Cold, Cold Earth

Album: The Hardest Part (2000)
  • The final track on The Hardest Part runs straight on from the previous song, "Feeling That Feeling Again." Written in waltz time, it is an Allison Moorer solo composition.

    If it sounds morose, that is for a very good reason: it is both autobiographical and based on a terrible tragedy. Allison Moorer is the older sister of Shelby Lynne, who is mentioned herein. On August 12, 1986, their father Vernon Franklin Moorer murdered his wife (their mother), Lynn, then turned the gun on himself.
  • In a February 2003 interview published in the UK edition of Cosmopolitan, Allison said of this concept album: "The song that really defines it, is 'Cold, Cold Earth.'" She added, "It's not the easiest song for me to perform live, but I want to share who I am with people who come to see me, and the loss of my parents is a big part of that." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2


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