That's Where You're Wrong

Album: Suck It And See (2011)
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  • This was one of the last tracks the band laid down for Suck It and See. Turner told NME: "It were all about having the words not get in the way of this one. That were one of the last ones we did when we were in London before Christmas. We did it in one day. It's a bit like '505' – that tune on the second album, where it's just two chords all the way through and we'd wanted to do a tune like that again for a while. There's loads of good examples of that like that LCD Soundsystem 'All My Friends' tune.
    It's just the two chords that build and build. But for a while I didn't have words for that – I was just singing 'Edge and Bono.' There's a demo of it somewhere where it's mostly 'Edge and Bono.' I dunno what else to say about that one. It were a bit of a late runner that one but it worked out."
  • The song finds Turner singing: "She looks as if she's blowing a kiss at me and suddenly the sky is a scissor…" Most of Suck It and See was written in the fourth-floor New York flat, Turner shared at the time with his girlfriend Alexa Chung. He told Q magazine: "There's quite a bit of sky in there. Maybe cos I was writing at that angle I was on the fourth floor, I guess it's the first time I've not written on the ground floor."


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