Dance Little Liar

  • Eight out of ten tracks on Humbug were produced by Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme in the Mojave Desert and LA This disturbing reflection on guilt and duplicity was the track that persuaded Homme to be the man behind the controls. Frontman Alex Turner explained to Uncut magazine: "We'd met him a couple of times and played a show together [in Houston in October 2007] and wondered then if he'd be up for producing us. We sort of forgot about it, but when we had about six songs together, Laurence [Bell] from our label said, "Would you still be interested in doing something with Josh?" We sent him the demos and as soon as he heard the first bit of the tune "Dance Little Liar" he said, 'You've got to come to the desert.'"
  • This song builds to an immense climax, complete with rocking guitar solo. Turner told Uncut that the guitar solos that feature on Humbug were down to Homme's influence. Said Turner: "He was really encouraging in every department but one thing that's really apparent is the guitars. Both him and (engineer) Alain Johannes are terrific guitarists. We've always been reluctant to approach guitar solos for longer than a few seconds but they gave us the confidence to… rip it up."
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  • Delin The Felon from San Diego, CaHumbug is such an underrated album!
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