Bible And A .44

Album: Jalopies & Expensive Guitars (2016)
  • "Bible and A .44" was written by Ashley McBryde about her father, who taught her how to hunt, pray, and spot a lie. He carried a Bible a .44 pistol, meaning he was a godly man you didn't want to cross.

    McBryde recorded the song for her 2016 Jalopies & Expensive Guitars EP. It generated a buzz when country star Eric Church invited the singer on stage during his Holdin' My Own Tour to duet the song. The video went viral, and her career was given a huge boost.
  • Trish Yearwood discovered the song through her singer-songwriter stepdaughter, Allie Colleen. She covered the tune for her 2019 Every Girl album. "It doesn't have to specifically fit your dad for you to find your dad in it," she told ABC Audio. "I did change a couple lyrics... to make it more my dad."

    "But it's that song that just talks about that person in your life that you looked up to that had your back," Yearwood added.
  • For her McBryde cover, Yearwood called on Patty Loveless for guest vocals. Yearwood had never recorded with her fellow country star previously. "We cut it, and then I just kept hearing Patty Loveless," Yearwood told The Boot. "She was kind enough to come sing on it."
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