Come Home


  • "Come Home" is a haunting rhythmic soul number where Anderson Paak pleads for his lover to come back to him.

    I'm beggin' you
    I'm beggin' you, please, come home
    No one even begs anymore
  • André 3000 supplies a guest verse at the end when it becomes clearer why the pair broke up.

    What are you, WWF?
    We fightin', we might need counseling
    Possibly moreso me

    André's comparison of the lady to a professional wrestler indicates there had been conflict in their relationship.

    You know I'm sufferin', I do miss my friend
    I don't like my fin bent up, Tilikum, well, that's ill-informed
    Sweet stuff, Willa Wonk', we stuck, Billabong
    'Least at minimum we gon' get along

    By the end of the song, André has gone from wanting to renew the romance to making peace and re-establishing friendship.
  • Speaking to Beats 1's Julie Adenuga, Paak recalled his long wait for André's verse, during which he doubted the collaboration would happen. "I felt like I was writing where it was like, 'Day three, still no André. Sorry, Mom. He hasn't delivered. Day four, still haven't heard from André. Hopes are still optimistic, but... Week seven, this is complete bulls--t. No signs of André.'"

    When André finally sent over his verse, it surprised Paak how much his spitfire flow deviated from the rest of his hazy track. "The first time, it was just like, 'What? Did you have to go that hard? Did he say Billabong? Damn,'" he said. "There's still some lines I can't even decipher… genius."
  • This won Best R&B Performance at the 2020 Grammy Awards. Paak also took home the Best R&B Album prize for Ventura.


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