She'd Say

  • Andy Grammer wrote this uplifting lullaby for his baby daughter Louisiana. It was written in memory of his late mother, who died when he was 25.

    You never got to meet your grandma did ya?
    Every night, I got you kissin' on her picture
    Cuts me up that you will never listen
    To the sweet, sweet sound of her voice

    Grammer explained to People that he wrote the track imagining what his mom would say to Louisiana. "The whole song is about little pieces of advice, like 'You're beautiful, but don't overplay that card' or 'You're spiritual, so don't forget that part,'" Grammar said.
  • The Naive album has a loose theme running though it of Andy Grammer defending his unshakable positivity. His inspiration for this song was to find the beauty in the pain of losing his mom when he was still relatively young. The singer explained to People he hopes to bring a hope to his fans who may be struggling. "If you believe that bad things happen to you to make you stronger, that shifts your perspective," he said. "You go to the gym to work out and you're literally breaking and tearing muscles so that they get stronger. That's a part of this life."
  • The song features vocals by Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The South African choral group are best known for their collaborations with Paul Simon on his 1986 Graceland album.

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  • Gary Thomas from Virginia, UsaThank You for She'd Say. What a beautiful Song. My adult kids with small kids Love it!
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