Alex Clare

September 14, 1985
  • Alexander George Clare was born in Southwark, London and grew up listening to his father's music. "I spent a lot of time with my dad listening to jazz records and going to jazz concerts," he told Spinner. "For an English person, I think I have a weird vocal tone because I learned to sing through blues and soul records."
  • Alex attended Westminster Kingsway College, where he studied to be a chef taking a NVQ in catering. The celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver, Ainsley Harriott and Antony Worrall Thompson are all notable alumni as are the musicians Eliza Doolittle, Jah Wobble and the late Sid Vicious.
  • Alex took up the trumpet and drums as a youngster. As he grew older he graduated to guitar-based songwriting, playing gigs with original material under the stage name of Alexander G. Muertos. He adopted his current moniker, Alex Clare, in 2010.
  • A demo earned Alex a deal with the Island label and a debut album, The Lateness of the Hour, was released in July 2011. Following the disappointing performance of the LP, Alex was dropped from his record contract. Forced to re-evaluate his career, he moved to Israel to sell real estate for a spell. "I was in a drought. I went back to school in Israel," he told USA Today. "I was taking a few months off, to chill out for a bit."
  • In March 2012 Alex's song "Too Close" went viral after it was picked by Microsoft for their Internet Explorer 9 ad campaign. Once it started appearing in the charts, the owners of Island, Universal Republic signed Alex to a distribution deal that allowed The Lateness Of The Hour to be released in America.
  • Alex is an Orthodox Jew and adheres to laws that prohibit work on the Sabbath from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday. "It definitely bolsters you in hard times," he told Spinner regarding his faith. "There's the expression of 'betochen,' which means, trust or, or what ever happens, happens for the right reason -- that's a fundamental part of Judaism.
    "No matter how bad things can seem, it's just the way it has to be at that time. When you realize that, you take that understanding upon yourself. It becomes a lot easier to deal with the blows of life."
  • Alex briefly dated his fellow Jew, Amy Winehouse, for about a year in the mid 2000s. They met while he was performing and working at a bar she frequented, the Hawley Arms in Camden, North London. After they broke up, Alex sold his story to the British tabloid newspaper News of the World which published it under the headline "Bondage Crazed Amy Just Can't Beehive in Bed."
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