Private Hell

Album: Black Gives Way To Blue (2009)
  • Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell wrote this song, which is often thought to be about the last days of the band's original singer, Layne Staley, who struggled throughout his career with drug addiction, which eventually led to him overdosing and dying in April 2002.

    Speaking with FaceCulture in 2009, Cantrell said that it is about something completely different. "It's about me breaking up with a girl that I loved a lot, and I wasn't man enough to go through with it."

    The line, "I excuse myself, I'm used to my little cell," relates to how he wasn't ready to move on to something new.

    Cantrell points out that his songs can relate to whoever is listening to it in their own personal way.

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  • Justin Case from Baltimore, MdBrian needs to get a life. Apparently he has too much time, enough so as to look up band he "doesn't like". In reality, he IS a huge Alice fan(but a closet fan). That closet has to be getting cramped with his skeletons and gay tendencies. Come out Brian. He's too embarrassed cause he doesn't want the other "Beliebers" to know he likes AIC.
  • Matt from North Kingstown, RiWow Brian, you have literally written on a lot of these songs about a band you don't even like. First off, thats pathetic. Why would you want to look up these song meanings about a band you don't like? And yes, AIC does have a lot of songs about drugs because thats what many of them have suffered through, but they have a lot of other songs that don't deal with it. You apparantly have not heard the album Facelift. Try being a former addict and have one of your best friends die from it, what the hell else would you even want to write about? Do us all a favor and shut up.
  • Brian from Boston, MaHey Alice in Chains enough songs about heroin already.I think you pretty much covered that territory. Try writing about something else the 90's are over.You guys are millionaires now stop being so miserable.there's a new thing in music it's called melody you should try it
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