We Are Here

Album: Not Released On An Album (2014)
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  • This stripped-down piano track finds Keys detailing some of the world's current problems.

    Let's talk about Chi-town
    Let's talk about Gaza
    Let's talk about, let's talk about
    Let's talk about Israel
    'Cause right now it is real
    Let's talk about
    Let's talk about Nigeria
    And it's mass hysteria

    Keys penned the song when she was pregnant with her second child. "The day I wrote this song, I was sitting in a circle of people of all ages and we were asked, 'Why are you here." Why am I here?? This really hit me on a deep level," she explained. "I realized no one had ever asked me that question before."

    "As I prepare to give birth to a new child, I can't help and think about the world I'm bringing my baby into," Keys continued. "No matter where we come from, when we see the state of the world today, we can all feel the growing frustration and desire to make a difference. And we all have a voice – we just need to know how to make it heard."'

    I have a vision that I believe is more than a dream, that I know can be our reality," she concluded. "I believe in an empowered world community built on the true meaning of equality - where we are all considered one people, regardless of race, religion, gender, zip code, belief system or sexual orientation."
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