Caught In A Mosh

Album: Among the Living (1987)
  • In this song, Anthrax relates getting caught in a mosh pit to dealing with stubborn, annoying person. When you get stuck in a mosh pit, it can be frustrating and can wear you down in a hurry. >>
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    Nick K - Longmont, CO
  • The song is ranked number 29 on VH1's list of the 40 Greatest Metal Songs.
  • The master recording of this song appears in both Guitar Hero: Smash Hits and Rock Band 3.
  • The song came from an Anthrax guitar tech hurting his back in the pit. While being treated by paramedics, he yelled "Dude, I got caught in a mosh!"
  • Charlie Benante told Artist Direct in a 2016 interview that this is his favorite song to play live. He explained: "Since the song was first written and recorded, it's been in the set list and it's always been a number that gets people going crazy.

    And it's fun to play; there are different elements of the song that I love. I especially love when the song kicks in it has this really cool, I would call it an 'AC/DC-type of beat' except a little faster. But there are just elements of the song that keep me interested and I know the audience loves that song."

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  • Dylan from Euclid, Ohwhen i went to a anthrax consert in 1984 this song was played and i broke a few bones in the mosh pit :)
  • Aaron from Seattle, WaI love the bass intro the best.
  • Christopher from Santiago, ChileAwww... the crowd... er... I mean... THE MOSH PLEASER SONG!!! Whenever I hear this one, I go wild. This song can energize anyone =).
  • Cody from Perry, NyGreat song. One of Anthrax's best!
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