From The Inside

Album: From The Inside (1978)


  • From the Inside is a concept album about Cooper's stay in a psychiatric rehab facility where he went to treat his alcoholism in 1977-1978. The entire album is about the people he met there and his recovery.

    The lyrics on "From the Inside" reflect on Cooper's stay in rehab: "I'm stuck here on the inside looking out, I'm just another case.Where's my makeup where's my face on the inside."
  • Unlike many image-conscious rockers, Cooper has never been reluctant to hire pop hitmakers to help him out. The album was produced by David Foster, who has been at the controls for albums by Mariah Carey, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion.
  • This rock-pop track was written by Cooper, Dick Wagner, Bernie Taupin and David Foster. Wagner was a guitarist and songwriter in Cooper's band and has co-written several tracks with the shock rocker. The two usually collaborated on ballads, including the hit tracks "Only Women Bleed" and "You and Me." Taupin is a well-known lyricist, singer and poet. He is most recognized for his work as Elton John's lyricist.

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  • Cormac Zoso from Hebron, InThis is one of Alice's absolute best albums. A true classic. It spoke from a very rough but important part of his life. If not for this, we wouldn't have the elder statesman of horror/glam/fright metal to still enjoy today.

    Also no one ever seems to mention that this was co-written by the imitable and legendary Bernie Taupin who wrote the lyrics for all those incredible Elton John albums in the 70s ... one of the best lyricists EVER.
  • Markshark from Denver, CoI had the extremely lucky good fortune to see Alice's last concert in Denver at the end of his LIVE SHOW tour, which was Alice's final record before getting sober and subsequently releasing From The Inside (my friends & I all thought he lost his sinister aura from then on). We had no idea at the time that Alice was slated for de-tox -- we were treated by a surprise at the end of the concert, when the entire cast of the show, including members of opening act Styx, roadies and all, gathered on stage; an announcement was made that Alice was going straight from McNichols Sports Arena to be committed to rehab after the show. Alice was then strapped in a harness and hoisted into the air above the stage, and everyone took a turn spraying him with agitated champagne bottles - a priceless and spectacular memory!!! Unfortunately, I had exposed too much of my smuggled super-8 film recording Styx, and I ran out just at the end of Alice Cooper's set -- therefor I had no way to document Alice's last intoxicated minutes for posterity - something I will forever regret. Cheryl was a dancer in this show, and the supporting lineup boasted the magnificent guitar duo of Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner; the album, The LIVE Alice Cooper Show is a fantastic record of this awesome lineup! While I am a diehard fan of the Original Alice Cooper Band, this "LIVE Show" lineup did an incredibly amazing job of rendering the essential early hits; it's well-worth seeking-out this record on vinyl or CD, your effort will be rewarded with some killer guitar tracks by two fairly unknown masters!
  • Wylde-carde from Guelph, OnActually it was a mental hospital he checked into since Alcohol rehab centers didn't exist back then.
  • Veronica from Sudbury, CanadaHe wrote How You Gonna See Me Now because he was worried about how Cheryl would see him, not From The Inside
  • Danielle from Angleton, TxWhen Alice was released from rehab, it was the first time his wife, Cheryl had never seen him sober. He wrote this song because he was worried she didn't know him.
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