Album: The Century of Self (2009)
  • I was standing on the shore, facing an open sea
    I was listening to the sound of the waves breaking
    And I thought of all the words that they were whispering
    And it kept changing

    I was standing in the midst of a great company
    Listening to the voices in ecstasy
    And I watched as all creation was sang into being
    And it kept changing
    And it was changing

    And all at once I caught a pulse and felt a rhythm
    And I thought of the song of the ages
    Then the balance slipped and opened up the season
    And I felt like raging

    I was staring at the clouds, the rain began to fall softly
    Filling up the rivers in Texas
    And I thought of you and maybe you once thought of me
    We were changing
    And we kept changing

    And all at once I saw a hole into the future
    And I thought of the bells of creation
    I heard the voice of God coming in the music
    And I felt like Satan
    And I felt like Satan

    We were standing on the shore, facing an open sea
    Listening the sound of the waves breaking
    And I turned to you and said "we should never leave"
    We were changing Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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