It's Time Now

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  • A November 2009 article in the Morning Star newspaper said of this Aruba Red composition: "she deals with the lingering effects of British colonialism, singing: 'Africa, all our motherland, forced to beg from the hand that enslaved her.'"
    The Morning Star is a Communist newspaper, so it should come as no surprise that it blames the wicked Imperialists for all the evils of the world. It is of course arguable that the British Empire enslaved Africa, leaving aside the fact that African chiefs sold their own people into slavery, and that slavery had already been around for thousands of years before then. But if the British Empire is to be condemned for condoning slavery, might it not also be condoned for helping to eradicate it?
    And "Imperialism" had little to do with the Rwandan genocide, or the countless atrocities that have been committed the length and breadth of the Dark Continent since African nations were granted their independence. Get real, guys. And girl. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England
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