Album: Spreading The Disease (1985)
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  • As the title suggests, this song takes place in a mental institution. The song is about how they take over your life when you're there, and you're "trapped in a nightmare."
  • The video is set in an insane asylum, with deranged patients running rampant. It's hardly the first time a video used such a scene ("Metal Health" by Quiet Riot comes to mind), but the Anthrax clip is both outrageous and gritty, showing the crazies in fetid conditions. According to press materials from the band, the video was banned by MTV, who believed the clip to be degrading towards the mentally ill.
  • The song checks in at number 46 on VH1's 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs.
  • This appears in the video games Rock Band (as downloadable content), Guitar Hero II and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

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  • Diverdriver from Petaluma, CaDoctor Greg House says this could be about a prison. Watch the video and listen to the lyrics. It's about a nuthouse. "4 walls surround me" - a prison cell has 3 walls and bars. Definitely about a mental institution which is probably where Doctor should be!
  • Buggrithall from Mindyourownbusiness, United KingdomDamn fine song like virtually all Anthrax prior to 'State of Euphoria'
  • Doctor Greg House from Princeton-plainsboro, NjThis song really sucks. The above poster says the song is about a mental institution but it could also very well be about a prison.
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