Go Ahead

  • "Go Ahead" is a collaboration with Marsha Ambrouos from the duo Floetry.
  • The lyrics to this song appear to be about a deceitful lover, but Keys told the New York Times September 9, 2007 that they go deeper than that. She explained, "It's more than that. Lately I've been into taking social or political issues or problems or general ideas and making them people, so that it comes off as if I'm speaking about a relationship, but I'm really speaking about a world issue."
  • According to Billboard magazine, Ambrouos said of this song: "It'll have you standing up and throwing a fist into the air."
  • Mark Batson, who has also worked with the R&B artist Anthony Hamilton, is another accredited co-writer on this track. In an interview with BET.com, Alicia Keys said what a pleasure it was to collaborate with him: "Mark Batson who's the only person I can play Chopin with and then listen to say, GZA. Only person! So that was a great collaboration."


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