Shame In You

Album: Alice in Chains (1995)


  • Depending on how perceived, this song could be about losing hope or finding peace. The singer sounds like he is feeling inner pain, but continues to have faith. >>
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    David Mola - Martinsburg, WV

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  • Isaac from UtahAndrew nailed it that was the best description
  • Samuel from Classified, AlI think this song is about someone admitting their guilt, not anything particular, just telling someone their mistakes, and letting the other person not get the best of them. Similar to what Andrew said.
  • Kell from Atown, PaI think it's about addicts accusing eachother of being more addicted than the other.

    Similar to (supposedly Layne's message to his father) Sludge Factory: "Things go well, your eyes dilate, you shake, and I'm high?"

    I think it may have also been a message to Demri "Now the body of one soul I adore wants to die You have always told me you'd not live past 25"

    She would have been about 24 when that was out. Just after their breakup and around the time of her first heart surgery.

    Anyway... "Shame... " is about the saddest (melodically) song I've heard in years.
  • Gema from Riverside, CaAgreed with Andrew....and Michelle cuando esta terminando la cancion, no se, ay algo, bien triste, pero a la misma vez calmadita
  • Andrew from Lanoka Harbor, Njthis song more then any other AIC song shows layne's brilliance. the song is about how people point out other people's flaws to comfort their own insecurities, and how even when you are in the right, its still not helpful to point out someone else's mistakes. layne enlightens us by saying that in order to have inner peace you must first realize that everyone makes mistakes and loose your instince to point out others mistakes ( "and you must change patterns all we trained, or ne'r regain peace you seek") i compare people pointing out others mistakes to make themselves feel better to bullying. Bullies pick on other kids to make themselves feel better. But unbenounced to them, the fix is only temporary, they must come to terms with their own mistakes to truly be at peace. Layne also shows us that when someone points our one of your mistakes, you should avoid your initial reaction of firing back at them, because by listening to what they have to say and not stooping to thier level you benefit both parties, because it forces them to deal with the monkey on their back now that you have admitted fault. "my sins ill claim, give you back shed paid, go find a place for your own shame. " meaning you wont dump your shame on me, you have to go deal with your demons, as do I. BRILLIANT!
  • Kermsit from Plainfield, IlThis song is soooooo sad man i cry everytime listening to it....Its sooo depressing!
    Body's moving only proving no one needed to move still believing yet mistaken all god's children YEAH!!
  • Dan from Cleveland, Ohi find this song hard to interpret...initially it sounds as if someone is admiting his mistakes and trying to help someone viewing from the outside to understand how these mistakes might be if saying "this is just how I am"
  • Æron from Shepherdstown, WvThis song is (to me) an angst ridden cry to everyone who hypocritically looks down on you for the mistakes that you've made, even if they've done the same thing (and if not who's to judge what's right and wrong). It's too late to say now, but maybe if more people would have taken sympathy on Layne for his problems and reached out to help instead of just writing him off as another junkie grunge singer things would be different now... but probably not.
  • Danny from Des Moines, IaYes I love this here tune. That's not really a fact about it, though, but I'm glad somebody's thinking about it.

    Here's a fact: This song kicks ass!
  • Michelle from Vallarta, Mexicothis song has became one of my fav AIC songs
    I love the ending part...kind of fades away slowy.
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