All The More Reason

Album: Between God And Country (2007)
  • "It really is not so much where we're going as what we're taking with us. And when we count the reasons for the things that we do, when we follow our paths, that's what this song is about," explains singer/songwriter Andy Hersey.

    On his ranch in Sonoita, Arizona, over a holiday a few years ago, Andy and his good friend Roger Clyne were enjoying coffee one morning in the quiet of the beginning of a new day, discussing the idea for this song. "We were just outside the barn where I keep my anvil, my little blacksmith shop. I was telling him about this idea for a song, about how everything we see as we look around right now is just all the more reason to be thankful, all the more reason for things to progress. Everywhere we look we can find another reason for love, we can find another reason to care, another place to be needed, another place where we can make a difference in life as people. And that's just all the more reason to show benevolence, to teach, to learn, to gather, to cast away whatever we know." It was right about then that Roger's young son came running barefoot through a field scattered with a hundred years worth of rusty nails. "He's got a bow and arrow in his hand or something, and he's wanting to show his dad something. And he has no regard for any of the sharp rocks or any of the stuff that could happen to his feet. And he just tears right across it and walks right up and starts talking to his dad about the feathers on the end of his arrow or whatever." And he made it unscathed. "I just looked at Roger and said, 'There's all the more reason.' And we just started writing it. And we combined that into the first time we ever fell in love, the first time we ever saw the sparkle in our future wives' eyes, the first time we ever thought, Hey, she might think I'm cute. That type of thing. And it was terrific. We got to reminisce on all of our favorite feelings. So we ended up writing that song." (Read more in the Andy Hersey interview.)


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