Love, Hate, Love


  • Written by Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell, this song is about when you love and hate someone at the same, and all the emotions in between. >>
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  • E. Smith from Mason Dixon Line Ky/tmFirst thing out the gate. I believe I've read every commit. I'm glad so many others feel the same as I do about Layne.. well almost because damnit man not one evened mentioned the greatest vocal performance of layne and the chains everyone get ready to slap yourselfs lol. love hate love.You want to know how good this young man could sing simply listen to this track . I'll never get to here him live . One of biggest regrets ever. I would have traded all to he other bands I've come to see to trade it for a front row ticket to be right against his moniters.. the show that they played at the Moore jn 91 . . The. Video is on you tube. This man comes out to open the show with it.. no warm up ,not s--t. He sang incredible on all there songs.confusion is really great too. I can't remember, another haunting Staley jaw dropper. Nutshell. Just to name a little range of softness.ill be cruisified on here but I don't even like listening to rooster anymore. Haven't in years now. Now keep in in mind I've been a fan listening since 91. I skip it . There i said it. You don't want to be the one who says .hey can you play rooster? Lol bleed the freak maybe a close second to love hate love. Rip Layne. I got the balls to say it. How come only Mike star seemed to be the only one who seemed to come by and check on Layne.? They got into an argument on Mike's birthday .Mike later recanted later that he could here Layne yelling don't leave , don't leave like this .more than likely because Mike seen what suppose to be like a brother weighing 86 lbs. He wanted to save him . I know I would have. Layne knowing the end was near. The saddest of all is as I sit in my own angry chair it wrenches my heart to know how it feels to be left by friends that no one even knew he died. It took the album's company account to be the one who noticed. They hadn't been no money withdrawnn from his account in 2weeks. If it hadn't been for him .how long till a "brother " found him. It was his poor mother. Who did.. I digress.i know I'll probably be the whipping boy for all the "fans" . Keep your heaven beside you..
  • Pamedictim from DelawareThe best of Layne, hands down. He felt this, Demri is a big reason he used, thatvand his inside insecurities.
    Amazing voice and a likable guy, Goddam shame.
  • Craig from NjJoe in Georgia, u r right on, best Staley song ever.
  • Egeberk from Istanbul, TurkeyI think it's about a man who is so addicted to his lover that he can't leave her even he has biting memoirs which makes him hate her. Layne's vocal is so strong that one can believe that this song is about his real feelings. Showing conflicting emotions like love and hate with such a powerful vocal is the reason why layne is one of the bests.
  • Joseph from Canton, GaTo go with what I said above it's kinda like when you love someone so much but they did you wrong or hurt you so bad the only way to get over them is to hate them (or try to). To me this is vocally Laynes best song.. I mean WOW he puts some power, feeling, and emotion in this song.. This is one of my all time favorite alice songs that you will NEVER hear on the radio.. It's a damn shame to..
  • Justin from A Place, CtI think it's about a psychopath in love
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