Piledriver Waltz

Album: Suck It And See (2011)


  • Arctic Monkeys' vocalist Alex Turner wrote and performed five songs for the soundtrack of Submarine, the 2011 feature film of Richard Ayoade, who has directed some of the band's music videos. This tune is one of the quintet that he penned for the movie. Turner told NME: "This one is on the Submarine soundtrack although I didn't write it specifically for that. I had a couple of things lying around that were too quiet to be Monkeys tunes – well, that's what I thought, anyway. So I said, what about these and Richard liked them. But then we were putting this together and I really thought it might fit in with 'Thunderstorms' and 'Suck It and See.' So we thought why not just do another version (recorded with the full band) because the one on Submarine is just me and James (Ford, producer), he played drums and there's some strings and stuff on it. I think doing that Submarine album did lead me into some of the songs on this album too."


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