duluth, MtI loved City of Angels as I am a true believer that angels are among us every day of our lives. I was intrigued by this song the moment I heard it. The lyrics were at first not easily distinguishable ( thank goodness for the Internet where one can look the lyrics up). My interpretation of this song is that it represents Death. Maggie being a doctor deals with life and death situations. Seth being an angel represents what life could be after death. No one wants to die, no one wants death to enter their lives, it simply is not allowed and not invited. From a Christian point of view however, I look at death as the one final stop on the journey we all take. Who said : "Death!Be Not Proud"- death doesn't discriminate.
    There are no specifications. The song is really a fantastic piece of literature.
  • Emmy from Bellville, OnLove it
  • Gloria from Houston, TxGood job Pibb, Titus, AL. !!!

    Here is my thoughts as a Christian:

    Since this song was written for the movie: City of Angels I think it is meant to be a conversation between Nicholas Cage's character (Seth an Angel) and Meg Ryan's character (Maggie a Surgeon.) They talk to each other in each verse of the entire song.

    Maggie: Like anyone would be I am flattered by your fascination with me. Like any hot blooded woman I have simply wanted an object to crave.
    But you, you're not allowed (because the Bible says: God forbids Angels to have relationships with Humans/IT IS FORBIDDEN BY GOD)
    You're uninvited. An unfortunate slight

    Seth: Must be strangely exciting to watch the stoic squirm. (stoic=someone indifferent LIKE AN ANGEL)

    Maggie: Must be somewhat heartening to watch shepherd meet shepherd (angel is a shepherd & maggie is a shepherd)
    But you, you're not allowed. (because God forbids Angels to have any type of relationship with humans)
    You're uninvited. An unfortunate slight.

    Seth: Like any uncharted territory. I must seem greatly intriguing. (Uncharted= Prohibited/Forbidden)

    Maggie: You speak of my love like You have experienced love like mine before. But this is not allowed (because God forbids Angels to have relationships with Humans) You're uninvited. An unfortunate slight.

    Seth: I don't think you unworthy. I need a moment to deliberate. (Deliberate= to think really deep)
    (He then goes to the top of a tall building to jump off ending his life as an Angel and EVOLVING into a Human so he and Maggie can be together as two Humans.) (although Evolving/Evolution is a man made Belief (created by Darwin) and NOT a Biblical Teaching/Belief) ---gloria Houston, Texas and I saw this Movie BEFORE becoming a Jehovah's Witness. Religion: Jehovah's Witness
  • Kelly from London, United Kingdommy interpretation


    Like anyone would be
    I am flattered by your fascination with me

    feels she is overwhelmed by the attention she is getting.. perhaps low self esteem/self worth

    Like any hot-blooded woman
    I have simply wanted an object to crave

    she’s had something lacking her whole life.. so be it love/lust/attention – to divert her mind from reality

    But you, you're not allowed
    You're uninvited
    An unfortunate slight

    she is tainted/almost who ever will come in to her life will turn from gold to dust
    she wants to .. but she knows she will do more damage to that person that enters her life

    Must be strangely exciting
    To watch the stoic squirm

    her existence has been through a lot of pain… a lot of heart ache and well ppl are attracted to that

    Must be somewhat heartening
    To watch shepherd need shepherd

    she is a very strong character/ a façade/ and well is there someone suited to her match….

    But you you're not allowed
    You're uninvited
    An unfortunate slight

    Like any uncharted territory
    I must seem greatly intriguing

    again this person has dark secrets – mysterious – almost like an addiction – and its like a drug.. wanting to get to know some1 like that

    You speak of my love like
    You have experienced love like mine before

    she has been thru hell and back … still in hell.. has her barriers up so high and well the person who is trying to persue her is trying to find mutual grounds

    But this is not allowed
    You're uninvited
    An unfortunate slight

    I don't think you unworthy
    I need a moment to deliberate

    she is slowly considering .. maybe this person is worth a chance…

    now I listen to this song on repeat..

    I feel this song is so related to me.. I have been through hell and back in relationships.. married for 10 yrs in a love less marriage – with violence .. engaged for 4 yrs – violent
    now in a relationship .. the new fella is 7 yrs younger than me..and a fair share of affairs !!!!!!

    this song maybe to do with.. affairs – maybe age difference – but I think ultimately my interpretation is the woman has low self worth… but is such a strong character.. afraid to let go of her emotions her mind her body as maybe she’s been abused/used so she’s been punishing herself and punishing her relationships in the sense she will physically bond with a guy.. but not emotionally.. now after all this time she feels that there is someone who she can connect with on a deeper level.. but she is afraid/scared..to let herself go … ultimately denying herself of that happiness she has always wanted.. true love is such an amazing feeling and not everyone has it.. we settle for a suitor that can provide financially.. and well lifes routine gets on top of you but your soul is craving something deeper…

  • Donna from North Haverhill, NhI think this is about a woman who is with a man - a man she's been with for a while. But only to find out that one of his best friends is into you. . .and he comes onto you - he says, "I want to take you out - you will have the best time of your life". . .she's "betwixted" because she can't stop these feelings - the feelings that she wants to go with him too, but feels guilty because she is with this. . .this guy. "Like anyone would be I am flattered by your fascination with me. . .Like any hot-blooded woman I have simply wanted an object to crave. But you, you're not allowed. She is flattered that he finds her so and
    and wants him, but it's not right! What do I do!? I'm squirming! I can't allow this to happen! Wondering, OMG what do I do? You're
    not allowed! You can't say this! But I want to (which is as bad as going with him, I think)! Have you done this before?
    Will you do it to me? What do I do? He's definitely not unworthy (what I am feeling toward him is the same thing. . .I need a moment
    to deliberate.
  • Betty from Bedford, OhI like the song, I really like the lyrics and Alanis did a great job singing it.
  • Tacey from New Milford, NjIt's not a moment to "liberate". It's a moment to "DEliberate" :
    Engage in long and careful consideration: "she deliberated over the menu".
  • Renay from Buffalo, NyI believe it is about a woman who has strong feelings for a man who is coming onto her out of the blue. She is very attracted to him and wants to believe that he truly feels the same way she does, but she is very cautious because she knows that men say things they don't really feel to get a woman to be intimate with him. She is very flattered and shocked that he wants her too. That is what I believe she means when she sings about the stoic squirming. She doesn't know what to do. She is in shock and she is wrestling with the decision to believe him because she is very turned on, but she is so afraid to get hurt. When she says "You speak of my love like you have experienced love like mine before", she is thinking that this guy is acting like he knows her completely and he is saying everything she wants to hear....She knows that he probably says this stuff to every woman, but he finds her exciting now because he hasn't experienced her before. She is kind of taking the things he says with a grain of salt, but she still is lusting after him so she puts of his advances as long as she can and decides that she may not be able to fight the temptation anymore so it leaves you with her deliberating on either trusting him and just risk it all for a night of pleasure or not to take the chance for love or pleasure. That is what I feel when I listen to this
  • Pibb from Titus, AlSince this song was written for the movie City of Angels I think it is meant to be a conversation between Nicholas Cage's character (Seth the angel) and Meg Ryan's character (Maggie, a surgeon.) They talk to each other in each verse of the entire song.

    (Maggie) Like anyone would be
    I am flattered by your fascination with me
    Like any hot blooded woman
    I have simply wanted an object to crave
    But you, youre not allowed (speaking to Seth, his level of angel emotion is much lower not allowing him to understand human emotions to the same degree)
    Youre uninvited
    An unfortunate slight

    (Seth) Must be strangely exciting
    To watch the stoic squirm
    (Maggie) Must be somewhat heartening
    To watch shepherd meet shepherd (angels in the movie were "shepherds" guiding people as they died into the afterlife just as doctors are like "shepherds" to humans in their current life. atleast thats what i make of it.)
    But you, youre not allowed
    Youre uninvited
    An unfortunate slight

    (Seth) Like any uncharted territory
    I must seem greatly intriguing
    (Maggie)You speak of my love like
    You have experienced love like mine before
    But this is not allowed (because Seth is an angel and does not have the range of emotions that humans have)
    Youre uninvited
    An unfortunate slight

    (Seth) I dont think you unworthy
    I need a moment to deliberate.
    (He then goes the top of a tall building to symbolically jump off ending his life as an angel and emerge as a human so he and Maggie can be together as two humans.)
  • Isaac from Newport Beach, CaFrom what I see in this song this is a woman trying to tease her love interest into higher desire.
    She is telling him/her that she is flattered but only wanted an object to crave. In other words saw him/her as nothing but a casual encounter.
    Now she goes on to say that he/she is uninvited to be with her but that this is an unfortunate slight.
    In other words she doesn't really want to put him/her off but she is letting him/her go to see if they will come back with even more passion.
    Notice, the music increases in passion after this is said.
    Now she tells him/her it must be strangely exciting to see the stoic squirm. Here she is referring to herself trying not to show interest but tearing herself up inside.
    Here is the interesting part where she refers to Shepard meet Shepard - two people that lead the flock.
    This is an alpha meets alpha situation. The union will be really hot when it happens. The music gets more passionate as the sexual tension between the two increases.
    She pushes him her away yet again by saying he/she is not allowed/invited an unfortunate slight. She is killing herself by doing this but knows the end result will be the craving she desires.
    Now the words to the next phrase speak for themselves. When she is showing uncharted territory - using herself as strong bait but still holding him off for even more passion. The music starts to go crazy as I can imagine the sexual tension gets to the point where it is impossible to bear.
    Then the music goes almost silent as if she is finally released. she tells him/her that she doesn't think him/her unworthy giving him hope but then she takes it away again when she says "I need a moment to deliberate."
    The music goes nuts as the passion must as well and then the song completes leaving it open ended and up to your imagination.
  • Jules from Liverpool, United KingdomThis song smacks of the co-dependent and counter- dependent relationship between a narcissist and an inverted narcissist. Engulfment/Rejection insecurities , Mirroring, Manipulation and mind control, Falling for him herself and Pulling away.
  • Harry from Sunnyvale, CaThe meaning I got from this song is comes at the ending of the stanza before the music interlude, and she sings, "I need a moment to liberate," which, to me, refers to the women's liberation movement. So the song is about her criticism of the way feminist treat men.
  • Stephanie from Houston, TxI've always considered this song to be about a stalker. She's really trying to be nice, but she's really rattled at this guy's behavior and wants it to stop. NOW.
  • Desherra from Small Town, Annandale, Mnto john in australia, i completely agree, it seems so simple, and irina in colorado. this is one of my favorite songs.
  • Arielle from Hershey, Pathis song is about rape. "but you, you're not allowed, you're uninvited" "strangely exciting to watch the stoic squirm" this song is definitely about rape.
  • Asdfasdf from Here, TaiwanThis song is about a puppy talking to her vet while on the operating table before surgery. At least, that's how i hear it. :D
  • Kenzi from Riverside, UtOK Here goes... I beleive that a song can mean many different things to people depending on your own personal experiences. My statement here has nothing to do with how or why Alanis wrote it... just what I feel with what I'm going through in my life right now.

    I recently starting dating someone of the same sex and this song really hits the key points of how I feel. I have had relations like this before but never with strings attached or any emotions. This one started the same but has now turned into something more. She is what I would like to call "Obsessed or Fascinated" with me. Reminds me of the line "I am flattered by your facination with me
    Like any hot blooded woman
    I have simply wanted an object to crave"

    Well... I now have feelings for her but don't know if they are just out of lust or not. So while she continues to show me huge amounts of attention and love, I feel in a way ~cornered and rushed~ !
    She wants to hear me say I love her and thats too much for me too quick... as the line states "You speak of my love like
    You have experienced love like mine before" and then to finish it off it ends with "I need a moment to deliberate
    " which means that I am confused and I need to think about wether or not she is really "Uninvited". But this again is just how I perceive the song at this point in my life! If I have offended anyone , I Apologize. I just wanted to get a different perspective out there for those few people that might relate to it or who might read it a different way.

    "The road of life is Rocky and you may stumble too, so while you point your fingers someone else is judging you" -Bob Marly- *Could you be Loved*
  • Fariha from Dhaka, BangladeshWow! very insightful comments. I feel most people have been able to capture the essence of this hauntingly beautiful song.
  • Frank from Desmoines, IaI've always taken this song to mean that there is a guy in love with her, or at least he has expressed feelings, and she likes having someone fascinated with her. Perhaps they have or are sleeping together perhaps not, but she is finding that she is falling in love with him and that's what is 'uninvited', true love. She is torn, she doesn't want to be in love, but she is. While she is in love with this guy, she finds herself rejecting him, because she is rejecting love. But in the end she has to 'deliberate', which leaves the end of the song's narrative open. Does she accept love, does she reject love and the guy?
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnHaunting - that's all I can say!
  • Jackie from Virginia Beach, VaIs there anyone that know what key this song is in? I'm sure it adds to the melancholy and darkness of it. I get a powerful emotion from the instrumental parts alone. They bring a feeling of being torn and under emotional strain. The lyrics and vocals just add to that to produce something rare.
  • Dale from Cambridge, United KingdomHi Folks, it's not really a new subject, but a couple of years ago I split up with the love of my life. After a messy break up we still spoke regularly as we couldn't walk away from one another. I was still in love her deeply, and still am. She told me once that I wasn't allowed to love her anymore because we were no longer in a relationship. I deem this song to be along the same lines and it sparks so much emotion for me because of the music and also because of the emotional denotations it has for me. I basically think about it as a guy hanging on and desperately trying to stay in love with someone and that person getting on with their lives as if nothing has happened. Although Alanis is flattered by the fact that the guy craves for her, she simply cannnot go back on her word and she had ended the relationship for a reason.
  • Katon from Stavanger,I agree with "Cat", at least partially.

    I think it about her finding that a man shows her an almost obsessive-like interest, which he claims to be love, even though he does not even know her.

    He acts like she'd automatically be interested in him as well, and that feels like a violation to her. At the same time, she is flattered by his interest in her, because it is always flattering to realise that you are desired by someone. If it really is true that he is in love with her, she recognises/respects this feeling.

    I think he has come to resent her in some way, since she does not accept him. He believes that she thinks herself above him, which she wants to explain to him is not the case. It's simply that he will probably never be able to incur romantic feelings in her, and she simply can not help that.

    She feels anything but attraction to him. In fact I think she is fighting with her logic against a slight feeling of disgust/resentment that she cannot help but feel towards him. She feels guilty about these feelings.

    It's a very "potent", confronting and aggressive text. The vibe I get when she sings is "Do not touch me, stay away from me. I have not accepted you, so don't act like you are with me. You are violating my personal space. I'm sorry."

    In the end she concludes that she needs to think about this heavily, but I don't think it's that she's saying there is any hope for him. I think it's more that she is confused and maybe a bit rattled, because she doesn't understand his intensity, and she doesn't like the reaction she has to his advances.
  • Mariah from Boston, Mathis song is about someone being into you... and even though you are flattered by it... it doesn't mean he can touch your vagina while you're black out drunk in Osaka

    just sayin'
  • Heather from Salem, CtI always thought it was about a guy who was already involved in a relationship but is showing interest in the woman...because it says "you're not alone"
  • Tom from Dallas, TxI'm not sure if my comments will bring any new insight, but I've always liked this song because it IS about rejection, with a hint of hope at the end. What it really is at its core is a woman unwilling to reveal her mystery to an infatuated suitor. A guy (I suppose it could be a woman) has very professed his feelings for her in a manner that is earnest, but almost too earnest. She's flattered by the attention but the attention seems out of nowhere or unjustified. She knows that infatuations are natural, so in one respect, she's not offended. She doesn't have anything against the guy, and she's not opposed to passionate relationships, but she's just not "there" with him. However, despite being flattered, the more she thinks about it, the obsession he has with her is just plain weirding her out. She's especially put off by the notion that the guy thinks he understands what her love would be like. She feels violated by such a conceit. For that to be true, then her love, the past experiences that make her who she is, are not a mystery and are not unique. She's capable of loving very deeply and very intensely, but in her mind, it is to be reserved for someone else. She wants to remain a mystery, doesn't want to be figured out or put together like a puzzle. She wishes to remain unchartered territory, even though she understands its the very nature of wanting to know someone better that drives new love. Again, she doesn't think the fella is beneath her or not worth her time, just not necessarily for her. But, if there really isn't anything wrong with the guy, then what could it hurt to maybe open the door just a little bit and entertain the possibility of letting this guy in? This song really strikes a chord with me because I'm always afraid that this sense of being uninvited is how I might be perceived when I find myself secretly admiring someone. All the more reason to just knock (invited or not) and ask the question before things become in the mind much more than they really are.
  • Bertrand from Paris, FranceThis is one of Alanis Morissette's most memorable, and lyrically uncluttered, songs. The gothic, foreboding musical textures match well with her vocal intensity.
  • John from Perth, Australia
    IMHO, It is about a woman who's once loved deeply (love like mine before) but was hurt and is afraid that she would get hurt again. Now, she's only interested in random play (I have simply wanted an object to crave) and doesn't want to be emotionally involved (the stoic).

    Meanwhile, someone, who is in a sense like her (To watch shepherd meet shepherd/the stoic) falls for her (the stoic squirm).

    At first she didn't even notice his feelings for her nor her feelings for him and if she knew, she would have walked away (You're uninvited/An unfortunate slight).

    She doesn't want to open up to him "But you, you're not allowed/But this is not allowed" yet she likes him (I am flattered by your fascination with me/ I don't think you are unworthy) and kinda wants to be with him (Must be strangely exciting / must be somewhat heartening/ the stoic squirm).

    She is confused (like any uncharted territory) and overwhelmed (you're uninvited), doesn't know what to do and need time to think over it (I need a moment to deliberate).
  • Lara from Marietta, GaIt's about same-sex attraction. The singer is approached by another woman and is uneasy/deeply ambivalent but flattered/intrigued despite herself.
  • Zac from Fenton , Mishe is humbly stating her discontent as in all women,but she recognizes skill and confidence in him as he watches the stoic squirm they are both idols to the comman man [shepard meets shepard] but she contineus to be catuise all the while hoping hes the man of her dreams. then gets defensive over the greatness of her love finaly lowering her gaurd to risk great sorrow for a moment of great passion as all women do
  • Gitte from Beek, NeThis song in this film is about two twin souls, who meet again in this new life, so they could learn from - and acomplish eachother.(don´t know if I use the right words here, my english is not so good..)
    They were meant to meet again... and despite they lose eachother here by `dead` (the other side), so they will finally meet again in a next life. But meanwhile have still contact by there intuition!
  • Carol Ann from Warren, MiI Know for me it was a very difficult time, when my mom was going to re-marry my father, after he sexually abused me for years, icluding intercourse @ 10 yrs of age.(yes she knew) I had not seen my dad for many years, but my mom was bringing him back. I felt that he was UNINVITED at least by me anyway...
  • Randy from Jackson, MiI feel that this girl has been thru all kinds of pain from past love failures.. She has made up her mind that no man will ever steel her heart again. And this guy came along and stole her heart before she could say get away from me... So now she says your not alloud, your uninvited...
    Randy, Jackson, Michigan
  • Beth from Worcester, EnglandThis song wasn't from Jagged Little Pill.
  • Dara from Denver, CoAlanis wrote this song based off of a semi-obsessed fan who had a "fascination" with her.
  • Irina from Denver, CoHere it is...
    This song (from "City of Angels") is a woman speaking to an angel who is in love with her. The angel is ready to abandon his immortality for her; she recognizes his love for her but also is unsure whether she should encourage it, knowing what he is giving up for her. "I need a moment to deliberate..." whether she should let him take this devastating step into humanity to be with her. The angel is "uninvited" because, as long as he is an angel, he is not able to enjoy the colors, sounds, smells, tastes that humans are privy to. This angel wants more--to know these things, and to know love with this woman.

    This is an amazing song that captures the whole of the heart of this movie.
  • Alisha from Newberg, OrIt is my opinion that this song is about being tempted by something (or someone) that is wanted explicitly and over anything else; but then, when faced with the opportunity of actually achieving this, the person is not sure whether that is really what he/she wants, because he/she realizes the danger it ensues. (I use he/she and speak objectively as a writer myself, and this song - keep in mind - may not necessarily be about Alanis herself.)
  • Lily from Athens, Gai agree with missy... its about this person who comes into your life who is very open about their feelings for you, almost zealous and you can totally see yourself loving/being with this person but for some reason or another, its wrong to you (at least in this moment)
  • Matthew from Marquette, MiI think it's about a guy that is in love with a girl, but the girl doesn't love him back. She thinks of him as a friend. She says "I don't think you unworthy", which I take to mean that doesn't dislike him, she just doesn't have strong feelings for him. It's about rejection, but this time about the rejector, not the rejected (which is refreshing, considering today's music scene).
  • Nat from Auckland, New ZealandI reckon that it's about a guy who is intreged by this girl, not in love with her. And coz it's something to do, he makes a move on her. "Like any uncharted territory, I must seem greatly intriguing" - She's completely flattered by the attention at first but then realises that it wasn't anything serious to him, he just wanted to see if he could get some: "Like any one would be, I am flattered by your facination with me,
    Like any hot blooded woman,I have simply wanted an object to crave."
    The song is about the girl realising that she got sucked in and feeling like crap for getting dragged into the whole thing :"You speak of my love like You have experienced love like mine before" and now she REALLY regrets it: "But this is not allowed, You're uninvited, An unfortunate slight".
    My take, anyway :)
  • Cat from Guelph, CanadaI believe this song is about a combination of these ideas already mentioned. This man really likes this girl and is almost obsessed with her. She likes him liking her, but she can't like him back for some reason. This reason may be that she is involved already or something similar. He is not allowed liking her, hinting to the fact that she may be already involved. In the end she has fallen a little for this man and has to think about whether she wants to be with him.
  • Nickc from Ft. Wayne, InA girl I was once involved with basically took it along the lines of reluctant love. In other words, there's the guy that really loves the girl singing and she appreciates it, but isn't that interested -- and yet she keeps finding him working his way into her heart, "uninvitd." Then, of course, at the end, she needs "a moment to deliberate."
  • Hugh from Dallas, Txisn't it about a stalker?
  • India from Blackpool, Englandi think she is just talking about how she knows the guy really likes her.
    and she does want somebody to love, but not that person eg. " but this is not allowed, your uninvited"?
  • Missy Smith from Tucson, AzLeslie

    I think this song is about a person coming into your life that you love, but you try hard not to, for one reason or another. Or so it seems to me. missy anne
  • Leslie from Azle, TxDoes anyone know what this song means?
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