Album: The Century of Self (2009)
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  • Singer Conrad Keely told The Skinny that this song "is about Theophany – heavenly music." He explained: "It was inspired by a documentary I was watching on TV about Mormons, and after I'd read the book Under the Banner of Heaven, a very scathing indictment of Mormonism and a crazy story. Basically, the founder of church, Joseph Smith, had a vision, which he described as hearing the song of angels. I've always wondered – because of the universality of music and the way it's governed by laws we didn't invent, I guess I took that one step further to ask the question - if we're governed by these universal laws here, what would music sound like that was made by aliens? Or what would music be like that was made by beings of a spiritual nature – non-material beings?"
  • An alternative version of this song can be found on the band's 2008 Festival Thyme EP.
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