Acid Bubble

Album: Black Gives Way To Blue (2009)


  • asked vocalist William DuVall to comment on this song. He replied: "That's a cool one; that's a Cantrell deal that I really dig. It came really late in the process; that was actually one of the last ones that got spat out. It came pretty much fully formed and I dig it. That's one of the ones that we're playing in the set every night; I always have a great time playing and singing that one. That's one that I use to try and really fire the folks up."
  • Alice in Chains introduced an "interactive music video experience" for this song. Produced by Spy Films, according to the press release, director Nick Goso "created an interactive space where users manipulate their perspective and experience 360-degree environments."

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  • Mike from Atlanta, GaBrian from Boston, why don't you spend your time giving love to your favorite bands than bashing our favs.?
  • Matt from North Kingstown, RiAwesome song. I love how this Brian kid has nothing else better to do then go on this website and bash such a great band. If they're so bad, do something yourself you waste of life.
  • Brian from Boston, MaMore miserable noise from a miserable band
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