Four Pink Walls

Album: Four Pink Walls (2015)
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  • Alessia Cara had the idea for this song prior to her music career taking off, but she wrote a big chunk of it more recently now she's away from home a lot. "I wanted to tell the story while it was happening," she told MTV News. "I wrote the rest of it on the way to the studio in the car."

    "This one is more personal to my life and what I went through but anyone who has a dream or a goal can relate," Cara continued. "When you wake up in a different place every day, you forget where you are sometimes. I used to hate being in my room all the time, but now I wish I could just go back there, so I can just be normal for even a day. It's like bittersweet feelings."
  • The four pink walls represent Cara's childhood bedroom, where she spent much of her time. "I was constantly in my room, I wouldn't do much else," she told iHeartRadio. "I was pretty much a loner as a child, and I always aspired to do all these amazing things with my life, and I had all these big dreams, but my dreams were way bigger than what I was doing, and they were way bigger than my life at the time. So I was so oblivious and ignorant to the life outside of my four pink walls.

    Then, once my dreams came true, and everything that I wanted came true, like right now, it's happening slowly. I'm starting to realize how I'm seeing those walls less, and less, and less, and that can be a very contradicting feeling. Because it can be happy, obviously it's a great thing, but then also I start to realize how much I miss them now. So it's just about that, and about me wanting to live my dream."
  • Alessia Cara is especially proud of this track as it was the first song that she had written completely by herself. She told "It was just me and a producer with me dictating everything so that feels like a personal accomplishment."
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