Album: Demidevil (2020)
Charted: 24


  • Ashton Nicole Casey is an American singer-songwriter and rapper who performs under the name of Ashnikko. Born and raised in North Carolina, she lived for a time in Estonia and Latvia as a teenager before basing herself in London. Ashnikko rose to prominence with her 2019 single "Stupid" with Yung Baby Tate, which gained viral popularity on TikTok and peaked at #101 in the US.

    "Daisy" is a single from her debut mixtape Demidevil.
  • When Ashnikko writes her songs she adopts different characters. She explained to Wonderland that for this empowering anthem she created a "vigilante" character "Daisy" as she wanted to make a song that is all about confidence.

    Ashnikko added that her bad-ass alter ego brings justice to the world: "She kills rapists and she leaves behind daisies as a calling card," the singer explained. "So in the chorus, it's like 'daisies on your night stand' so if you wake up and see daisies then something quite sweet becomes quite terrifying."
  • The first line of the chorus finds Ashnikko referring to her teenage self.

    I'm crazy, but you like that, I bite back

    Ashnikko explained on Instagram: "When I said 'I'm crazy but you like that! I bite back!' I was referring to when I was 13 years old and wrote Twilight fan fiction and used to ask my mom if I could get my canine teeth permanently filed to points."
  • For the song's music video, Ashnikko enlisted the help of Beats Electronics and TikTok users and asked them to take part in the #BEATSDAISYCHALLENGE. She selected the most creative entries, which were then used in the Charlotte Rutherford-directed clip.
  • The "Daisy" video includes the vibrant color themes of glacier blue, spring yellow, cloud pink and lava red representing the four colors that the Beats Powerbeats Pro headphones are available in. Ashnikko explained:

    "There's four colorways: the blue scene is me bent in really odd positions, balancing precariously on a stack of ice cubes with my neck extending out of my body and swirling around in the air, which is cool. She was like 'what if your neck extended from your body and did a 360,' and I'm like yeah, for sure, let's do that. Then red is me riding a giant chilli, and then I'm in my own mouth on my own tongue. So the whole thing is like a wig dream, just like four amazing wigs. The pink one is this amazing hair with this very tech-y headpiece, like an eye monocle and I'm on a screen, tied to it, riding around in latex. And in the yellow one, I'm in a flower, in a daisy, and I am a sexy bee, and at one point I'm in a stripper heel. Charlotte's so good, she's a real visionary."


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